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A cooperative board game based on the books by Brandon Sanderson where you must defend the city of Newcago and defeat Steelheart!
A cooperative board game based on the books by Brandon Sanderson where you must defend the city of Newcago and defeat Steelheart!
A cooperative board game based on the books by Brandon Sanderson where you must defend the city of Newcago and defeat Steelheart!
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    1. Seth Van Orden Collaborator 6 days ago

      @Guy - Yes

    2. Missing avatar

      Guy Edward Larke
      6 days ago

      Hi... if I do the late pre-order at Epic level does it include the Kickstarter extras?

    3. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator 6 days ago

      @Janne: It should be done by the end of July, and we'll be posting it on our website and BGG when finished.

    4. Missing avatar

      Janne Cruells Nurminen 6 days ago

      Any news on translation of rulebook to Spanish?

    5. Ub3rt1mmy 6 days ago

      Nm, the latest update was just posted. It answered my question

    6. Ub3rt1mmy 6 days ago

      Was it posted somewhere with the updated estimated delivery dates?

    7. Grouik

      @Seth: Great! If you need anything else please tell me. Or if there are any question/remarks on the translation. :)

    8. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on

      @Grouik - I just added them to our website. The should also show up on BGG soon.

    9. Grouik

      @Seth: My pleasure! Keep me informed when you put it online! :D

    10. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on

      @Grouik - Thanks so much! You Rock!

    11. Grouik

      @Seth @Brett: the french translation is finished. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Juan Victorio on


      Thank you!!
      No problem, I just wanted to be sure, as I got no reply to the email.

      Will I be able to check the address change in the pledge manager page? Just to double check that it is right.

      Sorry for my english, is not my native language.

    13. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on

      @Juan - Yes we got it. Sorry for the slow response. We will make sure your address gets update.

    14. Missing avatar

      Juan Victorio on

      @Seth @Brett
      I sent an email a couple of days back to both and with my new address (will be moving in a few days), and didn't receive any reply, nor saw any change on the address on my pledge.

      I just want to know if you have the email, and if I will be able to check in some way (in the pledge manager maybe?) if you have the correct address.

      Thanks a lot!

    15. Kaladin on

      Can this game be here already? :P
      I’m super excited and anxious to play it

    16. Herowannabe on

      That’s pretty messed up if true...

    17. Missing avatar

      meimbatman on

      I'm wondering if someone (BGG moderator) saw a game that might not seem to be super hyped with all the thumbs and thought a bot or something had generated it all and so decided to just delete all of them and make them start over from zero?

    18. Herowannabe on

      @meimbatman: oh hey you’re right. At first I thought that it was a separate list because I found it through BGGs site, not through this campaign, but it’s not. It’s the same list but our 300+ thumbs got erased. What gives?

    19. Missing avatar

      meimbatman on

      @Herowannabe I noticed the same thing and was wondering why The Reckoners essentially had all of their thumbs (likes) deleted.

    20. Herowannabe on

      So there’s a new Gencon Preview list up on BGG. I don’t know what the difference is between the first one and this one other than we have some catching up to do on this list for “likes” and “must have” buttons.

    21. Herowannabe on

      @James W: Good choice- I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. ;)

      Even though I just read the Reckoners trilogy a few months ago for the #RRC, I might have to read it again in August once the games start shipping...

    22. James W on

      Getting pretty excited to be seeing this show up in a few months. Halfway done with Calamity. Will probably start reading Mistborn after that. What a fun trilogy so far.

    23. Brian Turow on

      If you guys liked the Reckoners you must read his other trilogy Mistborn. Or better yet and go all in with The Wheel of Time!

    24. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on

      @ako_ay_biasaya - Just email Brett at and he will help you out. The sooner you do it the better.

    25. ako_ay_bisaya

      Damn it I missed the pm. I was on vacation and just forgot about it.

    26. Kaladin on

      Does “The Hotness” being added to the game and the Untold Epics book mean there will be a delay? Or are you so far ahead of schedule that this won’t affect the timeline at all?

    27. Missing avatar

      Anne Reynolds on

      Looking at the schedule in update #23, games are supposed to ship to fulfillment centers this month (June). Soooo, have they been put on the boat yet? Will you have a ship name for us to track on its long slow journey across the ocean?

    28. Herowannabe on

      The Hotness!!!! XD

    29. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator on

      @Harry spavold: Hi Harry. Please send me an email at

    30. Missing avatar

      Harry spavold on

      How do I give my address for shipping? Im new to Kickstarter

    31. Almar Zwets on

      Thanks for the video. The game looks great!
      Just finished the first book. I liked it very much!

    32. Brandon Alexander on

      Well ok then :). Switched to ship instead of gencon pickup. Thanks :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Juan Victorio on

      @Seth - Thank you for the quick answer! I live in the US, so I will just send the new address in a couple of weeks, I hope that is enough time for you to ship the game to the correct address.

      Can't wait to play the game!

    34. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on

      @Brandon - Yes

      @PBe - It should be earlier, but things get delayed shoot us a message with your new shipping details. Try your best to keep up with our updates.

