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I made a light that shines when the International Space Station is in the sky. I'm raising money to make a whole bunch and sell them.
I made a light that shines when the International Space Station is in the sky. I'm raising money to make a whole bunch and sell them.
292 backers pledged $18,637 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. H Lynnea

      If anyone would like to reach out to Mr. Bergey, given that he hasn't logged in to Kickstarter since 2013, he's got a Twitter account (@natronics), a Google+ account ( - which he was active at as of 12/24/14, and a LinkedIn account ( I'm not on Facebook, so I can't help out there.

    2. Liam Kennedy on

      I'm a backer of ISS-Notify. If you have not yet heard - Instead of asking for a refund - I built my own alternative (much much better than ISS-Notify). It's called ISS-Above (check it out at For any backer of ISS-Notify you can get the downloadable version of the code for my ISS-Above for just $15. All you need to add is a Raspberry Pi (for as little as $35). Contact me for the purchase link and the discount code.

    3. Missing avatar

      Reed Martin on


      The internet forgives but it never forgets. Had you just taken a moment to apologize or to detail your failings perhaps your backers would have understood better. Instead you hid from your responsibilities leaving your supporters no option but to believe that you knowingly and willfully committed fraud and stole $19,000 from your backers. Pathetic.

    4. Chris on

      Well his webpage is gone now too.


      I realize kickstarters don't always succeed, but people (and Kickstarter) should have a way of closing a project unsuccessfully

      So people stop wondering.

    5. Canton Becker on

      From the front page of the Nathan's website,

      "Just the idea isn't enough; follow-through is important."

      For me at this point, follow-through would just be a final message to the backers saying, "here's what I did, here's what I did wrong, sorry I can't fulfill my promises, and I'm open-sourcing the circuit design and plans in case anyone else wants to pick up the ball and run with it."

    6. Chris on

      Do we have any status, Nathan?

    7. A. Joseph

      Found this new project today and backed it....... Turns out another backer taking a stab of this in his own project.…

    8. Doug Keenan on

      As a beta tester I can confirm Liam's design works as described. No vaporware here.

    9. Liam Kennedy on

      ISS-Above is very nearly ready for general release. It's so far in the multiple locations across the USA / UK / Netherlands and will soon be in Australia / Japan and South Africa. See progress here->

    10. Brent Danley on

      While this has been a very unfortunate project, some of the commenters here don't seem to understand what Kickstarter is about. Would you contact an attorney, demand a refund, or accuse someone of theft if the value of your stock portfolio decreased? When you back a project you assume risk. Only three backers are out more than $100. Does anybody seriously believe Nathan never intended to complete the project, or can we all agree that this was just way over his head and his communication (and ethics) leave much to be desired? Write it off as a loss and be more cautious in future backings, perhaps.

    11. Sylvia L. Ossa on

      here is an email I found for Nathan, who is happy living in Portland, Oregon, and claims he 'made' his ISS Notifiyer. Nathan's email addresses:

    12. Sylvia L. Ossa on

      I am pretty disappointed myself in Nathan who promised to keep us informed. I feel that although it is a risk to fund an unknown in a project, at least he could have been up front enough to keep us in sync and if he could not come up with the finished product to have the decency to admit he could not follow through. I have an email on him if anyone is interested. I feel he should honor his commitment to all of us backers with at least an explanation that he had defaulted on his commitment to all of us. After all nearly $20,000 is nothing to sneeze at and we all donated in good faith. Hey, Nathan, please respond or karma will get you in the end, buddy! Sylvia L Ossa

    13. Missing avatar

      Dan Jenkins on

      I checked out Nathan's twitter feed. His bio says "Made the ISS Notify lamp". Made? Past tense? We would all love to see it if that's the case.

    14. Patrick Daigle on

      Some projects on Kickstarter succeed, others fail. I accept that, it's part of the risk I take when I fund ideas on Kickstarter: we share success with the creators (through rewards) but we also share the risk. What I cannot accept, however, is the disrespect I feel through the lack of communication on this project. I do not expect a reward from every project I back on Kickstarter. However, I do expect to feel part of the project (in success or in failure). As it stands, I feel like I fell victim to a scam, not part of a project.

