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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, October 2 2013 4:58 PM UTC +00:00
WizKids/NECABy WizKids/NECA
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WizKids/NECABy WizKids/NECA
First created
pledged of $80,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, October 2 2013 4:58 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Samuel Miller on

      My apologies, I didn't notice that one. I pledged higher than both anyway but I guess more people wanted to vote than actually make it happen. It's a shame we won't see the wallet, but at least a lot of the other merch will still be released.

    2. WizKids/NECA Creator on

      @Samuel Miller: $65 would certainly have been high for a wallet, which is why you could get one in the $44 tier.

      Quite honestly, you can't make a quality anything for $20. To get that retail price, you either need to make hundreds of thousands of units, or skimp heavily on quality. There obviously wouldn't be a market for that many wallets, and we weren't willing to cut corners, so we were left with the quite reasonable price point of $44, which was clearly listed.

      We won't be running another Kickstarter campaign for the Yu-Gi-Oh card/game wallet.

    3. Samuel Miller on

      I honestly think the biggest obstacle was the high price of entry for the wallet itself. While that may have been a reflection of the quality of materials used, I think many people were hesitant to put down $65+ for it. If another campaign gets put together, I think there should be a "budget" wallet for around $20 that would at least get the product in more people's hands.

    4. WizKids/NECA Creator on

      @Nicholas R. Schlichte: We posted and advertised on all the major Yu-Gi-Oh websites and Facebook communities, gave a number of sites exclusive reveals, had Konami and the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG post on their official websites, and even had Konami make verbal announcements at the Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments. We also ran a lot of ads on Facebook and Google, and issued a number of press releases to the media. It would seem that we left no stone unturned.

    5. WizKids/NECA Creator on

      @Brandon: Since this card wallet was designed as a Kickstarter exclusive, it will not be made if the campaign doesn't reach its goal.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nicholas R. Schlichte on

      I don't think this got out enough to the yugioh community for enough people to support. It needed to be posed on some of the bigger yugioh websites that a lot of supporters visit to be able to reach the goal... Such a shame. I wanted the wallet.

    7. Rmacary on

      I am guessing this is over...

    8. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      If this campaign doesn't reach the $80,000 mark, will it still be possible to purchase the game wallet in the near future? I would not mind paying for one at all.

    9. Rmacary on

      I think those heroclix and keychains might be cool, but I was hopeing for the wallet

    10. WizKids/NECA Creator on

      @Pride the Arrogant: We will still be making the other merchandise (keychains, messenger bags, t-shirts, etc) even if the campaign is not successful! Those will be available in November or December.

    11. Rmacary on

      With reaper bones II now live I guess it is a good thing this isn't going to be funded... maybe I can get them to sculpt a dark magician girl...

    12. Missing avatar

      Pride the Arrogant on

      Sorry, Neca & Wizkids I wont be able to pay much of anything. I had a few problems and lowered my pledge. I don't even think I can pay this pledge, but by the looks of it we wont make it anyway. :( I really hope the alot of people come and see this in the next few days i really want the Blue-Eyes merch.

    13. WizKids/NECA Creator on

      @Matthew McRae: Hopefully they all took simultaneous vacation, and will come back just in time to score a completely fantastic card wallet. We really appreciate the enthusiastic support of everyone who has supported the campaign so far. Still 5 days to go!

    14. Missing avatar

      Maghinat on

      This is really strange where are the thousand odd people who voted in the polls

    15. Missing avatar

      Christina Archer on

      I agree Lauren. I can't understand why people are waiting for the important vid to come out when the info is there in black and white. And figgures aren't that cheap ($50-$500, depending where you go to).
      And i really hate to say this, but there is one guy/gal over here (i did post something on the national gaming forum) who thinks that:
      a)its going to be made in China
      b)don't know about kickstarter (set both points straight that it's not true and explained about what kickstarter does)
      c)it's a stupid idea (had to tell him/her that it's for the wallet only and that it's people like us who want this to be a reality for all players)
      d)reconds that NECA/Wizkids and 4K media needs "suckers" to pay for this (when i did say that it's for the fans by fans - "...but its still a stupid idea paying the r&d costs of a large company, sure its only a voluntary donation and they're relying on suckers to fork up the cash. If you want to be one of them, go ahead and fund their costs for a product they will still sell you." Again not true.)
      And on top of that, the person is being rude through out it, calling the backers suckers (as in someone who falls into scams), think that it's a scam (told him that it wasn't true) and called me a vile, rotten, slippery, jewish prick (pm me and i pass on the full things he said and any updates on it. Luckly another member told him to chill, but didn't happen).
      I only put this out there to say there are people like THAT who will convince an idea like the wallet to be a bad idea, which in reality, is helping the players to take with them the most important things that you need in a match which you had to search around for before a tournament/win-a-box/sneak peek etc) like pen and paper, calculator and pens, things that you might leave behind at home. We have to prove them wrong by keep saying that we need this wallet, enough that people will either donate, or a simplified version is made. We have to spread the word that this is a great investment for the future of the game.

