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$137,076 pledged of $70,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$137,076 pledged of $70,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. René Schultze
      7 minutes ago

      The Reckoners are on #19 on Kicktraq’s Hotlist. Please follow the link and click the Visit Project button:

    2. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator 25 minutes ago

      @All: Thanks for the Spot UV love.

      @David @Wade: Regarding gameplay upgrades, we are pretty much top of the line regarding components, materials and finishing. However, we have a few ideas that might get unlocked later. Any suggestions of what else you would like to see (besides Epic/Equipment Cards).

    3. Blaze1616
      about 3 hours ago

      #RRC update, read all of part 3 of Firefight, the biggest chunk of the book. If I have a similar amount of time tomorrow to read, I'm likely to finish Firefight and be ready to start Calamity on Thursday. We'll see if that happens though, part of the reason I read so much tonight is that Part 3 of Firefight is my favorite section of the whole trilogy.

      Happy to see we unlocked Lightning, and I will personally vouch for the UV finish. Anyone who isn't hyped about it, the box really does pop. The games I've gotten with it are the ones that friends always ask to play when they know nothing about the game. I'm very happy Nauvoo has chosen to include it among our stretch goals.

    4. David Dowbyhuz about 4 hours ago

      You're likely quite right, @Steve. My initial opinion was short-sighted.

      Good call.

    5. Steve about 5 hours ago

      @David I look at it this way: This game is eventually going to hit retail and like it or not, spot UV makes games stand out more on the shelf, which increases the potential for the game to be seen and purchased. I appreciate the cool effect that this type of treatment provides, but even if I didn't, higher sales at retail (which this potentially provides) are what is going to get us back here for an expansion or 2 later on. Maybe I am wrong, but its how I process it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Wade Hagman about 6 hours ago

      @David: I am sitting on the fence right now about the UV spot upgrade and share some of your feelings. I have little experience in how/what the UV upgrade works/provides but I do trust the opinions of those who have previously commented on it. So I suppose having "shelf candy" is good too! Any ideas on how to enhance game-play? (other than epic and equipment cards)

    7. David Dowbyhuz about 6 hours ago

      Packaging upgrade?

      Sorry guys, I just can't get worked up about any SG that doesn't enhance actual game-play.

    8. Cory Kneeland about 8 hours ago

      Nice work everyone... today has been a nice day for the SG. I am really looking forward to that spot UV. I must say the games I own that have it, it really makes a nice difference.

    9. René Schultze
      about 8 hours ago

      The Reckoners are on #6 on Kicktraq’s Hotlist. Please follow the link and click the Visit Project button:

    10. Seth Van Orden Collaborator about 10 hours ago

      @Almar - There may one or two more.

    11. Herowannabe about 11 hours ago

      Woot! :) (@Cory K: nice! Well said!)

    12. Missing avatar

      Almar Zwets about 11 hours ago

      Will there be more deluxe stretch goals?

    13. Seth Van Orden Collaborator about 11 hours ago

      Woot Woot! Another stretch goal unlocked!

    14. Cory Kneeland about 11 hours ago

      Looks like Lightning has struck! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Lemarcus about 11 hours ago

      Mannnnn between this and the Alphas Game KLTG is running, it's a good time for games!!!

    16. Elske Midstokke about 12 hours ago

      @Nauvoo games

      I went and looked at your website and was wondering if you all have a demo team? I hadn't heard of your board games, till now. If you do have a team I would love to be a part of it and spread the knowledge of your games at the store I already do demos at and at the conventions I attend to demo at. Thanks for your time!

      On another note, way to go everyone we have knocked down so many stretch goals. I'm going to audible next to get all the books for this series :)

    17. Blake Curry about 13 hours ago

      I just grabbed them from Audible yesterday to give them a listen. I have the physical books of course, but I do a lot of driving so it's a good way to experience them again.