    15. Liam Kennedy on

      Made a lot of progress with my "This is Not the ISS-Notify" product. I've called it ISS-Above and you can find out more about it on my web site I just put up It's in beta right now.. but if you want to get in on the beta me by the form on the home page.

    16. Chad Moore on

      I don't get why people think that silence is the best option when they have a problem or fail. If your once supportive audience is kept in the dark and left to stew with their own negative ideas and emotions then that is a million times worse than just being a man, admitting you were wrong, and letting everybody move on. If all he says is that "Unexpected issues arose, the costs were too high, etc" then we could all be mad about that but at least there would be some closure.

    17. Nick

      We should all just stalk him on Facebook. He seems to be more active on there than working on his project.

      Also, anyone here a lawyer? Should look into going after him with a lawsuit if this is how he wants to play.

    18. Nick

      We should all just stalk him on Facebook. He seems to be more active on there than working on his project.

      Also, anyone here a lawyer? Should look into going after him with a lawsuit if this is how he wants to play.

    19. Kelly Michals on

      Shake a leg, we've only got like 6 more years before the ISS is deorbited

    20. Liam Kennedy on

      I have officially given up on this - Very disappointed. I can't imagine how Nathan can stand by... with 292 backers and simply not communicate. That is simply an unworkable situation and I would imagine a career limiting embarrassment. Interesting his Facebook account we have three mutual friends in common.

      While giving up on ISS-Notify I have instead decided to build my own using a Raspberry Pi. I have the basic code already functioning. I intend to build this so I can send little devices to my grandkids both in the USA and over in the UK. I'll be sure to post links to the code and any other details here and on my web site if you are interested (no kickstarter here.. it will be something anyone can build with off-the-shelf pre-assembled parts and it will likely cost less or about the same as ISS-Notify).

    21. Missing avatar

      Ashley Lowder on
      "Mainly I admire him simply for following through on his own intuition and ideas."


      Author of that article, if you're on here, are you still in touch with Nathan?

    22. Jacqueline Skelton on

      Just checking in to see where you are with the project. Your last update was almost a year ago. I think most of us Kickstarter backers understand when someone gets overwhelmed but you have to keep us notified so we know, at least, you are working on the project.

      Please give us an update.

    23. Sylvia L. Ossa on

      Nathan, you need to get on the stick, if I don't hear from you I am going to contact Kickstarters and tell them that you defaulted and ripped us off of $18,637. I don't know if you realize it but that is grand theft. So, either get on the stick, contact us and let us know whats happening or I will contact Kickstarters and let them know that you used their site and never came across with our product. If anyone does not like what I am saying contact me via,

    24. Mitch Dye on

      Aw, man... first Zeyes/ZionEyes, & now this one? I'm bummed.

    25. Missing avatar

      Beat Wolf on

      Hi, i want my money back. Contact me on details on how to send me the money.

    26. John Sicker on

      Ashley and fellow backers. I just did what you suggested. It may not get us anything. But it may stop someone else from starting a project collecting money and then just letting it die if it gets too hard and then just disappearing from the scene without even at least a apology.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ashley Lowder on

      I'm not sure exactly what Kickstarter's policies are regarding un-rewarded, funded projects, but I suggest everyone who backed this go to the Home page of the project, scroll down to the bottom, and hit the "Report this project" button. None of the options exactly fit, but I'm not sure what else to do. Would Nathan even be able to refund us if this project really is dead?

    28. Sylvia L. Ossa on

      Nathan, I really thought you had more integrity than is apparent by your lack of communication to those committed, who believed in you and your project. It certainly was very intriguing to me and I for one would like my ISS Notifier, but if you don't follow through on your commitment to us, then I think you are going to have a rude awakening when karma kicks you right in the ass. Please refund my money or give me my ISS NOTIFIER!

