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Update #17

Downtown Bridgeport Connecticut


Mr. NOBODY's walking tour of Downtown Bridgeport Connecticut

My HOME :) I love it here so here is a little tour of photos 

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Update #16

Beam & Barre - Art to the Avenue 2012 Update


Art to the Avenue Artists reception wednesday night (Feb 22, 2012)

After dropping up my painting and portfolio for retailer preview and selection last week, last night was pick up night and a reception for the many Artists to have a chance to meet and chat.

That was a lovely party with plenty of good food... The Greenwich Arts Council had a record number this year of 162 Artist registrants.  So selection was tight...  I was very lucky,  I was contacted the day before by the owner of a store on the Ave that I was their Artist.  So the event starts on MAY 3rd and my work will be on display at Beam & Barre which is a wonderful dance supply store, located near the bottom of Greenwich Avenue two doors up from the Apple Store.

I saw many wonderful pieces of art last night and talked to many artists. I am very excited to be part of this event. I even had a few people ask about Mr. NOBODY, and why I showed up without him, lol I guess he is getting popular :)

I went home really tired though, my health was acting up... it was a very long day. 

Train rides with art work is an experience I can never get use to no matter how many trips I've taken on the Metro North with large canvases.  Peak trains are harder because it is harder to find space to stand and keep you canvas safe from damage.


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Update #15

Art to the Avenue 2012


I said I wanted to share my work much more this year, and the purpose of my Kickstarter project is to be able to fund production of new work to be able to share at major events throughout the year.

I have been very busy getting ready for the Greenwich Arts Council's upcoming annual spring celebration of the arts, Art to the Avenue 2012

This will be fifteenth year that retailers on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut will play host to works from over 130 or so visual artists. In effect, the surrounding area of downtown Greenwich becomes a huge art gallery for all visitors to see the whole month of May.  

This week I had the opportunity to submit my work for Art to the Avenue Retailer Preview where the works are viewed and artists are selected by retailers to be hosted   in one of the participating businesses of this fantastic art event. 

I only get to Greenwich a few times per year to visit my God-Mother and God-Sister.  Sometimes I miss Haitian food and my God-Mother's food is awesome!  :D  Greenwich Avenue also has some of my favorite places to eat.  I enjoy China Pavilion the most as my favorite place to eat on the Ave, not very fancy compared to all that surrounds it but truly I enjoy the food and I like the lady behind the counter she is always very nice to me.

My earliest memories with Greenwich Avenue was when I lived on Connecticut Avenue in Stamford and would ride my bike from Stamford to Greenwich just to get to one of the few comic book stores in the area.  I took my comic books very seriously back then. I guess that paved the way to my introduction to manga, anime I already loved ages before.  I passed that store this week and it is an Art Gallery now.

Mr. NOBODY has been spending a lot of time in Greenwich lately even the people at the APPLE STORE seem to remember seeing him around.  I guess I'll see in a week or so if he will be spending even more time their this May.  I will update with more news of this event soon.

- Nazaire

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Update #14

Mr. NOBODY @ Connecticut's State Capital - Hartford, CT


I go to Hartford at least once per month to visit my doctor at UCONN Medical Health Center.  This is mostly to keep my health in check and hoping to stop my vision from getting worst... My doctor is really cool and very helpful.  The staff is great there, they all truly care.

Today Mr. NOBODY had trouble getting someone to stop and take a photo at the park, but finally a good human came by and stopped to help.  THANKS! :)

Overlooking Hartford's 41 acre Bushnell Memorial Park, the Connecticut State Capitol first opened for the General Assembly in January, 1879. I was invited to speak here a few times about Sickle Cell Disease to lawmakers at the Capitol and was invited by the African-American Affairs Commission (AAAC) for solo art exhibit in February 2011 in honor of Black History Month.

Hartford is a beautiful place visit if you get a chance.  I need more time to visit the Art Galleries and Museums. :)

P.S. My friend Isabelle sent me a message this morning so I'll use her words to share with you all "Happy Valentines - Bonne St Valentin - Buona San Valentino - Guten Valentinstag"  <3

I am always happy to hear from Isabelle

LOVE is Good... I wish you all LOVE and Peace... Mr. NOBODY wanted me to tell you all that NEW LOVE PLUS came out today in JAPAN for Nintendo 3DS. >_> wut?

*next update: Art to the Avenue - Greenwich, CT ( Preview ) 

( ( I am not sure which painting to bring to the review, wish me luck >_< ) )

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Update #13

How I left my head at MoMA PS1


LAST Update for Saturday - A day of learning... not to regret.


MoMA PS1: Mr. NOBODY goes to School

So my goal today was 5Pointz it was cold as hell, so while I waited for a friend to show me around the area.

I went into MoMA PS1 after they told me admittance would be $10 I really wanted to go in but I'm on a budget and today was all about seeing 5Pointz and checking my bucket list... I asked the nice ladies at the desk to point me towards 5Pointz, I've never been there always dreamed of visiting. :) And it was Amazing!

So I met my friend from NeoGAF who told me I should come check this place out… After taking a few awed and amazed tourist photos, he treated me to the super cool classrooms at MoMA PS1 ( ( I wish I had a school like this when I was younger, life would be so different and a can of V8 would cross the street when he saw me coming... I would be so bada$$ if I had these teachers ) )

I've never been to an Art Gallery like this one… I never went to school in NYC but did visit them when I first came from Haiti.  I was much smaller.  My experience at MoMA PS1 was like a kid in a candy store to use an overused phrase.  The Met is all dat and yeah I enjoy the Guggenheim... but this place was so alive for me.  It was like being a kid again and being excited for the first day of school, getting new books, meeting new teachers and finding your way around school to get to the class on time. Hall Monitor's watchful eyes telling you not to run down the halls. Ah memories of life when it was much more innocent. 

