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A cooperative board game based on the books by Brandon Sanderson where you must defend the city of Newcago and defeat Steelheart!
A cooperative board game based on the books by Brandon Sanderson where you must defend the city of Newcago and defeat Steelheart!
A cooperative board game based on the books by Brandon Sanderson where you must defend the city of Newcago and defeat Steelheart!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wroe 2 days ago

      Start of the kickstart there was a discussion about getting more flavour onto the game for people who don’t know the characters - on the new rulebook there are quotes next to each reckoner - some of those are the ones I suggested 😀

    2. Tia 3 days ago

      @Andrew Which quotes? I didn't see any changes to the character quotes, though maybe I'm misremembering.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wroe 3 days ago

      Wooohooooo some of my quotes were used!!!!

      Rule book reads well imho

    4. Missing avatar

      James Weaver
      3 days ago

      We've also seen that he doesn't always give us last names. He almost always has them, but it does not always come up in dialogue. Like Wayne. We don't know his last name. Or the Reckoners. Or some Stormlight characters, or other Mistborn.

      It's rarely hidden, it just also rarely discussed.

    5. JMC 3 days ago

      @Seth That's really cool. Glad we're getting a little more lore about this amazing series. I had to do a double take when I saw the last names. I can't wait to checkout the PDF for Untold Epics before my physical copy arrives.

    6. Seth Van Orden Collaborator 3 days ago

      @JMC - Yeah we asked him (really his team) for a couple last names that weren't found in the books. Unfortunately we don't know much about how he came up with those last names. I think there's a good chance he already knew the character's last names, but hadn't let the readers know yet.

    7. JMC 3 days ago

      Did you guys just ask Brandon to give them last names? I'd love to hear that story. I can only remember David and Prof's last names being mentioned in the books. I could be mistaken though

    8. Seth Van Orden Collaborator 3 days ago

      @Tia - Brandon Sanderson! I guess you now know your last name.

    9. Tia 3 days ago

      I see there are last names for Cody and Tia now. Interesting. Where did those come from?

    10. Tamara Eléa Tonetti Buono 4 days ago

      Hi, guys, have you been able to check the charge? I cannot modify the form yet. Ty!

    11. Kaladin 7 days ago

      I'm thrilled about being able to add a printed "Untold Epics." Thanks for that :) :)

    12. Almar Zwets 7 days ago

      Are there examples of the painted mini's?

    13. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator on April 18

      @Tamara: I can refund it manually if you want to take it away right now. I don't know why systematically it's not working. I'll bring it up on my call with the Pledge Manager folks tomorrow.

    14. Tamara Eléa Tonetti Buono on April 18


      I have a question regarding pledge manager. In other campaigns, I was able to add and take add-ons away. We were discussing to add another Epic aince we have a website and were considering a give-away. But seems even though it says we can modify our pledge, if I want to go back to my original pledge and delete the additional copy I cannot recover a refund. If I do so, I get the message that the $119 will still be considered a "donation".

      With Mistborn coins, for example, I could change my order until the end.

      How can I modify that?

      Thank you!

    15. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator on April 18

      @Emkay1978: We don't plan to offer this via the Pledge Manager. A set of miniatures is something that we should be able to offer in limited quantities after the Kickstarter is fulfilled once all supplies arrive at our warehouse. I say "should" because we will have extra sets of miniatures produced in case of damages/defects, but it's still too premature to provide a definitive answer about whether we will have the ability to sell any of these extras (vs. using them as replacements). However, I will say that it was never our plan to produce and sell these miniatures as an isolated product, so we would do this on a case-by-case basis for our customers and fans of the books from our supply that was made for the game. Hope that helps to answer your question.

    16. Missing avatar

      Emkay1978 on April 18

      During the campaign it was very unclear if an add-Option for additional Miniatures will be available. The Pledge Manager offer s no such Option.

      Can you pls be clear now:

      Is there any way to just get a Set of Miniatures?

    17. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator on April 18

      @John Plou: CrossTalk will ship combined with The Reckoners for those who order via the Pledge Manager because we need to leave orders open to change for awhile. If people would like to order via our website, then we can ship those out immediately.

      @Miko: I just sent a re-invite to the Pledge Manager. If you still don't receive it, then please see instructions here for how to request access (

      @Jason: Replied.

    18. Tee Wee Tynn (Jason)
      on April 18

      @Nauvoo Game please reply my message

      thank you

    19. David Castillo on April 17

      I read earlier before the game was funded. When the campaign was still going.

    20. Brian Armstrong
      on April 17

      On the main page, it does show images of characters, each with a figure along with Steelheart. It kind of looks like they are all playable characters, if you are not familiar with the book. But everything else does say 6 players.

