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A new steampunk comic series about two time travelers from the year 1875. Discovery, adventure, and robots are on the horizon!
Created by

Josh Dykstra

56 backers pledged $1,255 to help bring this project to life.

144% Funded! And there's still two weeks left!

Hey guys! We recently made it past the $1,000 mark, which is AWESOME! Seriously, thank to everyone who has pledged money so far. You guys rock!

We're getting down to the last two weeks of the campaign, and rewards are starting to run out.. but don't worry! There are still some excellent rewards available. I encourage all of our current backers to tell their friends about us. Our next post-goal goal is $1,200! I think we can make it if we keep spreading the word about this comic.

Also, I wanted to talk about international orders. I am amazed at how many people we have helping out from outside of the US. It's great seeing all of this support! And one thing I should point out is the cost of shipping to these fine people. I did not include international shipping costs in the rewards. So if you pledged towards a reward that requires shipping, and didn't include anything extra for these costs, please send me a quick message so we can figure out the best price.

We're working our butts off to get this issue done by the end of the year, and hopefully we'll have everything out to you guys in January. Again, thank you so much to everyone who has helped us out at this point!

- Josh


    1. Creator Doug on October 3, 2011

      Just looked - and you aren't far off from your $1,200 goal! I think it's eminently possible you will just keep on rolling!