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A series of paintings exploring a mixture of cultural imagery from Haiti and Japan, a painter's reflection on his lost identity.

A series of paintings exploring a mixture of cultural imagery from Haiti and Japan, a painter's reflection on his lost identity. Read More
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About this project

The Adventures of Mr. NOBODY has begun...

PROJECT / THE STORY behind it...


Haitian Superflat || Haiti + Japan is my new project, a series of paintings I wish to produce this year. My dream is to take my work to the next level and have a very productive year painting and exploring ideas I have had for a very long time. My main focus for this series  is on the mixing of two cultures Haiti + Japan on canvas. I want to be able to paint 20 to 40 paintings this year  creating a body of work that explores this melting of imagery from two cultures. One that is my heart and soul and another that unknown yet I find intriguing and inspiring.  My vision for this project is to continue this theme of "Haitian Superflat" on a large scale on large canvases that will be used to target new exhibitions.   

Since I started putting my ideas in writing on this Kickstarter page, I found I could to share so much more with the world than just asking for money which always makes me feel awkward.  So I made a few changes... ( ( truth my camera broke delaying the final project video and must get outside help with the video and photos - help me NYC-GAF I will be near the MET and Guggenheim holla ) ) Instead of just one project video asking you to fund this project... this whole page will become part of the project... I will allow Mr. NOBODY to tell the Haitian Superflat story in frequent updated videos of the creative process behind producing this concept and sharing it online.  

When all of this is done I hope to have had shared major Haitian Superflat  exhibits and fun stories about this project with all of you.  Please FUND & FOLLOW this creative process... One Dollar ($1) can make a major differences in sending a message to the GateKeepers of the Art World. Mr. NOBODY thinks $5 Billion sends a message but he has a big head like that.  Still as my agent and rep his heart is in the right place he wants this project to be the most funded Art Project on Kickstarter ever.  Still I got to be honest I don't trust my luck and my friends and family are very few to none, so my Goal is set at $500 at least that gets me two very large canvases to Kick Start a productive year.


( ( now for the real info starting with the true goal... ) )

What is Haitian Superflat?

Haitian Superflat is basically the perspective of a Haitian born Artist / Painter looking at similar themes from the SUPERFLAT movement in Japan started by Takashi Murakami.  So from the viewpoint of an OUTSIDER looking in and taking elements from his own background of Haiti into what he is discovering...  A Haitian painter studying and exploring Japanese culture as a whole and mixing elements of Haitian Culture into an already interesting mixture of MANGA / ANIME - OTAKU Sub-Cultures, technology, sexuality, modern consumer culture and how all these things impact a person's mind and life.  Simply Haitian Superflat is a personal journey of one artist on a quest to blend imagery from both Haiti + Japan on canvas seeking to understand more about life, identity, and similarities of the human heart without borders.

Though inspired by SUPERFLAT some of the differences in Haitian Superflat are not having the benefit of a super cool Hiropon Factory or Andy Warhol like production line to create a massive amount of work.  This will only be a personal exploration, for now just a desire to introduce Haiti into Pop-Art.  Another difference in ハイチのスーパーフラット the paintings may deal with broader themes of Life in Haiti not only cute imagery but under the surface this series will aim to show an underling theme of the apathetic nature that is found through life and consumerism in general. The HAVES vs. the HAVE-NOTS... Childlike Wants + Desires... Fantasy vs. REALITY... 

(breaking it down to the basics)

Haitian Superflat is expressed by artist Hertz Nazaire in the following ways

  • Paintings (production of a large body of work reflecting the subject of Haiti + Japan ハイチのスーパーフラット)
  • Cosplay (コスプレ) "costume play" is a type of performance art that has been spread out from otaku culture this will focus on the aspect of lost identity, fantasy vs reality. Conceptual Cosplay as (ミスターノーバディ)*
  • Conceptual + Installation + Street Art = Love Love Healing Eggs** for planned installations as support pieces to the series of paintings. And to simply share them as street art and good luck + wellness charms.
  • Culture and Language - Kanji will be used whenever possible because exploring to understand meanings of things is part of the Haitian Superflat concept. The artist does not speak or read Japanese but technology allows for cultures to communicate and exchange ideas easier today.  The goal of this language use is to encourage and promote curiosity, a desire to learn and understand something you do not already know... with the hopes that this will lead to continued peace and friendship between cultures. 


