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You helped the Massively Overpowered crew reroll, go independent, and continue to cover the vibrant MMO games market!
You helped the Massively Overpowered crew reroll, go independent, and continue to cover the vibrant MMO games market!
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    1. KimGee on

      Not sure people realize they can comment directly to updates so make sure you read the main comments to see who is voting regarding the forums. I posted there, but will post here as well: NO forums please. I notice most people agree with me but you will want to make your own assessment.

    2. Rebel Engie on

      I like the way the new site looks and the new fonts are nice.

      I had this thing with the last site, that some people uploaded huge images that overpowered comments from others. This is not a great priority, but it would be nice if the new website would resize the uploaded image dimensions to a minimum size while browsing the comments, and allow us the option to click on it to see what they are, in their original size, IF WE CHOOSE TO.

    3. nesh on

      If overhead allows it, I'd love for the forums to replace current commenting system as Livefyre (and Disqus too) are ok(ish) for the "small" commenting without discussion, but the are IMHO terrible when full blown discussion happens (no real quoting for example). Also, without requirement of direct attachment to the article forums can be a great place for the community to organize itself even more.

      BTW due to how forums work you'll get even more ads impressions ;)

    4. Craywulf on

      If you're gonna do forums, have them up only for special occasions, otherwise they are going be glutton for trolling. Gamers are already a divisive lot. I think regular forums would ruin the creditability of the site. No amount of moderation can fix the inherent problems it causes.

      Temporary forums for specific events like the upcoming conventions would be more manageable. You can shut down the forum when the convention is over. You can leave part of the forum openopen daily for questions and answers regarding about any mmo game.

    5. Missing avatar

      Stephen Sedula on

      I wouldn't bother implementing forums, myself. The current site comments have an almost forum-like flow to them already.

      Also, forums can create a division of reader commentary -- as the site now stands, I get all the conversation (for good or for trollish ill :-) ) through the Livefyre e-mail feed.

      I would not devote additional time as a reader to a forum.

      My opinions, anyway.

      My Secret I.D. under yet another alias -- I have so many internet aliases, you might mistakenly believe I was actually important :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Miranda Bennett on

      I'm excited about columns and features coming back. I'm excited about the gallery.

      I personally don't think that the forums are worth the overhead. I worry that cross-talk between the forums and comment sections will only detract from the main site. And, I think the team's time and energy is better spent on more writing activities.

      You guys are doing a great job. I really appreciate it :)

    7. Adam Parker on

      Yes to the forums, if you guys can swing it. It would be nice to have a place where the community can exist in addition to and outside of the article comment threads. It would be an easy place for organizing MMO related events and groups within the community also. You could even have comment threads for the articles, if you wanted to expand discussion beyond the intended scope (or really ability, for anyone that has ever seen a long comment thread) of Livefyre.

      As long as you get some volunteer mods, I can't see a lot of negative angles regarding having them. I'd say you could maybe make something like a subreddit instead, since that means you don't have to really maintain or host anything, but you also lose some control and potential for additional revenue.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Bynum on

      To be honest, I don't think forums should be a priority. It's not that I see forums as bad but rather a nice to have than a must have. (Maybe add it as a stretch goal to this kickstarter?)

      I love the idea of building a community but there might be better ways to do this besides forums. It sounds like a big thing is having meeting places in game. (Perhaps Massively OP guilds in games??)

      Maintaining forums has a cost and I would rather see that effort applied to better articles, coverage, etc.

    9. Missing avatar

      John Buczek

      Woot! I just got back into playing GW2 after seeing the Expansion reveal live at PAX South. Glad to hear it's getting a column of it's own. Can't wait to check it out.

      As to Forums, they are a low priority for me. I really only use them at the official game sites.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ravenwynd_bc on

      I think forums would be a good thing to have. MassivelyOP has become a tighter community through this kickstart and relaunch. Forums would provide outlets for communication. Another thing we could do with forums is use them to get together in games more. Perhaps foster some informal MassivelyOP guilds ala the old Massively Minions or help other folks find Massively friendly guilds in games together.

    11. Amanda Allen on

      Personally, the serif font is driving me crazy. It was okay when it was limited to the article text but now in all my browsers it has taken over the comments section as well (and since the font is smaller there it makes it even harder to read).

      Forums are cool and I think would populated in this community but would only be worth it if you have the manpower to spare moderating them.