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This project was successfully funded on July 12, 2014.

Who Would Jesus Date?

Rochester, NY Shorts
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The idea behind making the film Who Would Jesus Date? is simple: create a light-hearted fictional story that shows an iconic and hallowed figure in human history dealing with meeting a significant other’s parents. What if they don’t approve of Jesus, of all people?!

This satirical short film is first and foremost an artistic project and is not meant to be a theologically rigorous examination or an opinionated commentary on various religious passages or beliefs. That being said, Who Would Jesus Date? is meant to point us toward what really matters in our own belief systems and spiritual walks -- the core message of love, peace, and acceptance.

Members from the creative team, cast, and crew of Who Would Jesus Date? come from varying faith backgrounds and experiences, including but not limited to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, agnosticism and atheism. The film’s script reflects that with humorous takes and innocent jokes about various religions.

We respect religious devotion and expression, and as a result are not seeking to offend, approve, or disapprove of anyone’s beliefs or any messages in any religious text. We are, however, seeking to challenge ourselves and all those might see the film to take stock of what’s really pertinent to our spiritual walks and what is not. After all, isn’t this what Jesus’s ministry was all about?

Thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing this film with all of you!

Love, Neeti & Dan

UPDATE 3: 06.24.2014

Reward Updates!

We are adding rewards to a few of the pledge levels. Kickstarter won't let us update them once the campaign is in progress, so here is what we are adding to the rewards:

$100 level:
Original reward: Seven minutes in Heaven! A date with Jesus & all of the above rewards.
Additional reward: A short, personalized thank you video (posted on Vimeo) that you can share with the world!

$500 level:
Original reward: A role as a non-speaking extra in the film & all of the above rewards.
Additional rewards: Personalized thank you video on Vimeo, and a blooper reel on the DVD.

Thanks again for your support!!! Any questions or clarification needed? Please don't be afraid to get in touch!


UPDATE 2: 06.23.2014

Watch our video update! And please continue to share this campaign!


UPDATE 06.15.2014

We reached more than our goal within 3 days of launching this campaign! We are so grateful to you, and so touched by your generosity!!! Thanks for believing in us! Our success so far is only serving to motivate us even more. You deserve your name attached to the best product we could possibly create. So if our commitment level to this project was at 100% before... it is now at 250%!!!


Even though we have reached our goal, we will not stop here. We will continue to promote this campaign to raise as much as possible, in order to create the best short film in the entire universe!!! 

Our next major goal for this campaign is to hit $4,000, which we hope will fund better quality cameras and audio recording equipment. We have big goals, and would love to make a visually stunning film suitable for the big screen!

So please don't stop today... we ask that you continue to spread the word (just share this link! it's that simple!) & keep the pledges coming.

Thanks again!

- Neeti, Brett, & Dan.



Neeti Fidurko Tree in the Sky / Filmmaker
Daniel J. Kushner / Screenwriter
Brett Gobe / Producer / Also: Jesus


A recent National Geographic article confirmed the authenticity of an ancient text that suggests Jesus was married.

Following this article, three friends pondered two questions: what if you dated Jesus, and what would it be like to introduce him to your folks?

The answers to these questions led to the idea of this humorous short film entitled Seven Minutes in Heaven: Courting Jesus.


Neeti, Dan, and Brett have been working on this projects for two months now. We are nearing the final stages of pre-production; we have a 99% finalized script, we have cast most roles, and are in the process of scouting locations. Our production schedule calls for rehearsals in the next few weeks, and filming in mid-July. We hope to finish post-production sometime late August/early September, at which time we intend to have a grand premiere screening and exclusive after-party.


The film is being shot in and around Rochester, NY. We are currently scouting and finalizing locations that would be as visually authentic as possible; if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us! In fact, any comments, suggestions, and hellos are more than welcome!


Tree in the Sky is a film and motion graphics studio, so this short film is a natural extension of Neeti's daily work. The crew for this project is a highly self-motivated, energetic, and unique bunch, and we would like to create something equally as unique, to reach a large audience.

Once the film is ready, we intend to schedule many screenings and submit it to a variety of film festivals: online, national, and international. By donating today, you could make history with us!


Filmmaking (even for short films) is a very expensive undertaking; some examples of expenses include high quality video equipment (cameras, audio recorders, lights, etc), studio space, props, costumes, location rentals, cast and crew salaries, post-production expenses, and so on.

We are attempting to keep this film within a shoestring budget; the cast and crew are donating our time to the cause (read: unpaid) ;). We have created a budget for the bare minimum items we feel we need in order to make the highest quality film possible. 

We are asking for a total of $1,500 to put towards the production and distribution of the film. More specifically, we need money to put towards props, sets, and costumes for the characters in order to make the film as visually authentic as possible. 

While we are asking for the bare minimum in this campaign, any extra dollars above the goal will help us immensely because we could then put that money towards renting higher quality digital video equipment (cameras, audio recorders).


We cannot do this without you! Any contribution you can make, no matter how big or small, counts immensely towards making this film a reality. We have a variety of fun rewards (including a date with Jesus!) that you can get as a gift at various donation levels.

Please share this campaign with your family, friends, and colleagues; the more diversity we have, and the more people we reach, the higher quality the end result will be!

Thank you very much!

Hearts & Hugs,
Neeti, Dan & Brett

PS - With Kickstarter, it is all or nothing; if we don't reach our target in 30 days, you won't get charged. Your donation could make or break our campaign! Pledge today! Share the word! You rock!!! :)

Risks and challenges

With any production there are associated risks -- from aligning personal schedules and finding locations to film, to hoping the weather is good on the day of filming. With this in mind, the risks associated with your investment in this film are minimal. We understand the challenge of filming on a deadline and your investment in the film will ensure that the film gets completed at the highest quality possible within our budget and time frame.

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    A handwritten thank you note & limited edition collectible card from Tree in the Sky.

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    Your name listed as a contributor in the closing credits and on the film's website & all of the above rewards.

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    Free admission to the premiere screening and atfer party & all of the above rewards.

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    A signed DVD copy of the film & all of the above rewards.

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    Seven Minutes in Heaven!
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    A role as a non-speaking extra in the film & all of the above rewards.

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