ミスターノーバディ (Mr. NOBODY) Profile [exclusive not found on wikipedia]:

full name: NOBODY CARES 


occupation: Art Agent / Remix Painter / Steet Artist / Actor / Producer / Designer / Branding / Part-Time Troll / Part-Time Lover

hobbies: exploring sub-cultures and the invisible, the forgotten / anything Japanese / Haitian Food Critic + Taster / collector of hot sauces / Anime + Manga / Video Games / Kinbaku 緊縛 + Shibari 縛りArt 

current bookmarks: NeoGaf Addicts Anonymous  / 4chan the Art of Troll Face / FetLife Shibari Guide  / Air Anime / J-List Shopper Points / Nintendium / Crunchyroll Squid Girl + Chobits / Naruto+Hinata Fan Club / PBS Art21 / EGG LOVERS | TENGA / Louis Vuitton Condoms / Art to the Avenue / 5 Pointz / Artspace / South Beach Miami Hostel

favorite podcasts: The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe / This American Life / 8-4 Play / Giant Bombcast

most influential tv programs: La vie nan bouk la (Papa Piè), The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, All in the Family, Good Times

personal life: rumored to be dating 高嶺 愛花 / 小早川 凛子 / 小早川 凛子

 /---! ( (stop don't tell them all my secrets!) )

main theme of silent protest: Poverty + Pain + Insanity.


2** ( ( permission has been granted by the good people of TENGA Co., Ltd. based in Tokyo, Japan for the artist to continue this part of the Haitian Superflat concept and paint these special wellness eggs for future art installations ) )

( ( Dear Wikipedia, 

My client has nothing to do with SoFlo Superflat, yes he lived and was homeless on South Beach but Connecticut is far from SoFlo please update with a Haitian Superflat page... and when we are famous please ask me for the facts because NOBODY CARES about facts. - love da agent Mr. NOBODY 

p.s. Congrats on the SOPA + PIPA thing... love u for that one! ) )

Who and Why you should care?

My name is Nazaire I don't know much else about this question of who? I only know a few things about myself... I don't want to be something that I am not but I do not want to be stuck being something I already know I am... Can't change my DNA or Roots and would never dream it so changed, but this inheritance... Be it a gift or a curse is not all I wish to experience in life... I want to share my inheritance with the world and I want to explore other things that I have little knowledge of... I cannot deny who I am but it is not an excuse to deny who I can become.  So before I can answer who I am... I have to seek out to understand who I am not.  That is the concept of my work.

poverty + pain + insanity have given us some of the greatest Artists of our modern generation... but what does it feel like to live in those shoes?

with those elements in play I wonder too who can I become?

am i... vincent | monet | hyppolite |basquiat | murakami ?

no i admire them all greatly but i only search life to know me... in my work i seek my own lost identity, ask my agent Mr. NOBODY... i dunno who i am. But NOBODY KNOWS.

** ( If you are going to ask a bunch of strangers to care about your work and help you fund it, you'll have to tell them something about yourself... what is your story ) - says the all wise BigHeaded Art Agent in my head **

NOBODY UNDERSTANDS sometimes you reach the breaking point, but it is always an opportunity to make it a turning point and hope for better. 

Haitian Superflat is not something new for me, with oil pastels on black gatorfoam as above photo from 2003 and since for many years I worked on developing a style that was not a copy of someone else by my own. then I wanted to move it to canvas and acrylics... All during this time fighting blindness due to my health. So I mostly dreamed with my eyes shut... so I ended up doing more research than actual work... Always with a strong desire just to paint... to create this series of paintings on canvas and tried for a while, what little I painted during those dreams ended with 2007's Self-Portrait Unmasked - I am not sure what I learned about myself during that night... Some people reacted as expected some thought I am just an attention whore on youtube and easily dismissed, while others thought I finally went insane. Today some just see me as a clown and laugh at me :( I'll be that... no don't take me seriously unless you are also a member of the insane.

( NOBODY KNOWS = nazaire - member of the insane since August 1988 )

Art is no longer a spiritual journey... not for me... I have travelled far and discovered a lot about myself since that night of the unmasked.  So if that was the TRUth back then where am I at now in 2012? Today my Art is about a search for lost identity.

