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You helped the Massively Overpowered crew reroll, go independent, and continue to cover the vibrant MMO games market!
You helped the Massively Overpowered crew reroll, go independent, and continue to cover the vibrant MMO games market!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Vickery Kennison on

      Glad you all are taking on this endeavor. A worthwhile cause. I am very active in GW2 and Dragon Age Inquisition. Still play Anarchy Online from time to time. Have gone inactive in Firefall but really like it. Good luck and looking forward to the website.

    2. Christopher Pierce on

      So close to the goal!

      I am playing SWGEmu or The Repopulation (I am kinda jumping between them), Shen Megami Tensei: Nocturne on the Ps3, and Disgaea on the Vita.

    3. Terry Lynn Shull on

      STO and LoTRO of course. :P *hugs*

    4. Ghostmourn on

      Something happened and my wife and I have fallen back into Aion with a vengeance!

      Were like ridiculously snowed in here in New England like 8 ft around our driveway with no where left to put it... and more snow coming tomorrow! Being snowed in like this makes for lots of cozy gaming days :)

    5. Sherry on

      Primarily FFXIV. Pre-alpha Shroud of the Avatar for a couple days every release.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ermelyn Pitts on

      also, WRUP for me is WoW and some SecondLife.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ermelyn Pitts on

      Just wanted to say how happy I am that y'all are realizing how much we the fans appreciate the work you did (will continue to do). I might not have visited massively everyday but it was always where I went for news and more for my non-WoW game needs. Best wishes and here's hoping you'll be live again soon!

    8. Sky on

      I'll be grinding some gold in GW2 (slowly preparing for whenever HoT comes around...) while watching TV and watching the numbers tick up on this Kickstarter ;)

    9. John Logsdon on

      FFXIV here and loving it. Just got my fat chocobo.

    10. Karl Maurer

      I will be playing some table-top Pen & Paper gaming for half the weekend, the other half will be SWTOR with a touch of RIFT. Party on, folks!

    11. Missing avatar

      David Bresson

      H1Z1, perhaps some SWTOR if I make time.

    12. Xephyr on

      Mooore GW2. Grinding that gold for HoT. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Swift on

      Playing GW2, and keeping am eye on kickstarter :)

    14. Grendel on

      FF XIV, TSW and Dying Light.
      And always an eye on Kickstarter. :)

    15. Ryan M. Burke on

      I'm playing "Let's watch this Kickstarter get funded: The musical" :)

      I'll probably be on FFXIV a bit later.

    16. Missing avatar

      Albert Birkicht on

      I am so glad you are all back - I really hope all goes well and you get going and can maintain the site and the people behind also financially!

    17. deekayzero on

      so this is where we WRUP IT UP this weekend eh? i'm derping around in gw2 and wildstar (thanks wolfy!) while getting prepped for evolve early next week. also alot of reddit and reading xmen schism which is the precusor to avx and some of the series involved there and beyond. and wondering what happened to my quintin quire action while my main series' writer announced the end of his run even as it's hitting big peaks for WTF DID THAT JUST HAPPEN action. i highly recomend hitting up uncanny xmen #29 and 30, though probably best to find where the last will and testament of charles xavier arc starts and start there, with inclusion of the uncanny and all new annuals in that adventure. in any case, if you fb version readers and commenters haven't put the irl name to the handle yet, this is a dead give away:… me and wolfy hit up some vet shiphands in wildstar this past week and had some definite twists and turns and general looking at the drop changes. kudpos to wolfy who even in less than BIS support gear still agreed to duel me and was a good sport about getting rekt by my my pre 40man BiS pve gear set up. also features some nice housing action including but not limited to wolfy's custom constructed buildings!

      (crosspost from the fb group due to temp pledge - will bump it up when the money is free! :D)

    18. Missing avatar

      Dejan Lujic on

      4 words for Jef : 2k14 Ultimate Base Roster !!

      Seriously, it's just so much better.

    19. Red Solar on

      Amazed at the support from the community. WTG guys!

      I just finished downloading TSW to be ready to try out the improved new player experience and better quest rewards update when it comes available. I'll be jumping into it to see how things are. Otherwise, I'm keeping my eyes open for any other games/worlds that may come up.

    20. Michelle Barnes on

      Played SWtoR last night. Will play LotRO this weekend as well if I can find the time.

    21. Freebooter Toys

      FFXIV:ARR for the first time since letting my sub lapse at launch. (I liked the game, but time was a problem.)

      I also have ArcheAge going in another window just to get some labor. Can;t seem to stop logging in. Probably because my land is too nice to let fall into anyone's hands.

    22. Jonathan Bloom on

      Working on Grim Fandango and then some FFXIV action later!

    23. António Raquel on

      Perhaps a little GW2 with me trying to finish Watch Dogs on my PS4.

    24. Luciano Antonio on

      RIFT atm (:
      Nightmare expansion is awesome!

    25. Phaserlight on

      Nice to see the team rolling ahead. I'm doing some QA work on the latest tree I'm designing for Vendetta, my 1 yo son watching with interest, and discovering the top shoulder buttons on my Ouya don't work.

    26. Missing avatar

      Christopher Neal on

      So close to level 40!! Can this bad boy power on to cap in two days?? :D

      As for me, this weekend will mostly be XIV-related. The FC ran a Roll20 event for the past couple of nights, which was huge fun for my first-ever experience with the now it's up to my own devices time. Looking to finish off Hildibrand.

      After that, I drive over to Syracuse to pick up my partner from Wales, which kicks off a two week vacation for me as I get hin settled, sorted and snuggled. Gonna be a good few days. :3