    29. Missing avatar

      Reed Martin on

      I have backed dozens of projects and I understand completely how kickstarter works and that it is not a 'store'.

      That being said, it's become very clear that this project is dead. Regardless of how many hours that may or may not have been put in, how many prototypes that may or may not have been built or parts supposedly ordered. Nathan has failed completely at the most basic part of any enterprise - communication.

      Without timely communication, many backers have (rightly so) become upset. The lack of any meaningful updates in eight months has caused some of your initial supporters to start using words like scam and fraud.

      I no longer wish to be associated with this project. Please refund my money immediately.

    30. Brian Powell on

      Best scam ever! I fell for the video of a "working prototype" to find out it was all smoke and mirrors.

      My hat is off to you, Nathan. You're a master at deception. Either that or the most incompetent project manager I have ever seen.

      Since you won't deliver nor return my money, please enjoy it and have a good life. You win.

    31. Chris on

      Hey, Nathan... so, how have things been?
      Anything new on your end?

      Hey, make sure you go to Hoda's. GREAT food.

      Hey, while I got ya... any update?

    32. Missing avatar

      Ashley Lowder on

      Happy two-year anniversary, project! Traditionally, the gift is supposed to be something cotton, but modern conventions suggest something more along the lines of a device that lights up when the ISS is overhead. Neat, huh?

    33. Missing avatar

      Ashley Lowder on

      I requested a refund a couple of weeks ago as well, but have not heard back. What is going on with this thing?

    34. A. Joseph

      Wow didn't realize it's been two years since this was funded. Come on Nathan any update will do.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Seely on

      I guess I have nothing to say....

    36. Audible Smile on

      Previous posters said:

      tracy hubbard on April 2
      I requested my money back and he did refund it to me. Thanks.

      Peter Shin on April 25
      @nathan...l would like a refund. please respond to my pm. thx!

      - - - - - - - - - - - -

      I've been requesting a refund as well, but without success and without even the courtesy of a reply to recent messages.

      Maybe we've realy been funding "Nathan Bergey's Two Years Off" - I feel like the teacher taking roll call: "Bergey... Bergey... Bergey..."

    37. Liam Kennedy on

      note: Nathan shared this TWEET

    38. Liam Kennedy on

      Interesting No update here... but Nathan shared this tweek on Jun 17th in response to a another tweet "Sorry the ISS project has been delayed and delayed. I hope to finish this summer but I don't expect to have extra for sale." Maybe it is time to start tweeting

    39. Rick Hanton on

      Anything meaningful since January Nathan?

    40. Sylvia L. Ossa on

      Hey, Nathan, please send us all an update. I think as backers we deserve to be kept up on whats happening with the project of the ISS Notifier. Silence maybe golden for some, but as a backer, I think you could at least give us some info. I have been waiting almost two years as have everyone else. Don't be like many people who just are not communicative when it comes to following through on your project of the ISS Notifier. Here on the site it says, 'be respectful and considerate, and I think that applies to you, too.

    41. Nick

      Soooo... Still waiting to give my dad his bday gift from almost 2 years ago... Any word or updates? About ready to just get my money back, and I know I'm not alone.

    42. Missing avatar

      Josh Hollenkamp on

      Yes Update? Nathan I would be happy to help you if you need it please mp me!

    43. Missing avatar

      Beat Wolf on

      Is this project dead? On january 16 a comment that promises an update soon, no update yet.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Seely on

      The Space Station just had a coolant leak. How's your project going ;-)

    45. Chad Moore on

      this is starting to feel like a scam or that you are not really interested in completing this project...please provide more updates. i don't care if its bad news but no news to me is worse.

    46. Leslie Biasi on

      @nathan In the spirit of open source please ask for help if needed. Also, if you are still working on this project, an update on a more regular basis would be helpful. I am sure all backers would appreciate an updated timeline for completion.

    47. Anna Morris on

      Any updates? Its been a more than a few months since we last had one

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