by Nathan Bergey

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    1. Jeremy Southard on

      Thanks for the fantastic update! Any chance you'll release the Arduino code once it's all said and done?

    2. Nathan Bergey Creator on

      @Jeremy absolutely! I'll post all the code for the device once it's finished.

    3. Jeremy Southard on

      Awesome! The Arduino is a wonderful thing! :-D Glad to see someone taking it from prototype to product using the ATMega328!

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      Cindy Bortel on

      Great updates. I have been watching the ISS since the beginning, so your invention will enhance my opportunities here in the PNW. I come from a family of inventors and innovators, and to see your progress is inspiring. Isn't Kickstarter fantastic!!!!!!

    5. Mitch Dye on

      Thanks for the update, Nathan! Very nice work. I appreciate the frequent and informative communications, man. Can't wait to get the kit & show it off to my other inventor friends!

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      Mark Mitchell on

      Sounds great! Nice work!

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      Reed Martin on

      Sweet update! Watching this come together is flat out cool!

    8. Doug Keenan on

      Good work - is that output just an image, not some sort of spreadsheet?

    9. Nathan Bergey Creator on

      @Doug I wrote the BOM in HTML, it's bundled with the other source files for the hardware. I posed a screenshot of it here. I'll add it to the documentation on as well when I get the chance.