    21. Miko
      on April 17

      I am waiting on my invite to the Pledge Manager...

    22. John Plou on April 17

      If I add Crosstalk to my pledge, when will it ship?

    23. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on April 17

      @Atticus - The base components are plastic. We should be getting the metal mold sample soon. Once we get final production metal samples we will share pictures. I've seen pictures on the metal plan coins and they look cool.

    24. Missing avatar

      Atticus Gifford on April 17

      Are there any pics of the metal components? Are the base components plastic or wood? Thanks!

    25. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on April 17

      @Anne Renold - Unfortunately according to our printers they are the very last thing that will be finished before they ship off. We will keep you posted as soon as we know. Thanks for your patience.

    26. Missing avatar

      Anne Reynolds on April 17

      Is there any ETA for pictures of the painted minis?

    27. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on April 17

      @David - It has always been 6 players. Where did you see 7 players? I'm sorry if we've ever miss communicated that.

    28. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator on April 17

      @David Castillo: ? It's always been a 1-6 player. Sorry if you were confused in some way.
      @Jose: Shouldn't be. Can you send me a screenshot?

    29. David Castillo on April 17

      Hold up. They change the player count from 7 player down to 6 players only???

    30. Missing avatar

      Jose Eduardo Hernandez Zarate on April 17

      @nauvoo games i try to pay my shipping but it regeted my credit card, is there a problem with the site?

    31. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator on April 17

      @Cain: Yes. Will handle it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Cain J McInerney
      on April 17

      I paid $107.16 for shipping to HK already. :( Will I get some kind of refund?

    33. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator on April 16

      @Ho Fu Cheong Hosir: Hong Kong now fixed.
      @Nellac: Next two weeks we can get something for sure. Hopefully sooner.

    34. Ho Fu Cheong Hosir on April 16

      Please help.....................
      The shipping to Hong Kong is US$107.16 (EPIC pledge level)

    35. Missing avatar

      Nellac on April 16

      @Bryce Journey: In update 20 the chart says that the pledge manager will close in July 2018

    36. Missing avatar

      Kamran Zaffar
      on April 16

      I'm from Hong Kong and shipping is coming out at $107.16. Could it be corrected please

    37. Bryce Journey on April 16

      How long will the pledge manager be open for?

    38. Missing avatar

      Nellac on April 16

      Any idea when we'll be seeing a picture of the component tray?

    39. Tamara Eléa Tonetti Buono on April 16

      Again, thank you for clarifying ^^ :)

    40. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator on April 16

      @Tamara @Kim: Sorry for the confusing language. I've updated it in the Pledge Manager to clarify. As Seth mentioned, it's included with all DELUXE and EPIC pledges (regardless of country). The booklet will be available as an add-on in the United States and Canada for those who want to purchase it separately or get extra copies.

    41. Tamara Eléa Tonetti Buono on April 16

      Super thank you Seth. For a second we were panicking. I will indicate it's just for additional copies :)

    42. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on April 16

      @Tamara - Don't worry all Epic copies will still come with a printed copy of the untold epic booklet. This is only if you want to buy it separately as an add on. Basically we only be able to ship separate booklets for those in the USA or Canada. Outside of the USA or Canada the only way to get the printed booklet is via the deluxe or epic pledge levels.

    43. Tamara Eléa Tonetti Buono on April 16

      Nothing yet... I got plenty of messages on our community asking for the topic... Hopefully will just be a mistake...

    44. Kim Kjærgaard Jensen on April 16

      I have the same issue as Tamara. What's up with that?

    45. Tamara Eléa Tonetti Buono on April 16

      I was checking the info on the pledge, and this information about just shipping the printed copy to Canada and USA wasn't indicated anywhere. It indicates printed copy, shipping worldwide. I am kind of in dismay right now xD. I hope that is a mistake.

    46. Tamara Eléa Tonetti Buono on April 16

      Hi! I just got my pledge manager, and when I was checking the details, I just saw this:

      "Printed copy of The Reckoners: Untold Epics booklet, which includes new, original content from Brandon Sanderson about more Epics in The Reckoners universe.

      The booklet will also include rules related to the Kickstarter promo Epic Cards and Equipment Cards for The Reckoners board game.

      Only ships to the United States and Canada"

      Is that so???????????????????? One of the reasons why I pledged EPic was because I wanted a printed copy of it. As a collector, I don't want a digital edition. Please confirm.

    47. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator on April 16

      @John: Yes. If you have a problem, let me know.

    48. John
      on April 16

      I think I asked before, hundreds of comments ago.. but I can't remember the response. Do you ship to APO addresses?

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