      @Juan - Just send us your new address as soon as you get it. The trickiest part is if you don't live in the US and we don't send enough copies to your area. If you aren't in the US please send us an email at with the country you'll be in, so we can at least get a copy for you in that part of the world.

    35. Missing avatar

      Juan Victorio on

      I will be moving on july and still have no address, will I be able to change that in some way? We are in june, locking an address so many month prior to the shipping in October is somewhat problematic in these kind of cases =/

    36. PBe on

      @creator: Hey is it still october18 for the shipping? Or will it be earlier? I have to ask because of the adress I will ship to. Here are soon holidays and I need to know.

    37. Brandon Alexander on

      So, to clarify. Is it actually easier for you guys if we don’t do gencon pickup?

    38. Bullwey on

      30-60 min, so 45 min in average for the average player. Okay, sounds great, thanks

    39. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on

      @Bullwey - Obviously dependent on the speed of the individual. I bet you could knock out a solo game in 30-60 min. Your first game or two will take longer.

    40. Bullwey on

      Have a question regarding solo-play and lenght of a session: how long is a normal game till (if) you fight Steelheart?
      Unfortunately there’s still no gameplay-clip from beginning to the end of a solo-session, so I’m curious how much time you should plan for this game.

    41. Grouik

      @Seth : many thanks! :)

    42. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on

      @Grouik - Sure you can email me at

    43. Grouik

      @Seth : Dear Seth, is there a way to contact you by mail for more translation questions please?
      Kind regards,

    44. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on

      @Grouik - Yes turn and round mean the same thing. In hindsight we probably should have just used round instead of turn to be more clear.

    45. Grouik

      @Theo Berger & Eric Moreau : Can I have your email address if you are willing to proofread the french translation?

    46. Grouik

      @Nauvoo games: in the rules the terms Turn and round are used but none of them are defined. they seem to be the same. Can you please explain?

    47. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator on

      @Friedhelm: Yes, it exists. Will be uploading photos of trayz soon to a Kickstarter update, but you can see some of them on our social media accounts:

    48. Missing avatar

      Friedhelm König on

      There was one ,ore thing I missed to ask.

      The game rules refer to a component trey to hold enforver miniatures, marricades, ...
      This is shown neither in the component overview, nor in the setup picture, So does it exist?

    49. Seth Van Orden Collaborator on

      1) Yes, you need to pay the activation fee. You are correct that this would be a poor way to use those items.
      2) It does not work on dice with two symbols. It only works on the white (basic dice) which only have single symbols.
      3) Yes, set up as if the player count is the number reckoners instead of the number of players when playing with multiple reckoners per player
      4) This is a single action, but it is possible for only one of the values to change. You will only lose population if neither track can move. For example if the your research track is at 0 or 5, it can not move. If the health track is at 10 or infinite, it can no longer move. So if one of tracks can't move but the other can, just move the one and don't lose a population. If both can't move then action instead becomes lose a population. You can think of it like this: The action makes the hard to kill, but if you can't then you lose a population. The same goes for adding an enforcement. You try to add an enforcement, but in the rare case that all are already on the board you lose a population instead.
      5) No, only your dice
      7) Yes

      Good questions, let me know if you have any other questions.

    50. Missing avatar

      Friedhelm König on

      I just finished the first draft of the german Rules,

      There are - however - a few places, where I am not completely sure, whether I understood the rules correctly.

      I tried asking Brett, but so far did not get an answer. As I only have access tp InDesign a few more days, time is important for me.

      So I will post the questions here, and hope somebody can answer them

      1) The rules state that I can use cards like the Bank Vault also to move a Reckoner or to remove a baricade. In this case, do I need to pay the activation fee? If so, I do not really gain anything, as I could do the same thing using the activating dice.

      2) Equipment powers: Cards like the Camera allow to turn a single symbol into two symbols of the same type, Does this also work if the dice shows two symbols. In this case, do I get 4 symbols? Or does a basic die not posses double symbols?

      3) There are several places, where the rules refer to the number of players (e.g. Number of city districts, difficulty settings)

      On the other hand, when playing solo, or with a small player count, there is the possibility of using more then one Reckoner. Am I correct that you should use 7 city districts, if you play with three players, if each player uses 2 reckoners? And the difficulty research track should be set to 32 (beginner) rather the 23?

      4) For the Fortify-action, the rules state that the population should be reduced for each Fortify action by one if BOTH reasearch and health are at the maximum values. I am not sure how to understand this. As a single Fortify-action increases both health and research, is this a single action. So if the action can be partly applied (e.g. research is at max, but health is not), is the population not reduced? Is it reduced by one? If both research and health are at maximum, is the population reduced by one or by two? What happens, if the Epic is weakened and the research value stays at 0?

      5) Card Improvise: Am I correct, that I can also change the die of another player?

      7) The rules state multiple times, that a die must be used completely, before another die can be used. I assume, it is possible to sacrifice actions, e.g. use only one research action and sacrifice the second?

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