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A horror and spicy bollywood curry

A horror and spicy bollywood curry

A horror and spicy bollywood curry Read More
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The Caravan is a classic horror/action/adventure in the trend of 'From Dusk till Dawn' and '30 Days of Night' copiously coated with spicy Bollywood masala that will make you smack your lips with the taste of bloody curry!

For ages a coven of vampires travel the deserts of Rajasthan under the
guise of a Caravan of Nautanki or a Gypsy Circus. They lure the unsuspecting
villagers to invite them to perform and through the course of the night feed
on every living soul. Their heinous deeds go undetected for years, possibly
even centuries until a boy named Asif survives their attack.
Years later the boy grows up to be a smuggler across the border, and on a
fateful day he gets arrested. Jai, the custodian cop and Asif get stranded in
the desert and find shelter in a fort run by border security force and their
volatile and violent Officer in Charge, Daroga Bhairo Singh.
As night creeps forth, the caravan of vampires appear once again on the
horizon. Asif becomes terrified and tries to warn them but no one believes
him. Instead, mesmerized by the glamor of the Nautanki, they make the
fatal mistake of inviting them to the fort. What follows is a night drenched
in blood as the vampires begin their massacre. Asif has escaped the Caravan
once, but can he pull off that impossible trick again?

The story is written by one of India's top comic book writers - Shamik Dasgupta.

We have hired talent artists - Bikash Satpathy, Vishwanath Manohara - to do the art and coloring. We have put in our own money to produce the graphic novel, which can be split into 3 issues. We will also taking the book to comiccons in both the US and India.

The kickstarter funds would be used for printing of this wonderful book. We can want to make this book available to readers across the globe who are looking to read alternative horror stories which are not Eurocentric.

Cover art
Cover art

Risks and challenges

We waited to have a good solid start on the book before we launched this campaign. At launch, we have over half of the first 40 page book already penciled and inked. We have THE CARAVAN cover on the ready. We have our creative team working steadily to maintain the flow necessary to produce the work in a timely fashion and have our book finished by year's end to ensure we hit our delivery date, or if possible, ship it earlier than stated.

The primary risk in not fulfilling this Kickstarter campaign is if we don't raise enough money to pay our printers so we can produce and distribute the actual run of the books. That would also land us in huge debt!

We're deeply, deeply committed to meeting all our obligations and we hope you'll join us for the bloody ride into the world of The Caravan!

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