    16. Lauren Miller on

      This is a official backed by 4K Media. Konami owns 4K Media. Or rather is a sub division for Konami. It's the samething. The only thing that I can think of is that Pojo and TCG can be very picky about things. And if they don't favor this campaign then they will not post news about it and delete everyone's posts. Even ban people for it as well from what I've seen in the past. People don't realize this is a official backed project and NECA and 4K even said it was in the earlier update. But people who play Yu Gi Oh are picky and they won't back the project unless they hear it from Konami period. Let's be honest, this project should of been backed by now. I've read plenty of people's comments from Facebook, forums, youtube that been wanting a wallet that could store Yu Gi Oh stuff so it would be less a hassle when playing the game.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christina Archer on

      Anyone who is an international backer who done this before with US shipping, can you change back where you come from after the campaign is done?

    18. Missing avatar

      Derek on

      Hey, looks like you got your press release on the official website and you got a plug in on the official Facebook TCG page! Nice!

      I'm still trying to figure out why in the world they are not allowing discussion of the campaign on Pojo in the forums or why they haven't posted about it in the main news section. I haven't had much of a response to my inquiries...it's very frustrating (not that you guys can do much about). I guess I will just try and spread the news via word of mouth in the real world.

    19. Missing avatar

      Derek on

      First of all, thanks for responding to comments and suggestions, it is greatly appreciated!

      Something strange I've noticed is that this campaign has yet to be mentioned on Yu-Gi-Oh! sites like Pojo.com or TCGPlayer.com, some of the biggest online Yu-Gi-Oh! communities. I have tried posting about the campaign on Pojo, and my threads there are automatically deleted without any reason or explanation. I'm not sure why exactly that is happening (if I find out, I'll let you know) but it might have to do with the fact that this Kickstarter page technically isn't an official Konami-backed page. Also, most sites don't have a place to discuss Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandise because...well, you guys are the essentially the first ones to make any in quite a while.

      I'm not sure how your relationship works with 4K Media and Konami Digital Entertainment, but if you can, I would suggest having the official Konami TCG website (yugioh-card.com) plug the campaign in their news section, strategy site and Facebook page. Konami also generally sends their news items to Pojo, TCGplayer, and Anime News Network (and maybe a few more too that I'm not aware of).

      All I know is it's going to be very hard for the campaign to be successful if those key sites don't give it any publicity.

    20. WizKids/NECA Creator on

      @Mike Drum: We clarified the language in the upper tiers to spell out exactly what was included - it should be a lot less confusing now! Thanks for your feedback.

    21. WizKids/NECA Creator on

      @Derek: We made this the first question in the FAQ we just posted - thanks for your feedback!

    22. Lauren Miller on

      I seriously hope that the goal is met within 40 days. Been wanting this wallet since the voting period. I just hope that the word gets out and people help fund it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Derek on

      Now that I look closer, I guess you do mention that you can set up for special arrangements for international shipments at the bottom of the description. But I've still seen a number of people elsewhere dismiss the project after briefly looking at the page and deciding they aren't eligible for rewards since they're not in the US. So I think some promotion and clarification would go a long way.

    24. Missing avatar

      Derek on

      The Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Page on Facebook mentions that international shipping arrangements can be made. I think you should clarify and promote this detail since you're likely missing out on a considerable international audience.

    25. WizKids/NECA Creator on

      @Stuart Alexander Brock: The wallets on this Kickstarter campaign are specifically designed for standard Yu-Gi-Oh! cards only, which means it's not quite enough space to hold 2.5" x 3.5" cards. Depending on the level of success of this campaign, we may consider making similar game accessory wallets for other games that can hold 2.5" x 3.5" cards. Thank you for your feedback.

    26. WizKids/NECA Creator on

      @Alex Nicholas Dasrath: Our understanding is that each supporter can contribute once per Kickstarter account for any one campaign. The EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE LEVEL will get you two Elite wallets, but also two each of both of the Standard wallets. Another way would be to see if you know someone else with another Kickstarter account who can contribute for you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Alex Nicholas Dasrath on

      Hey, still wondering about my question about pledging for 2 of the Elite Wallets (Celtic Guardian level)

    28. Stuart Alexander Brock

      Will these wallets fit 2.5 x 3.5 cards?

    29. WizKids/NECA Creator on

      Thanks to Mike for posting that spreadsheet. We will work on simplifying the tiers to make it easier for people to see what they get at each contribution level.

    30. Mike Drum on

      The rewards are extremely confusing, so I made a spreadsheet that shows what you get at each level


    31. Missing avatar

      Alex Nicholas Dasrath on

      I would like to order 2x of the Elite Wallet (Celtic Guardian level). I already placed a pledge for $65. Could I pledge $130 to get 2? Thanks!