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Hunt down monsters in order to save yourself in this RPG inspired by the work of Edgar Allan Poe. Can you resist your Imps temptation?
Hunt down monsters in order to save yourself in this RPG inspired by the work of Edgar Allan Poe. Can you resist your Imps temptation?
Hunt down monsters in order to save yourself in this RPG inspired by the work of Edgar Allan Poe. Can you resist your Imps temptation?
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    1. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator 6 days ago

      @Tyler - Not to my knowledge! Anyone who wants to run it with the current playtest materials (at any convention) has my blessing, and feel free to email me if you have something else in mind you want to run past me.

    2. Tyler Nafe 6 days ago

      Nathan, do you have anyone repping the game at Dragon*Con?

    3. Missing avatar

      Historic Engraver

      Any updates?

    4. Joe McGee on

      @nathan - any word when you’ll be looking for some info for those at the Monster & chapter/web level?

    5. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      I know it's a bummer to be hit by the black box of payment systems, but I still appreciate the support and also hope that you'll check back when the game is ready to release - it will be available for general purchase after backer fulfillment! The Imp will be in the world for all to... enjoy!

    6. Nikos Elefthérios on

      I really wanted to back the game, but sometimes my card don't accept payments to Kickstarter. Well, besto of luck to you!

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Barton

      I know, right? After doing taxes (with a more positive outcome than I anticipated), I no longer feel guilty about my impulsive backing here.

    8. Joe McGee on

      @Andrew - welcome! Great timing!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Barton

      Whew! I just found this campaign here in the final few hours. My ratio of games backed to time for running games is already grossly out of whack, but this looks too cool to pass up.

    10. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      @Krakenasul - Never fear, there will be public actual plays of this game between now and release. I wasn't able to schedule anything to run during the campaign, but I have a few podcast appearances lined up and I will make sure to get something on youtube as well. I know how helpful it is to have examples!

      @Sam Heazlewood ah, thank you so much - working with backers for these kinds of things are one my favorite parts of the process, I'm excited to see what you bring to the table!

    11. Sam Heazlewood

      Last 48 hours. I’ve bumped my pledge up to Masque (design a monster). To be honest, I thought they’d all be gone by this stage but it’d be fun to contribute to this project.

    12. Missing avatar

      Krakenasul on

      It would be so nice to have maps!Also,if you could a video on a playthrough of the game would also be nice as i am quite new to rp games and idk if i went through everything

    13. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      @Krakenasul - Generally, a monster doesn't have to be location based, but I'll be happy to work with you to establish whatever context you need to pitch your idea! The intention with the monsters is that they'll be able to be used in anyone's game, so there should be a little bit of wiggle room in how they can fit into different areas or social situations. But, again, I'll be in touch to have an individual conversation with every backer who's adding a monster or a Chapter, and provide you need through that process!

      Re: maps - since the game is historical, any map of 1830s and 1840s America is "canonical" in the sense of picking a particular place. For playtests, I've occasionally pulled city maps from historical archives. But the idea of having maps included in some way to illustrate the extent of Jacksonian America, and specifically the difference between (say) 1831 and 1848, that's a good idea!

    14. Joe McGee on

      Great question! Will there be a map included? Perhaps a nice foldout map might be something the extra funds could go towards?

    15. Missing avatar

      Krakenasul on

      i have a question regarding my creation of the future monsters;how can i create them if i do not have a map of jacksonian america,or some other commom facts(the ones in the demo version seem a bit scarce)

    16. Joe McGee on

      Ok, but at Rue Morgue I get printed cards. Just making sure. Thanks!

    17. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      @Joe McGee - Yes, the print-and-play is just being added to the existing rewards ($38+ get the printed cards, everyone gets the additional print-and-play PDF).

    18. Joe McGee on

      @Nathan There will still be printed cards included as originally planned, right?

    19. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      I'll definitely be looking into things like slipcases, though at this scale it may be unfeasible - but it's something to look into!

      I appreciate the thought on GM screens of some kind. There is hidden information in the sense that the GM has stuff to reveal over the course of the game, and having a page of rules reference is always helpful.

      @Tia Bang - Yeah, print-and-play on the perversity/strength cards will be included, I appreciate having the feedback that it'll be helpful to have that option! I hope you get to take it for a spin with your Pathfinder group, would love to hear how that goes.