Not as Naïve?  But maybe I still cannot tell a lie but I am trying very hard to do so... I want to paint about the biggest lies maybe. If you want ask Mr. NOBODY. He says I should learn how to TROLL the Art World from the very best so I spend more time lurking 4Chan to research, using his bookmarks of the internets I find they are full of strange wisdom, just now learned how Visual Artists Today are made and cultivated like boy bands. Yet even boy bands can inspire others to dance... I love music even those that are cultivated and branded. Even the Parodies in music are fun...

I hear ミスターノーバディ singing ( ( ♬ "... my salsa ... make all the pretty girls want to dance and take off their underpants ... my salsa ... wooah hoo hoo ... my salsa ...  my kompa ... my kompa makes all the pretty girls want to dance... and take off their underpants... my kompa... ♬ my 演歌 ... my enka ... wooah hoo hoo ... my enka " ♬ ) )

So why not enjoy parodies in Visual Art?  I enjoy anything that can make me smile... I see a lot of violences and hatred around me... but very little love... not much smiles.  Can something I do cause someone to smile?  Can I impact the negativity that surrounds my journey?  Can I inspire a smile with art?

Is there an Art World versions of bilibers?

The Art World is very much like Hip-Hop sometimes as in "Get Rich or Die Trying" Mostly it is Die of poverty and someone else gets Rich off your work at Auction. 

( ( ... but don't hate on the game, just because you are not even on the bench, I'm not a player ... NOBODY understands why RSH ⚔ MBW ... ♬ ... my salsa ♬ if you want to make all the pretty girls want to dance, step up your game :) ) 

I hear Rappers say, %$%(%# I'M ILL - IM DA SICKIEST!

Well, I'm not a Rapper... T_T

I am an artist and I have come to be intimately aware and understand that being poor sucks just as much as being chronically sick.

( ( Yeah %$^%# HE ILL! BUY dat SWAGGY ART!!! ) )  

I know pain very well but nothing hurts as much as struggling with a dream and deep desire to be productive as a painter - Tired of it? CHANGE IT! Don't spend time hating those who work at it 

- So on to this PROJECT... why this year? 

( I am taking care of my health better, now I'm Bored... we all are right... I want to smile more this year )

nazaire - from PAINtings to Haitian Superflat

Recently a painter in NYC told me that I needed to "stop milking" Sickle Cell  and talk about something else or I'll never make it or find any one to respect my work... ( ( REAL TALK - that woke me up to the perception of my client's art ) ) Stop focusing on being sick is very good advice and I took it to heart, it is true that I really need to be more than just a sick person in life, I am so much more than the curse of my DNA... Yet I still have to share about being in Pain... Voices are always needed... To me Awareness of Human Struggles is important if I were the only one with a Pain that NOBODY UNDERSTANDS I would not have created  shared that PAIN ART at all (it is that pain that drove me to paint in the first place) but there are OTHERS who suffer... and this is part of what Art should be... a voice for the voiceless... I want to make a positive difference in the world that surrounds me or my breath is meaningless.  So if I fail to make a living at this because people only see me as a "Sickle Cell Artist" let it be...  In that series, I am not asking you to feel sorry for me... I am asking you to STOP IGNORING those in PAIN. Even if you do not Understand Pain, I wish you all GOOD HEALTH and LOVE in this LIFE.

I live in a world long after Impression, Sunrise - yet the Salon mindset is alive and well.  Having your work rejected or ignored is still very real for most painters lacking niche marketing, funding, hype, or gimmick to create a brand endorsed by those who can afford high end Art...poverty + pain + insanity still drives my ART will I also be G.O.A.T.?  NOBODY CARES! It is not my focus but who does not want to do great things? I only have one life,  I do want to paint and share my best, my story, my search, my experiences on canvas. I want to discover, to know who I will become through my paintings.

ASKING FOR HELP: Staying productive as a painter is very expensive.  To produce a body of work takes a lot of costly art materials and studio time, but without money you cannot even get started.  Now when you finally finish a good number of paintings and you want to share it you have to think of what it will cost to promote your work and transportation costs of getting a dozen or so large canvases to a location to share your work with the public.


If you watched the whole hour and thought it would be finished by then :)  here is a video of the end results two months later (unless your illest agent Mr. Nobody thinks of a REMIX - holla at your boi!)

