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You helped the Massively Overpowered crew reroll, go independent, and continue to cover the vibrant MMO games market!
You helped the Massively Overpowered crew reroll, go independent, and continue to cover the vibrant MMO games market!
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    1. Captain-Electric on

      Bree, thank you very much, and good luck in these final hours of the MOP kickstarter. :)

    2. nbrianna Creator on

      @Captain-Electric: Try - and if that doesn't gather them all up for you, this search tool from @decompiler on Twitter might:

      Cheers guys... getting close to done, woot! :)


    3. Captain-Electric on

      Hey Bree, I was wondering---you seem to be hinting that you know the ins-and-outs of searching prior articles from Massively's recently former incarnation---well, regarding some of the more evergreen articles, I was going back through and reading them all, in particular Eliot Lefebvre's "Storyboard" column. If you can help me out, I'd be extremely grateful.

    4. Stacy "agemyth" on

      Ephemera/ephemeral is probably in my list of Top 50 Words I Like To Say.


    5. Thadeus Dietzen on

      Had I not already backed, I would have here.

    6. Geoff W. on

      Eloquent as always, m'lady. Although I am not a power gamer, MMOs have brought me closer to so many new friends, my wife and son, etc. And although I am certainly not a journalist of any sort, I recognize the importance of chronicling this valid portion of our culture. And for that, I thank all of you.

    7. deekayzero on

      i noticed the other day that i was suddenly "liked" to endgadget on fb. it didn't really click for a couple days that they had merged the massively fb page into the endgadget one.

      it was and is altogether really oddly curious.

      that sucks about the articles being buried. the comments though were already pretty dificult to search (i was looking for my lovecraftian gaben fanfic a few weeks ago i posted on massively over the holiday season and came up short after a great deal of effort), though whenever looking at older articles of any format, blog platform or otherwise, i always take a gander at the comments section to see what the little people are saying. sometimes they're as much an echo chamber distortion field as the article itself, othertimes they' relay a truth and reality that isn't reflected in the ongoing narrative that our news media press outlets are increasingly a machination of delivery for rather than serving the public interest and presenting well researched and investigated fact based news and opinion. what an age we live in where we fact check politicians publicly but then present front page editorials that are completely divorced from basic research and facts. - and this is our world wide national/regional news industry today.

      i wonder what future generations will say about this page of our time in history. or will it all be treated as epherma too?