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Nathan Smithe's SuperPussy! is a surreal musical cartoon feature about Nathan Smithe's cats who shoot lasers hopefully coming on DVD


I am asking for your donations to help create the DVD for my recently finished film Nathan Smithe's SuperPussy! It is a feature length cartoon musical involving my two cats Sailor and Princess Fluffybutt who play music and shoot lasers. I made this over the last year and a half and am very happy with the results and want to share it as much as I can.

I am asking for $888 to create a DVD worthy of the film. It will have new features created by me. These will include:

-An additional audio track comprised of animal noises.


-The inclusion of Nathan Smithe's Cat Trilogy: Three short cartoons that helped form the feature. Laser Surf Cats, Cat Call Center, and Wheelchair Cat.

-the NPW pledge drive video

-If I have time: Hidden easter eggs.

The money will cover the expenses of getting the DVD sold on demand through amazon using createspace, as well as art work fees, audio equipment, and media supplies like DVDrs and printing. The extra features are very time consuming for a single person to create so I ask you give me three months (until December 2011) to finish the DVD.

I had an initial project asking for more but I pared back all the expenses to the bare minimum of what I need to make it happen in the hopes this one will be successful.

Please donate today and help raise awareness by "liking" this on facebook (under the video on the top of this page) and post the video I created for this wherever you can. The link for this webpage:


Nathan Smithe (the "e" is silent)


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