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CA$ 1,111 pledged of CA$ 5,000 goal
CA$ 1,111 pledged of CA$ 5,000 goal

Goals that Stretch all the Way to Wall Street

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"Got any inside information there, bud?"
"Got any inside information there, bud?"

Office Talk

About the water coolers of Office World a rumour once spread that Patchman had a stint on Wall Street.  Purportedly he went by the name Gordon Patchko, with a disguise to match!  And he dreamed big.  He dreamed of having ALL the Blue Squares he could get!  He wasn't happy with just a LOT of Blue Squares though, he wanted every one that every Sheeple had too.  Which was his downfall.  But "greed is good", right?  Wrong!

Stretch Goals

Ashamedly, we're also a bit greedy here at Patchman vs. Blue Squares - we want to meet and surpass our funding goal so we can build great things into our game, like:

Our first stretch goal is a shopping mall tileset, with Shopper Sheeple racing about collecting bags full of trinkets and junk.  Patchman will have to dash past mall security to liberate the shoppers from unbridled consumerism!

Our next goal is a trade show tileset!  Patchman can visit a Blue Squares Convention to cause all sorts of chaos at trade booths in and amongst Sheeple Exhibitors!   Overwhelming crowds of Sheeple Attendees will be holding tight to their lanyards and badges when they spot Patchman on the loose.

Further Goals

We aren't short on more ideas for stretch goals!  After Igor drew this stunning Patchman portrait inspired by one Mr. Gekko, we thought, what about a Wall Street level?  For example: the floor of a Sheeple Stock Exchange, or the corporate headquarters of white-collar criminals?

The realm of Office World has unlimited facets to explore...

In Pursuit of Happyness?

Will we ever make any stretch goals though?  What about our funding goal?  Is this all just a pipe dream?  We're feeling a bit like we're under pressure in a Boiler Room, hawking real-estate from Glengarry Glen Ross farms.  But that's the life of independent game developers!  Will our game meet a fate similar to Death of a Salesman?  Are we going to experience The Big Short?  Or will we make it after all, like Jerry Maguire?


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