♲ Mr. NOBODY invented DA REMIX 

"Da remix is what i call unsold canvases that have sat in nazaire's studio for too long and he has no empty canvas left and cannot afford them so i go around when he is not looking adding my own spice... that kid is insane he won't know the difference...  Much of nazaire's work are on remixed-canvases some would say recycled but he tends to allow the original underpainting to play some part of the new so its a REMIX and I encourage that because NOBODY CARES! i invented da remix - yeah Mr. Puff... u mad? COME AT ME BRO!"  @DaRealMrNOBODY   - Mr. NOBODY

{Videos of Mr. NOBODY remixing Nazaire's latest unsold work below}

((  ♬ They're Banksy and The Brain... Yes, Banksy and The Brain... One is a genius... The other's insane... 

 Their twilight campaign is easy to explain. To prove their mousey worth... They'll overthrow the Earth...  They're Banksy... They're Banksy and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain ♬ )) 

eh that was...Mr. NOBODY's favorite song... catchy aint it :P

A Year ago at the State Capitol in Hartford Connecticut (pre-remix)

Kickstarter Funding will go towards:

  • Art Materials (Canvas / Paint / such items needed for this series)
  • Production and Shipping of KickStarter Backer Rewards
  • Promotion / Photos of this Series for Galleries / Exhibitions
  • Further Haiti + Japan Cultural Research
  • Transportation cost to Exhibitions at public spaces that do not normally provide shipping / transportation of work to Artists 
      • ? %tage Connecticut State Tax / Uncle Sam
    • %tage to my Agent Mr. NOBODY and his Stylist / bebi-mada ♡   ♡ ε(❀◕‿◕ฺ)з Miss MOE Fubuu-Chan    
    • % fees my homies @ KickStarter / Amazon

I am not mainstream, my work does not yet reach the higher establishment level in the Art World so the communities that are interested in seeing my art are often Poor like me :) and cannot help me to transport my large canvases. I cannot count the number of invitations to exhibit my art at local events that I had to turn down because my canvases are too large.  I work large because I have problems with my vision due to Sickle Cell Anemia.  So taking a large paintings from Bridgeport Connecticut, on a Metro North train to Grand Central to a Subway Line to Brooklyn, Harlem, Bronx or even just from Bridgeport to Stamford or New Haven is nearly impossible to pull off a show and without funds to rent a truck or large SUV most opportunities are just passed up.

Backer Rewards

Fund & Follow :) by supporting this series of paintings you will be helping me to stay productive this year in return I will open access to my studio for you to follow the step by step creation of this body of work.  O_o?! You want more... NO BODY CARES?  Okay I will give these items of Swaggy Art at different pledge levels.

The Concept Eggs:


I love these eggs! They have helped me when I felt stressed,  lonely, or just fighting insomnia... Now I wish to use them as a special canvas for colorful Haitian Superflat concept pieces. 

My goal is to hand paint hundreds of these and use them as instillation pieces at my exhibits or just give them out as I walk around the city with Mr. NOBODY promoting my Art, just giving them out to help spread love and that special healing. :)

(( ♬ yes healin'...  whenever blue teardrops are fallin' ... and my emotional stability is ... leaving me ... and dat painful insanity is creepin' me ♬ )) 

You can use them as a good luck charm or use them as many in Japan do to promote your wellness and stay stress free, get that healin'

LOVE LOVE HEALING EGGS are hand painted by Mr. NOBODY and Nazaire with Haitian Superflat themes. ( No No No, these are not Easter Eggs these are special  SEXUAL HEALING  Eggs :3 something dats gud for me )

(( ♬ ... helps to relieve my mind ... go on gurl procrastinate ... cause I'm not afraid to masturbate  オナニー ... baby its something dats good for me ♬ love love egg's so fine... yeah so good for me... come on now ♬ ))


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Your Name listed on a special "THANK YOU! :)" page on my project website to remind me each day that SOMEBODY CARES <3 the more names on the list on that page the better the message sent to the gatekeepers of the Art World.

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    Mr. NOBODY's Concept Art Eggs - using very special imported GRADE A - Japanese Onanie ( オナニー ) Eggs (known for relieving stress and promoting wellness) as the canvas for Haitian Superflat imagery and symbols - these were planned to play a major role as conceptual Haitian Superflat pieces. Hundreds of Onanie ( オナニー ) Eggs are to be hand painted by Mr. NOBODY / Nazaire for a large installation space and hopefully a nice gallery exhibit tour at events in NYC / CT / South Beach Miami and maybe Japan if this works out as planned... and some Eggs shared across town (as street art) to spread love and healing. At this Reward level you will get One EGG of your very own out of the very first exclusive test batch of these colorful love love healing eggs. + LEVEL :) and :-P Rewards.

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