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A heartwarming tabletop RPG from Japan about magical animals helping people.
A heartwarming tabletop RPG from Japan about magical animals helping people.
2,350 backers pledged $85,266 to help bring this project to life.

And Now We Enter Phase II

Posted by Ewen Cluney (Creator)

We’re finally ready to announce “Phase II” of the Golden Sky Stories Kickstarter, which is to say we’re unveiling several new rewards and stretch goals. It took a lot longer to get here than we’d have liked, but we had to make sure we had everything properly figured out both to keep this train on the tracks and to make sure we can deliver a quality product to you in a timely fashion. We’re really grateful for the tremendous response we’ve gotten, and really happy to be able to share this game with over a thousand people!

New Reward Levels

Artistic Sociable Henge ($65): Everything in the Sociable Henge reward level, plus the set of prints offered at the Elder Henge level.

Artistic Kamiya Fan ($65): Everything in the Kamiya Fan reward level, plus the set of prints offered at the Elder Henge level.

Mononoke ($90): Golden Sky Stories in a special hardcover edition and PDF, a set of art prints, and PDFs of all stretch goal material.

Local God ($120): Golden Sky Stories in hardcover and PDF, a set of art prints, PDFs of all stretch goal material, and a special limited edition wall scroll. Please add $35 for shipping outside the U.S. (Wall scrolls are being shipped separately.)

Respected Local God ($200): Golden Sky Stories in hardcover and PDF, a set of art prints, PDFs of all stretch goal material, a special limited edition wall scroll, and a cloth bag with a set of ohajiki (Japanese flat marbles). Please add $35 for shipping outside the U.S. (Wall scrolls are being shipped separately.)

Please note that backers at the Venerable Local God and Narrator levels will also receive the wall scroll and their included copy of the Golden Sky Stories rulebook will be the hardcover limited edition.


Additional Golden Sky Stories Books: Backers may increase their pledges to order additional copies of Golden Sky Stories in softcover. Add $25 for each additional copy, to a maximum of four copies total.

New Stretch Goals

Stretch Goals Henge Candies ($42,000): Allen Varney is providing a short but sweet guide to the henge’s favorite Asian candies and how you might use them in your stories.

Household Gods ($45,000): Kyle Simons (creator of the Magicians language learning RPG) will create rules for Korean household gods as playable characters in Golden Sky Stories.

Scenario Pack ($50,000): Featuring contributions by TS Luikart and Rodrigo Garcia Carmona, this will be a PDF pack of adventure scenarios.

Print Extras ($55,000): Backers at the $25 level and above will receive a special booklet of the five new character types and two short stories added as stretch goals. Additional material may be added later!

Another World II ($60,000): Of the possible alternate settings listed under Another World, we’ll be developing the two most popular entries and sending the results to our backers.

New Rewards

Wall Scroll: Backers at the Local God level and above will also receive a special wall scroll featuring Golden Sky Stories artwork by Ike.

Hardcover Limited Edition: Backers at select reward levels will receive a special limited hardcover edition of the core rulebook, with the five new character types and short stories added to the back.

And that's all for now! I expect to be posting updates about some stretch goals being met before too long (but let's have these ones last more than a day and a half, okay?), plus we have one or two more tricks up our sleeves, so stay tuned! :3


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    1. Joseph Le May

      Kojote: agreed.

    2. Industrial Scribe on

      I've thrown in another $45 in the hopes that the wall scroll becomes an add on.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kojote on

      While I'd love to, the raise from softcover to hardcover is a fairly steep one, especially with the international shipping included. :/

    4. Missing avatar

      patty kirsch

      Will there be previews of what the prints will look like too?

    5. Timothy Leong on

      Wow this is great! The new pledge levels are closer to what I was originally trying to get before.

    6. wouter

      Wow, big update. I'm very happy with the hardcover book and new stretch goals.
      Keep up the good work.

    7. Dustin Flowers on

      Okay. I hope that my last comment needed to go through for approval. I can't find out how to delete it and I'm honestly a bit embarrassed that I was so bold as to say/ask something like that. Please disregard my arrogance.

    8. Dustin Flowers on

      The Hardback being 75 is a bit pricey for me. I'd love to increase my pledge to $50 for a hardback, if that is feasible. I'm not so good at the business maths though, so please, don't be offended at my little hope.

    9. Ewen Cluney 2-time creator

      The hardcover books are going to look a lot like the softcover books, but, you know, in hardcover and a little thicker. :P We'll have to settle on which piece of artwork we want to use for the wall scrolls (I have one in mind, but we've got quite a few options), and I'll see about a picture next update.

    10. Sam Garamy

      When do you think you'll be able to post a picture of what the wall scrolls and the hardcover books look like? Also, it'd be pretty sweet of you if you could include samples of the henge candies themselves ^.^

    11. Ewen Cluney 2-time creator

      Thanks guys. :) Naturally the moment we do an update to address a bunch of the things people have been asking about, it generates some new things for people to ask about. Not that I mind when people are basically asking about more ways to give us money. I'll be looking into the situations with Maid RPG, wall scrolls, etc. and posting another update soon. (And much more so than the last time I said "soon.")

    12. Missing avatar

      David Tran on

      @TheKillShirt: Usually I hear the we need more people but I guess with something as awesome as this, it might be an exception. I'm surprised we got 16 people grabbing the $65 tier already.

      That aside the large array of options is awesome and growing too. Most all projects give only a few while ones like this give a crazy amount. Great for everyone. Thanks again for the update Ewen Cluney.

    13. Industrial Scribe on

      Will the wall scroll or hardback be available as add-ons to existing tiers or if people want more than one?
      (I Guess the Hardback would be +$75 and the wall scroll +$30(+$15 Extra shipping international)

    14. Melancholy Hill on

      I've never heard a project creator basically say, "Don't pledge that much in the next couple days, I want these stretch goals to last." =) Congrats on your success.

    15. Ewen Cluney 2-time creator

      @Guerric: Unfortunately while Maid RPG isn't in _critically_ low supply, the current print run is low enough that we can't offer more than we already have.

      @Josh: Yes! Mike and I will be signing those. (Much as I'd love to be able to offer books signed by Kamiya, the logistics and expense of that would be insane.)

    16. Industrial Scribe on

      Have to say, losing a copy of Maid means the hardback costs $75 on its own.

      Any chance you could give a bit more detail on this lavish edition?

    17. Missing avatar

      Nikko Gomez on

      Man, that hard cover version is tempting... But I would still rather get a soft cover just because it will come with a copy of Maid RPG.

    18. Guerric Samples on

      Is there any way to get the Hardcover edition, and the pdfs, and still get a softcover Maid RPG book? I'm at the Kamiya fan level and i'm excited to get the Maid RPG, but i'll be upgrading to the Mononoke level now, that hardcover sounds too good to resist. I know i could just go order Maid RPG separately, but i'd like to contribute toward the stretch goals, is there any way we could work something out?

    19. Josh Rensch

      Will the hardcover be signed?