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The speciality coffee brew stand that has the strength for Aeropress and poetic poise for pour over.
The speciality coffee brew stand that has the strength for Aeropress and poetic poise for pour over.
235 backers pledged £11,868 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      steve speirs about 18 hours ago

      11 weeks since the "Lift off!" update and still no stand. Extremely disappointed to say the least.

    2. Missing avatar

      Viktor Rúnar Rafnsson 6 days ago

      Not received yet in Iceland.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert S on

      Crickets here. No stand. I had a hunch long ago and raised Neil’s ire when I mentioned this was a dead project. RIP. Neil, l do hold that my other hunch was that you intended well. I do hope you’ve learned from this experience. I have. No more Kickstarter.

    4. Missing avatar

      daren on

      Never got mine, uk and not surprised

    5. Brandon Hall on

      Now over 2 months later and no stand

    6. Missing avatar

      steve speirs on

      Last day of April and still no stand in Virginia, USA. Surely there's a tracking number?

    7. Missing avatar

      Bruce Pappas on

      It's been 5 weeks since this update and still no stands....
      Waiting patiently in the USA.

    8. Missing avatar

      Robert S on

      Still no Origin here. Neil, once again, please prove me wrong. Will I receive a stand? The fact that 8 or so backers have reported receiving theirs give me both hope, and pause, especially as so much time has passed since your “Lift Off!” Update.

    9. Marjolein Vermeersch on

      no news since this last update. Are there tracking numbers? Maybe a list with trackin n° linked to our backing n°?

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert S on

      Nothing here (Southern California) yet. Neil, how about a tracking number? That would be GREATLY appreciated.

    11. Daniel Martinez on

      I need to change my address here since it was locked almost two years ago and I've since moved. Neil hasn't logged on since this update...

    12. Missing avatar

      Joe McT on

      Well done Neil! Congrats for persevering :)! I think mine will arrive at a different previous address... is there any way to find out 😅?

    13. Missing avatar

      burak on

      can i still change my dress details or am i too late?

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter james on

      Great news! Well done for persevering. Looking forward to the stand, a lot!

    15. Missing avatar

      Andy Youings on

      Glad you got there in the end.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mat M-G

      That's fantastic news Neil! Are you sending the other bits of the gift sets direct from the UK?

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert S on

      Thank for the update Neil. Hope all goes well with dispatch, and the time to receive them isn't too long. Really looking forward to brewing up some coffee!

    18. Daniel Martinez on

      I submitted my delivery information over two years ago and no longer live at that address. How do I change that?