    20. Tia Bang on

      Í, too, would like the perversity/strength cards included in the digital format. Very keen to try this with my pathfinder group.

    21. Chase Street

      @Joe McGee: I had thought something along the lines of a slipcase would be cool as well. I'm not sure how much $ might go in to creating those, or how much time it might take but it is a really cool idea.

      Also, I thought more about possible GM screen inserts... I know we get the quick play cards, but I thought there might be more information that might be handy for the GM to have at the ready (and I'm guessing there's stuff a GM needs that players don't really need to see).

    22. Joe McGee on

      Congrats!!! While I was already in love with the existing setting and material, I wanted the West in the worst way....the possibilities and expanded play will be fantastic. Fur traders...Native American mythology and culture...Spanish mind races. I certainly appreciate you not trying to push anything for the sake of tacking on more incentives, and dedicating that time and money to making this the best, most beautiful, product it can be. But here’s a possible idea: I keep seeing this book in a gorgeous slipcase (also cloth?) .... or a velvety kind of case with a latch? Something Poe-esque? Just a thought...throwing an idea out there.

    23. Chase Street

      Congrats on being fully stretched!! I was so looking forward to seeing the West unlocked, so this is going to be awesome.

      In terms of any possible further stretch goals... I really like what the book is going to encompass already. Would this game benefit from a possible GM screen? It doesn't have to be a physical product. I could just be some PDF files that we can insert into one of the universal GM screens available.

      Not sure if GM screen PDFs are necessary for the game, but it seems like that might be something that could be done without delaying the game. Regardless, congrats on everything getting unlocked!

    24. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      Ah, thank you all so much! Just posted an update marking the goal, along with some additional thoughts.

      Right now...I have no more specific goals to make! I want to keep the deliverables achievable within the time frame I promised, and the game doesn't need a bunch of widgets along with it.

      I'm obviously overjoyed that so many people are interested in the game, and additional backing enables me to block out more dedicated time to work on it, making it happen either better or faster that it otherwise would. But that's about it for now!

    25. Joe McGee on

      9 days to go and West unlocked! What’s the next stretch goal/incentive!?

    26. Joe McGee on

      We need a strong push. About $1300 until The West stretch goal is unlocked!

    27. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      @Christopher - if that's something that will be of value for backers it certainly can be included. I will make a note about it. Thanks for the suggestion!

      @Joe - I can't wait to see what you come up with! In my play making the monsters has been a rewarding experience and I think getting into the head and motivations of those who have fallen to perversity make for a compelling play experience, for sure.

    28. Joe McGee on

      As a writer who makes his buck on monsters and monster stories (albeit for children), I am thrilled to see an RPG focus on this level of monster identity and character!

    29. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lavery

      Will the digital release include PnPfiles for the Perversity/Strength cards?

    30. Joe McGee on

      We’ve got to hit that $17,500 stretch goal! The West!? Yes!

    31. Joe McGee on

      I’m already cooking up my monster.... cannot wait!

    32. Joe McGee on

      Awesome! Thanks, Nathan.,

    33. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      Good questions! First, all Masque and Rue Morgue backers will be credited along with their contributions (and will have a chance to review/approve the final drafts before anything gets committed to final production). The monster illustrations will be in at least one color tone (similar to the current promotional image, which is grayscale with a single red color tone applied), if not two-color like the full illustrations. It depends a little bit on the total amount of work that the campaign generates for Marnie.

    34. Joe McGee on

      Also, will backers at this level be credited with the creation of the monster (I.e. their name in the book or a monster credit)? Thanks! This looks so awesome. :)

    35. Joe McGee on

      Will the monsters be in color (if I were to back at the “masque” level)?

    36. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      Thank you so much everyone! I will update the campaign page tomorrow with more details about the next goal. Thanks for hanging with me over these weekends while I’ve had travel keeping my away from to-the-minute updates.

    37. Chase Street

      Color upgrade unlocked! Now, on to the next goal.

    38. Katherine Shan


      Thank you for your response :) I was not a backer of your previous campaign, nor do I know anyone who is. I've just been in a situation where I was a part of a campaign that ended up being neglected by a creator whose new campaign brought in a lot more funding. I appreciate you being honest with the reasons, and I agree that in your specific case, your decision is understandable.

