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Help Patchman rescue the Sheeple from enslavement by the Drone army!  A pixel-art action/adventure game for Windows, Mac, Linux.
Help Patchman rescue the Sheeple from enslavement by the Drone army! A pixel-art action/adventure game for Windows, Mac, Linux.
199 backers pledged CA$ 27,625 to help bring this project to life.

Release Launch: Achieved!

Posted by Naturally Intelligent (Creator)


Look, we did it. Launched out of Early Access on Steam and into official release status! Took forever, but I'd like to give a shout-out to a couple other games whose Kickstarter launched around the same time: Tower57 and Children of Morta. Tower57 launched yesterday and Children of Morta is scheduled for 2018. These had more funding, publishers, etc... yet took as long or longer than our game to launch! Bragging? No, just saying: we're in good company.  We also did our best to deliver, and we DID deliver.

From our Instagram Account
From our Instagram Account



In hindsight I'm a little astounded at how much effort this was. So just a look back at many of the big launch steps I had to take. Every one of those steps was a pile of work, even setting up a store page was a huge chore. These steps don't even include making the game:

  • Kickstarter
  • Steam Greenlight
  • Steam Early Access (for alpha and beta backers)
  • Linux (first ever exclusive SteamOS title)
  • Windows (for most of you)
  • OSX (this one took a realllly long time, sorry)
  • Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, Trading Cards
  • Transitioned out of Early Access to Release
  • Android on Google Play
  • iOS on AppStore
  • DRM-Free (Win/Mac/Linux/Android)
  • Mac AppStore (coming soon)

And after recently being approved for sale on the Mac AppStore, that will make a total of 10 separate builds across 5 operating systems and 4 storefronts. Whew!!


While everyone got a Steam key, those aren't DRM-free. Meaning you have to have Steam running to play the game.  It's the last major promise left unfulfilled, and I spent the last few weeks working to release the DRM-free versions TODAY via

I'll send out free itch keys to all backers shortly.


We DID launch mobile versions, as stated on our campaign page!  Remember this?

I spent sooo much time working on the UI for this. We did four iterations designing and redrawing it. It's just a shame it couldn't get into more players hands like it deserves, as it runs great on tablets and is even fun on tiny iPods.

Touch Interface
Touch Interface


The game now includes full translations for French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and German!

Availability by device varies, as I couldn't pack all the font files into the Android version, and the iOS version is slower to update.

In addition to those, we have interface translations for: Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified + Traditional).

So many ways to say "don't be patchman"!
So many ways to say "don't be patchman"!


We do hope and plan to release Episode 2 of the game, but seeing as how our big launch went unnoticed by gamers (not their fault), my spirit is a bit crushed. I know there are a lot of people who would enjoy this game, but they just don't know it exists.  There is still a ton of content we made for the remaining episodes so it would be upsetting for it all to go to waste. Not to mention the plot twists and conclusion of the story!

Thanks again for your support and trust in us. Ihor Motuz worked his butt off even when the funds ran out. Keith MacBain stepped up and contributed a lot of music and sound. Thanks to all you backers who took a chance on us.  Thanks to all the people who helped translate.  There are a lot of people to thank!

I hope to continue on and maybe you will see more projects from us in the future!

cheers, Dave


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