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A heartwarming tabletop RPG from Japan about magical animals helping people.
A heartwarming tabletop RPG from Japan about magical animals helping people.
2,350 backers pledged $85,266 to help bring this project to life.

Checking In

Posted by Ewen Cluney (Creator)

It’s been a bit longer than I’d like since I last posted an update, and for that I apologize. I won’t get into details, but suffice to say real life has been a little rough on us lately, so things aren’t moving as fast as I’d like. Things are moving along through, and I wanted to give you an overview of what’s been going on.

The big thing is that the first batch of stretch goal material (the five bonus character types and the two short stories) is in layout, which means the PDF will be going out to backers pretty soon. We’ll be asking backers to report errors they might find like we did with the core rulebook, especially since this material hasn’t been subjected to as intensive of an editing process as for the rulebook. Once it’s ready we’ll have gotten over the last major hurdle to being ready to go to print! In other news:

  • The first editing pass for Mononoke Koyake is in progress. I’m really looking forward to sharing that book with you, since it’s generally a lot of fun and hugely expands the variety of characters GSS can support.
  • I also just got the handmade pouches for the ohajiki in the mail (made from imported fabric from a shop in the local Japantown), and they’re at least as cute as I’d hoped.
  • TS Luikart came through with his two adventure scenarios as well. In “Present Thunder” you need to find out what’s got the oni chief of the mountains so upset that he’s summoning thunder storms out of season, and in “Big Dog’s Day” the shrine’s massive stone lion-dog statue has gone missing—and wants to have some fun around town!
  • Rodrigo Garcia Carmona meanwhile has playtested his two adventures and will be sending them to me soon.
  • Kyle Simons is still working on his writeup for Korean Household Gods. It’s coming along slowly but surely.

I’m also making good progress on the first draft of Faerie Skies. I made it a fairly straightforward book, which presents fae as a new set of character types and adds some new NPCs and a sample town. The six main types of fae will be:

  • Brownies – helpful domestic fae
  • Elves – the beautiful and melancholy fae nobility
  • Gnomes – Creatures of the earth
  • Nymphs – Beautiful fae spirits of the air, trees, and water
  • Pixies – Mischievous little winged fae
  • Puca – Animal shapeshifters prone to mischief

Finally, since several people have been asking for it, I made a Google+ Community for GSS:

Once again, thank you all so much for your support!


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    1. Industrial Scribe on

      If you sell through DriveThruRPG will they have P.O.D. available.
      If they do will we be able to get the .PDF extra's in print this way?

    2. Ewen Cluney 2-time creator

      @Marcelino: We haven't yet figured out where exactly we'll be selling GSS, but DriveThruRPG (for PDFs) and Indie Press Revolution are very strong candidates.

      @Austin: All of the crossover PDF material is going to come at once. I finished my part of the writing a while ago, but as I said Clay's been pretty swamped. Mr. Varney got me his draft pretty quickly; we still need to get artwork, editing, and then layout done on it though.

    3. Austin Loomis

      Thanks for answering Shane's question; it was one of two I had. I assume the same applies for your side of the crossover (the Affection rules and Riko character sheet)?

      Also, any word on Allen Varney's guide to the favorite candies of the henge? Not sure why, but it interests me strangely.

    4. Marcelino on

      Where will be able to buy this book after it comes out? I had to change my pledge level before it ended because of unforeseen problems. Sucks really I wanted to get all that was available but life didn't let me. What can we do after the fact or are we just stuck...sorry long day. I'm not much sense.

    5. Missing avatar


      Ewen, thanks for keeping us updated.

    6. Shane Zeagman on

      Cool cool,I figured that was the case. Thanks for the info :) Keep up the good work Ewen and team GSS!

    7. Ewen Cluney 2-time creator

      With the crossover PDF, it really depends on when Clay can get it done, and with GSS and OVA and other freelance work besides he's kind of swamped right now. It's hard to say when exactly it'll be done, but probably not until OVA is further along.

    8. Shane Zeagman on

      Great to hear progress is coming along Ewen. Hopefully RL stuff keeps at bay but things seem to be moving along even if unevenly which is fine. Hope those expansion character betas come out sometime in the next two weeks yay!

      QUESTION: Espers, any word on that crossover info or is that still in heavy development?