    39. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      Hi all, just a comment here in case you missed the update - I’m at a convention (BreakoutCon) for the weekend (come say hi if you’re here!), and honestly hitting the goal so quickly was a surprise to me. So I will announcing new content and any additional stretch goals when I get back on Monday and have a chance to evaluate how it’s going then. That said, you can certainly expect additional art from Marnie at the very least. Thanks again everyone!

    40. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      Thanks all!

      Katherine, there’s a couple reasons - one is that Trouble For Hire (the outstanding project) is well into layout, the non-book rewards are in hand and so, while delayed from the original estimate, it will be out to backers well before this project gets to the production stage. The other is that my artist partner for Imp of the Perverse has a window of availably that gets narrower the later into the year we get, so I wanted to make sure I could get Marnie started before that would turn into crunch for her, so that THIS project avoids similar delays!

      I obviously wish Trouble For Hire hadn’t run into delays last year but the backers have been extremely cool so far - obviously, if anyone feels mis-served, message me and I’ll do what I can to make it right.

    41. Missing avatar

      Claudio Moratto on

      Hi Nathan,
      you should have told me you were going to release this! I just stumbled into the Imp by chance.
      However, read the rules and backed it!
      Congratulations for achieving your goal so soon, well done!

    42. Katherine Shan

      @Nathan D. Paoletta

      Congratulations on nearing 200% funded! Will we be seeing stretch goals soon?

      Also, I wanted to clarify: you haven't fully completed your last Kickstarter and fulfilled all its rewards, correct? How do you feel about starting a new Kickstarter now, and why did you not choose to wait out of respect for the backers of your last campaign?

      Thank you!

    43. Colin Fahrion

      That’s really great to hear Nathen that you have some other people on board to deal with these sensitive topics! I would recommend you add something on that either on the main KS page or in an upcoming update as I think that is definitely a positive for your project.

      P.S. I have an old alpha playtest PDF of the game. So yeah not really another earlier edition.

    44. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      Hi Colin - Thanks for these questions, but I'm a little confused because this is the first time this game is getting any kind of non-playtest-PDF release, and I'm not familiar with previous RPGs of the same title. But if I'm missing something, I def would like to know! As to the substance of your comment here I wholeheartedly agree, which is why I have three reader/consultants on board (all of whom are women, people of color or both) specifically to help me navigate how to include the historical realities of slavery, the conflicts between slave and free states, the treatment of women and queer people, and the other forms of racism and disenfranchisment of the time. I won't be ignoring them in the text, and one goal of the game is to give players the ability to tackle these things through their characters if that's the kind of content they want to explore, without sweeping them under the rug or pretending they didn't exist. So, I think we're on the same page here! Thanks for bringing this up and I hope not to let you (or anyone) down in this regard.

    45. Colin Fahrion

      I own the original Imp of the Perverse and I am backing this new and improved version. I am curious however how you are going to handle the issue of slavery in this edition. In the original you give it the barest of mentions which is unfortunate. I strongly feel that any alternate history roleplaying game should really make a strident effort to discuss the implications of roleplaying history as it was. Not just the white person rose colored glasses view of history but also the reality of living in history as a person of color. Or even a non-WASP, considering the anti-Irish sentiment of the early 1800s. I hardly recommend you include something on these issues in your book and that you consult someone else to write this section — ideally obviously a person of color.

    46. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      I know it's a bummer, I'm sorry! For my scale of operation, any kind of reshipping service is (a) expensive enough per unit that it wouldn't help and (b) hard to actually deal with until I know how many books I'd need to move. Since I can't predict that in advance, I can't really charge less and hope that it works out later. If you can find 3 friends, the 4 books options is a pretty big savings on shipping per-book. I really wish it was different! The game will go into general distribution, including to game stores, after the campaign is finished and nothing here is campaign-exclusive, so if it makes more sense to wait and pick it up locally through retail I totally understand!

    47. Eadwin Tomlinson on

      You know I'm a super fan but the UK shipping is harsh any chance you can look at options?

    48. Nathan D. Paoletta 7-time creator on

      Thanks Hunter, me too!

    49. Hunter Koerner

      Super excited for this!