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A heartwarming tabletop RPG from Japan about magical animals helping people.
A heartwarming tabletop RPG from Japan about magical animals helping people.
2,350 backers pledged $85,266 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Mike Brodu on

      So, Ewen, did you receive a lot of feedback/corrections? Do you feel like the book is going to be as good as it can or do you want more feedback?
      And I'm curious if anything in the feedback you received was something that you really didn't expect or surprised you.

    2. Nezumi

      If we manage to find any remaining errors or issues with clarity in the final PDF, should we simply submit them via email? I'm hoping there won't be, but realistically, some virtually always manage to get through no matter how much care is taken or how much editing is done.

    3. Missing avatar

      Liam Fisher on

      So, Ewen, has Kyle from Magicians said anything about what transformation's gonna look like for the Household Gods?

    4. Ewen Cluney 2-time creator

      @Donald: I have to get the files from Andy Kitkowski (who handles the business side of Maid RPG), and unfortunately (for us; he seems to be having a great time) he's in Japan right now.

      @Richard: I'll look into it!

    5. Donald Roberts on

      I hate to sound impatient, but any idea when we'll be getting the .pdf for Maid RPG?

    6. Erin B on

      Never mind; found it :)

    7. Erin B on

      Hmm. Ewen, I didn't seem to get the pdf link... would you please ask kickstarter to resend? Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jaime Herazo on

      Well, this book is as wonderful as i expected or more, i'm glad i pledged to have a physical copy too instead of just the PDF as i originally intended.

    9. Industrial Scribe on

      I have to say that the GSS .PDF is damn beautiful.

      You have set the bar very high for future Starline products but if you can keep this up they will sell like hot cakes. Roll on more Yuuyake Koyake supplements.

    10. Missing avatar

      Iain MacPhee on

      PDF is beautiful! Can't wait for the physical book :)

    11. Richard Armstrong on

      Would you happen to have a completed char sheet of stats that you can give us as an example?

    12. Ewen Cluney 2-time creator

      @Hein: It's hard to say; my editor/business partner is working a lot of overtime at his day job and my layout guy is busy with other freelance work pretty much all the time. I'd like it to be out within the next 2-3 weeks, but reality will go where it wants.

      @Michal: Yes!

      @Tom & Elaina: As the project creator I can view your survey response; everything seems to be in order. If anything comes up feel free to message me or email

    13. Marcelino on

      I really wish I would've had the money to buy the actual book and not just the PDF. Where will I be able to buy everything I can. I kick myself everyday for messing up my bank that week.

    14. Star Watcher Games on

      Is there an easy way to verify if our survey data went through. I did it from my phone in a weak signal area and had some strangness near the end.

    15. Champ Ganzon on

      Excellent. Thanks.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michał on

      Will the final pdf include the front and back cover images?

    17. Hein Ragas on

      Thanks for answering my question so promptly! Can you give us a rough estimate of the schedule for the additional material?

    18. Ewen Cluney 2-time creator

      @Hein: The stretch goal material will all remain separate from the core rulebook. The core book is really tight and complete by itself, and I want to keep it that way. The only exception to that is that the limited edition hardcover will have some of the bonus material added into the back.

      @Champ: There will be bookmarks in the final PDF, yes. I basically don't want to get into doing that stuff until we implement the corrections people have sent in, so that we don't have to redo stuff.

      @klawzie: You're not the first person to say that; I'm going to look into doing something about it.

    19. Hein Ragas on

      I'm really impressed with the quality of the PDF (so far, I'm at page 54).
      Will the extra content for the stretch goals be included in the final version of the PDF, or will these be released as additional, separate PDFs? In other words, will the additional henge types be edited into the main book, or will they exist as separate works?

    20. Champ Ganzon on

      I meant the final version of the PDF. Anyway, thank you for this and congratulations.

    21. Champ Ganzon on

      It's kind of hard to browse since there are no PDF bookmarks. *sigh* Still, great pre-release. Haven't read the whole book yet. This is going to take a while. Will there be PDF bookrmarks in the full version? Just wanted to know, that is.

    22. Missing avatar

      Néstor Villarrubia on

      The pdf is the cutest thing i see ever.

    23. Klawzie on

      It's not an error, but I found the white text on the black backgrounds for the "Weaknesses" of the Henge very hard on the eyes. I had to zoom it in a bit more to read it easily. Perhaps other people won't have as much of a problem as I do, though. And I *was* able to read it.

      Also: Are the "Story Fragments" for Lonely and Top Brat humans meant to be exactly the same?

    24. Young_Gangrel on

      @ Ewen CONGRATS on the pre release, I have read it and I am SO looking forward to running it for my nephews and nieces

    25. Ewen Cluney 2-time creator

      @Liam: Thanks!

      The first set of stretch goal material is currently in editing, to be followed by layout. I'm hoping to have it soon, but there's still a decent amount of work yet to do on that front.

    26. Mike Brodu on

      I didn't do a thorough read-through yet, but I must concur: the book is gorgeous. The layout is perfect, evocative yet easy to read.
      There are only 2 minor things that I have noted as odd: p.38-40, the numbering of the sections starts at zero. That's the first time I ever see that in a book. It's not truly an error, but it's just weird. At first I thought the zero was a bullet. The second thing is the top of the second column on p. 104, which is not aligned to the top of the page.

    27. Missing avatar

      Liam Fisher on

      How long do you expect that the editing will take for the current layer of stretchy stretchy (Tanuki belly?) stretch goals to be finished up?
      I'm very interested in seeing what sorts of characters the new Henge types are best colored towards, to supplement the core 6

      Also: Great work to you fine folks AND to Ryo Kamiya, I love Maid RPG for it's wackiness and I see myself loving GSS for it's pure and beautiful 9 on the Cute-Richter Scale (much, MUCH better than the actual Richter scale)

    28. Pep, Local Drunk of Valoria on

      Haven't read all of it yet but so far, the artwork is amazing! Can't wait to read it tonight.

    29. Ewen Cluney 2-time creator

      Yeah, I just found out about that myself. I upgraded my account though, so it _should_ be working again. If this keeps up I'll see about another solution.

    30. Keith Johnson

      "Error (509): This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!" Bummer. I have to learn to be patient. :)

    31. Scott Hannah on

      Haven't done any hard reading yet, but its totally gorgeous to look through!

    32. BorgKitten on

      Thank you so much, this will be my first type of game like this so I am pretty excited! :3

    33. Chris Trinh on

      You made my day .^_^. Really happy.

    34. Alexis Edminster

      Can't wait soooo Excited!!!