That one room with the creaky floors its like those bubble plastic package wraps you just got to pop them and make that sound over and over again.

The only thing that took away from my escape into this childhood experience, reminding me this was a serious Art Gallery was Mr. Henry Taylor's Classroom... But every school I went to had that one very serious teacher with long lectures and deep wisdom... No it was not easy on my stuffy noise and fever medicine head to take it all in today... I need to go back and sit to really understand what Mr. Taylor was telling the class but it was like flashes of watching every Black History / Cultural moment on TV but on canvas, very intense.  Everything I have ever seen, or told about being Black in America was there oh well politics gives me a headache I was too tired to really gain a lot from Mr. Taylor's class.  I was like... "I don't get it... This is the kind of History Class I needed growing up... I need Mr. Taylor's class." So I had to shake my head at the irony that it is finally before my eyes but my desire has moved on, or was it my fever?  I needed to go to the nurse.  Serious teachers are needed just as much as fun teachers I'm glad Mr. Taylor is teaching a class at PS1.  At the end of the year he is the kind of teacher I would give my apple to as a thank you for reminding me that history is important, thank you for waking me up.

So at recess my favorite period of the day ( ( or was that lunch? ) ) I saw people digging for gold treasure in a playpen… ah it was nice and I wanted to go try it out but I did not bring a metal detector. ( I want a gold star in class for thinking outside the box on that one )

NOBODY UNDERSTANDS when searching for lost treasure you must bring a metal detector! Its only the SANE thing to do.

Best CLASS EVER! The MEDITATION room ( call it what you want 40 bells and whispers... The Forty Part Motet, I call it best classroom ever! ) … I was so tired and fighting a cold from doing the Giants Parade… I should know better, I'll at UCONN this Tuesday to see my doctor.

So yeah Sickle Cell does not allow much energy for all of this Mr. NOBODY adventures thing but that sweet Meditation room… I wish I had one at home.

I must have sat there for a long while just thinking about my sniffles and health, how short life really is, (that is my problem when I try to meditate… I end up thinking too much or a painting I've been dreaming of painting comes to haunt me) so regardless even if I am pushing too hard I know this but I want to continue enjoying this Art Project. NOBODY UNDERSTANDS.

I want to say thank you to my new friend I'll call him Mr. SOMEBODY CARES… To think just a stranger from an online gaming forum who saw this project and backed it, offered to help show me around the Art places he loves.  THANKS SO MUCH for taking the time. GOOD HUMANS = BEST HUMANS! Mr. SOMEBODY is one of those good ones, I have met many good humans but it is still refreshing and inspiring to meet a new one. :) 

( ( This project started because my client Nazaire needs canvas and paint to be a painter… Now I am learning so much more about Art through this process. ) )

MoMA PS1 is a lovely place to meditate on what art means… As well as how it truly touches you differently in each classroom you enter. 

I went to School today, seriously learned a whole lot. I felt like that guy in the GOLDEN BOY anime. 

Oh yeah, Mr. Owens? Did your momma ever tell you to be nice to your vegetables? That was a serious beat down on those beets. I think he choked those artichokes! Whoa… O_o Some Art you just have to experience and this is highly recommended cannot be explained. Mr. Owens' classroom has deeper themes with many layers but it does not take long to see the human experience... of love, passion, many complex emotions surface.

I saw a cool lizard just chillin' he told me his name was Joe, he just talked and talked friendly fellow, something about I needed to stay warm this winter, invest in heat lamps… Oh yeah Miami he would not stop talking about Miami until I left his classroom... so visited some cats napping under a sofa… (I had to bend with my face to the ground to see that cat) NOBODY UNDERSTANDS cats… those power naps are so good for your health.

I did not dance in the disco room… (dancing room? Sorry it was good but I was so tired… until I found the Meditation room!)

Well this is Mr. NOBODY's final Grade for the current showing at MoMA PS1 A- ( ( yeah it would have been an A+ with a teacher's pet smiley but I did not see kittens and I forgot my Metal Detector because no one told me about the treasure hunt surprise quiz :( oh well school is like that sometimes ) ) 

I fully encourage everyone to visit MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, New York its across the street from that other super cool Art Gallery 5Pointz. The #7 line should be working soon.

Go soon because if you never liked your vegetable Mr. Clifford Owens (a cool teacher) KNOCKS THEM DA PH^K OUT! >_< YAY! ( ( I really wanted to clap when he K.O.ed those beets ) ) :D


edit note: I'm back home to reality… R.I.P. Whitney Houston :( that is why I love Art you can escape, and her music had the same power to take you away from hard times, pain or whatever good music can heal you from… it is okay to die... I watched my mother die... I know life has a starting point and an ending point... We will all die, do you know that? What really bothers me is not dying, or blessed with a DNA that causes pain... but what really eats at me is not truly LIVING.  Leaving something undone, regrets, failure because you lacked courage to change the world around you... There are plenty of Mr. Somebodies that want to change the world be one of them, be someone who Cares Enough... I don't want to leave anything undone or unsaid or unpainted... The dead does not speak... others my want to speak for them and speak of their lagacy but the dead does not speak... Live Now... Speak Now.  If I die today at the very least I sat in that room meditating on living, truly living,  even as a Mr. NOBODY... Okay, there I had my say thanks Kickstarter, Thanks MoMA PS1 for giving me a day worth living... I'm going to nap now because I abused my body enough this winter… Joe I got my heat lamp dude stay warm I know you want to go to Miami tell them to take you to Art Basel. Fellow students please remember to support our art teachers. Project Ends here? I am not sure, I have an Art to the Avenue preview on Wednesday (2/15/2012) in Greenwich, CT hope my health holds up... - with PEACE.


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