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Quests of Doom 2 for 5e!

Posted by Necromancer Games (Creator)

Hi All,

After months of hard work, we are ready to release Quests of Doom 2! It is now available for Pre-Order through the Frog God Games website. We intend to raise $5000 to cover the printing costs of the Hardcover books. Whether you pre-order the Hardcover or PDF, you'll get the PDF instantly!

Check it out here:

Share with your friends and help spread the word to the rest of the 5e community!

Happy Gaming!


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      I got the email a bit ago and I'm definitely considering it even though I still have plenty of quests left to run people through. Best of luck, guys! I do lean a little more towards kickstarters than preorders nowadays because of the nice updates, clarity about how extra money might make a project even better, and the like, but you've more than proven your dedication to making quality products.

      The page could probably benefit from a little extra information to really help sell the book, though. You go over what levels the adventures will cover, which is always handy, but don't explain a whole lot about what the players are going to get to do.