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Graduate student design build project for a non-profit urban nature center in Fuller Park, a south Chicago neighborhood.
Graduate student design build project for a non-profit urban nature center in Fuller Park, a south Chicago neighborhood.
156 backers pledged $11,182 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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Recent Developments

Dear Donors,

Over the past two months we have held multiple meetings with the City of Chicago to ensure compliance with all code requirements and to secure a building permit.  Because the city holds the title to the land on which Nature Studio is sited, they reserve the right to inspect and assess the land's suitability for new construction prior to ceding title to Eden Place and permitting a new construction.  This includes environmental testing and possible efforts to remediate soil conditions to correct contamination incurred through a history of illegal and unregulated dumping.  Due to the city's apprehensions we have realized it is not within our time frame to construct a facility which requires a building permit.   We are mindful of the commitment we made to all of our supporters to complete our initial goal.  The team is now refocusing and considering another building typology that will allow us to work within our current restrictions.  It is important to us that we keep our supporters aware of the direction of the project, and to assure all who have shown their endorsement for our mission that we are still moving forward and are committed to developing a learning center for the children of Chicago.

--Design Build Team

New Nature Studio Images

We've been hard at work the last few weeks! While you and 155 other generous individuals helped us exceed our $10,000 goal this Monday, we have been busy doing what we do best - making our designs look good!

We have new renderings, sketches, and an awesome model that we would like to share with you. If you haven't done so already, visit to check out what we're up to.

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Good Morning amazing Donors,

Last night we surged past the $10,000.00 mark- accomplishing our  goal more than 72 hours before the end of our time limit!  

Your belief in this project illustrates the ability design has to positively affect our communities.  Your dedication to spreading the Nature Studio through your networks has resulted in a donor base comprised of 142 members extending from China to Italy, and a digital media  following of over 500 people.    

We are humbled by your support, and enthusiastic to realize this powerful project.  We will continue to keep everyone informed as the work develops.

Design Build Team

Ready for Permit

Our permit drawings are completed, stamped, and ready to submit to the city. We are currently waiting to receive a housing address from the Chicago Department of Transportation before can go through zoning and permitting.

If you would like to see exactly what it is we're going to be building, you can view/download the completed drawing package in all its glory here:

We are finishing up new renderings and images of the final design which we will be posting soon. We are also hard at work finishing a final model. Here are some recent photos of it.

We are at 80% of our goal with a little over a week to go before we reach our deadline. Thank you so much for all your support, its encouraging to see how many people believe in the impact this project can have! You can continue to support us by just spreading the word; tell anyone you know who might be interested in learning about this great project.

Thanks again,

Design-Build Team

New Video

Dear Backers,

We received feedback from several supporters that our initial video was a bit unclear, so over the last few weeks we produced a new one. It's up on our site now. Please feel free to share it with you friends and family.

Also, we've started building a 1/2" = 1' scale model of the final design. The photo below is Joe putting together the rain screen portion of the facade. He had some left over mahogany (the darker red wood) from a previous project that he's using for the cedar - fancy.

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