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You and your friends play to tell serial full-throttle adventure stories of a road warrior cruising a stylized post-Western world.
You and your friends play to tell serial full-throttle adventure stories of a road warrior cruising a stylized post-Western world.
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To The Press!

Posted by Nathan D. Paoletta (Creator)

Hola Amigos,

Trouble For Hire is going to print! 

We have finalized the layout and worked through the first round of technical wrinkles with our printer, so it's pretty safe to say that the book is on its way to that elusive finish line. You can see the cover spread there up top.

Thank you so much to the eagle-eyed backers who reached out with typos and questions about the preview PDF! Between that and our rounds of proof-reading passes we made a ton of corrections, from egregious errors like misspelling Evel Knievel to mundane things like stray apostrophes. It's an immutable law of publishing that as soon as you open the book you'll see a typo, but we're confident that the text is now worthy of committing to sweet, sweet print.

Kevin is working on enhancing the PDF version with all of the digital goodies that make it more than just the screen version of the print book, and that will go out to backers as soon as it's done!

These will be included with that PDF, but in the meantime, here's the most current Role Card PDF: Click to download from Dropbox.

Read on for details on the printing and fulfillment process, but here's the summary: we chose a printer that will knock this book out of the park, but will take 8-10 weeks to deliver the books, so physical rewards probably won't be shipping until the end of the summer.

It feels great to be at this point with the project, and we're so excited to get that PDF out to y'all, and then follow it up with the rad-as-hell physical object that captures Rubens colorful, dynamic world.

In order to hit that goal with the book, we did end up deciding to invest in an offset print run through a company that prints overseas. This means that the timeline for getting the books in hand is long - they give an estimate of 8-10 weeks, so physical books may not be here until the end of August. On the plus side, the receiving end is right here in Chicago, so I'll be able to pick up the books personally and send them out ASAP.

Making this decision, which adds even more delay to books being in backers hands, was the result of balancing that against the other concerns for the project, being cost (how much these cost to print and ship), quality (will your books be well-made, beautiful and durable) and long-term planning (how will we be continue to make Trouble For Hire available post-Kickstarter). For a full-color book like this, using print-on-demand technology through domestic printers means taking a gamble on quality and being able to only produce enough books to fulfill backer orders with the campaign funds, which isn't a great long-term decision for the game. In addition, most digital printers are really busy in the summer, and a 4-6 week turnaround would be expected. Adding a few weeks of time to get the book we really want is the compromise I decided to make.

Basically, we want people to have a blast playing, tell their friends, and have them be able to get the same rad book you do! We know it's a bummer to face even more time before the physical rewards are in your hands, but we've put in the work to fulfill Kevin's vision for the game so far, so why deep-six it now by compromising on the initial goals of the project?

So, thank you again for your support and patience as we get right up to that checkered flag. Our initial deadline was made with the best of intentions, but this is how the sausage is made - things come up, delays creep in, and sometimes you end up on a back road staring into the sun, not quite able to find the highway for awhile. We appreciate you being along for the ride.

Again, the PDF will be out to y'all real soon, ready for summer con season and those one-off game nights where you just want to put on a sweaty grindhouse movie in the background and tell a crazy tale.

Stay cool, amigos. 

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