    18. Herowannabe about 13 hours ago

      @Chris: Yes, @Andrew is right, they are all available on Audiobook and through Audible, including the Mitosis short story. :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wroe about 13 hours ago

      @Chris I believe they are Audible if that helps

    20. Chris Panasuk about 13 hours ago

      Any word on a audiobooks version?

    21. Herowannabe about 14 hours ago

      @Nauvoo: that’s awesome!

      You know, my birthday is a the end of August... just saying. ;)

    22. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator about 14 hours ago

      @Grouik: We are able to go so fast because we put a lot of work into the game upfront, so when Kickstarter concludes, we typically only have mass production left to go. By proactively working with our manufacturer and creative team for file approval and pre-press sampling prior to Kickstarter, we can shave 8-10 weeks off the timeline. Additionally, I prep my fulfillment partners well in advance, so there is limited waiting at ports, in warehouses, etc, which allows them to send out within 24-48 hours of receiving the games. However, this is a complex operation, so we've built in buffers to our timeline. I still expect to make 80% of our deliveries several months ahead of the schedule (say by August), but many factors are ultimately out of our control.

    23. Herowannabe about 15 hours ago

      @Grouik: I’m not quite sure what you mean about shipping delays. 7-8 months between close of campaign and delivery seems pretty par for the course for past games I have backed (except for the ones that have been late in meeting their delivery goals).

      If Nauvoo’s time estimate seems quick to you, it’s probably because it looks they already have (most of, it not all) of the artwork finishedand approved for the game, dice samples selected and approved, tray inserts designed and approved, etc. It seems like many other game makers don’t do these things until after the Kickstarter campaign closes.

      Lastly, @Grouik: have you seen the #RRC? The Reckoners (Re)read Challenge is a goal that many of us have taken upon ourselves to read the entire Reckoners trilogy before the campaign closes. We’d love for you to join us. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Kaladin about 16 hours ago

      @Blake Curry. I'm not married to the idea of Julianne Moore. I was trying to think of an actress who could play opposite of a Liam Neeson Prof (age wise etc).
      I put Tom Welling and Henry Caville as Steelheart simply because of their Superman past. :)
      Alan Tudyk would make an awesome Cody.
      I love Gary Oldman. Perhaps he could be Obliteration in the Firefight and Calamity?

    25. Seth Van Orden Collaborator about 16 hours ago

      @Grouik - We do have a play through in the works! I don't think I understand your question about delays? We've done 3 kickstarters so far, and we've been never been late on our delivery promised date yet.

    26. Blake Curry about 16 hours ago

      @Kaladin I was also thinking Asa Butterfield might be okay as David. Jennifer Lawrence would be a pretty good pic, unless they wanted younger since she's supposed to be like 19, I am down with your Cody picks, but I also just sort of want it to be Alan Tudyk, I was absolutely hoping someone would say Idris Elba for Abraham. That's an interesting pick for Tia. I don't know that I have a counter offer for you, so let's let it ride until someone else says better.

      Now Tom Welling is a very interesting pic for Steelheart. Seems almost sacrilegious, in a way, but I would be really interested in that. Henry Caville would also do well.

      Is there a place for Gary Oldman anywhere? Maybe as the sleazy black market dealer?

    27. Missing avatar

      Kaladin about 16 hours ago

      @Blake Curry
      Dylan O'Brien or Logan Lerman as David
      Jennifer Lawrence as Megan
      Norman Reedus or Sean Patrick Flanery as Cody
      Idris Elba as Abraham
      Julianne Moore as Tia
      Henry Caville, Tom Welling, or Chris Hemsworth as Steelheart

    28. Blake Curry about 17 hours ago

      Okay so obviously Liam Neeson would be Prof in the movie, but who else would get cast? What does everybody think?

    29. Grouik
      about 18 hours ago

      Will we be able to see a playthrough soon ? Not a review or instructional but the game in action! :)

    30. Grouik
      about 19 hours ago

      Hello ! :)
      This game looks great and made me interested in the books. One thing surprised me, how come the delivery is so quick ? Why is this kickstarter so different about the delays ?

    31. René Schultze
      1 day ago

      The Reckoners are back with a boom - on #6 on Kicktraq’s Hotlist. Please follow the link and click the Visit Project button:

    32. ako_ay_bisaya
      1 day ago

      After watching the gameplay video by @Seth, seems like minis really aren't all that needed in this game. I love the tray and dice and could easily use tokens to depict the characters and enforcement in each city zone. Just my 2 cents on the matter.

    33. Blake Curry 1 day ago


    34. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator 1 day ago

      @Blake Curry: WatchItPlayed will be getting one of our first pre-production copies to assist with his video, so the plan is that he'll be able to record and release it right in time for you to open and play it shortly afterward. As for your first question, TBD.

    35. Blake Curry 1 day ago

      Watch It Played is a great tutorial channel so I hope to see this on there soon.

    36. Blake Curry 1 day ago

      Are we going to learn Deathpoint's second power in the write up? I've always wondered what his plan might have been that fateful day.

    37. Herowannabe 1 day ago

      +1 for a pledge level / add-on that’s just for the physical copy of the Untold Epics by itself. I bet there are quite a few Sanderfans out there who (for some inexplicable reason) aren’t interested in the board game but who would gladly pledge for the book in order to add it to their bookshelf. ;)

      Also, it looks like kicktraq finally has its projection up, and is predicting somewhere between $335k and $600k. Personally, based on my past experience with Kickstarter boardgames, I’m expecting us to be in the lower end of that range (which is still quite respectable!). From what I’ve seen campaign usually raise roughly 1/3rd of their funds during the first few days, 1/3rd during the last few days, and the last 1/3rd spread out in the middle. If that holds true it will put us around $300k-$350k.

    38. David Dowbyhuz 1 day ago

      #9 on the Kicktraq Hot List!

      Yeow! :o)

      (I'm clicking "Visit Project" all the time. Seems I'm not the only one.)

    39. Missing avatar

      Reed Phillips 1 day ago

      Careful about making promises to @Kaladin that you cannot keep ;)

      But seriously, that would be a nice stretch goal, might even tip some people over the edge into pledging.

    40. Nauvoo Games 4-time creator 1 day ago

      @Kaladin: Thanks for your feedback. We'll certainly consider it.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kaladin 1 day ago

      Please make one of the stretch goals a printed "Untold Epics" book for the lower level pledges

    42. ChrisA 1 day ago

      Less than 3K away from another Epic terrorizing the populace!

    43. Seth Van Orden Collaborator 1 day ago

      @David - Rodney Smith at Watch it played has reviewed the rules and has agreed to do a video, but unfortunately we need a final copy of the game for that. I'm sure that would have made a big difference. Yes, Rahdo would have been great too. The biggest issue is we only have one really nice prototype. Due to cost of 3d printing the trays and the cost of the dice, it is super expensive to create nice prototypes of the game. Rahdo's location makes things even trickier due to the time to ship back and forth.

    44. David Dowbyhuz 1 day ago

      We're #11 on the Kicktraq Hot 25!

    45. David Dowbyhuz 1 day ago

      If Watch It Played could have been available for the campaign, wow, what a difference I'm sure we'd have seen. I backed a campaign that nearly doubled after appearing on Rahdo!

      I really thought the brief exposure Suzanne at Dice Tower gave us this morning would have had more impact. Doesn't seem to have had any.

    46. Missing avatar

      Reed Phillips 1 day ago

      Got up to chapter 39 of Firefight tonight, I've read the series before but there are so many plots that I completely forgot about! #RRC

    47. Missing avatar

      Jason Murphy
      1 day ago

      Thanks everyone for your comments. Had a look at sandersons website, saw all the books he's done. Looking forward to reading them.

    48. Missing avatar

      Wade Hagman 1 day ago

      Thanks @René! Hit all the buttons!

    49. Herowannabe 1 day ago

      @René: done and done. :)

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