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A shepherd on a distant planet has to make some tough decisions when she finds a wounded ancient beast on her flock's grazing grounds.
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Out into the Wild

Posted by Nathan Sage (Creator)

Dear Friends,
You should have seen the post office clerk's face this week when I marched in with 97 envelopes going to such disparate places as Germany, Singapore, the UK, and Brazil, and a whole bunch of spots all across the US. 

My coffee table is currently covered in comics and prints and big envelopes. They'll all be out soon!
My coffee table is currently covered in comics and prints and big envelopes. They'll all be out soon!

Our first wave of mailings has gone out. I've been packing envelopes with books and rewards every free minute I've had, and at this moment I'm about halfway through all our mailings! This will take me a couple more weeks to complete, as it's a heck of a lot of rewards and I'm also out on the job shooting most days in the coming week. But as a good number of our backers have already indicated, the books are arriving safely! I'd like to get all the physical books out first, before we send out the digital rewards. But it'll all be out soon.

One quick note--I've tried to take as much care as I could, within our budget constraints and the possibilities of our packaging, to make sure I protected the book and prints that are on their way to you. But I've come to accept over the years that no matter how many times you re-inforce the package or stamp "do not bend" on it, some postman will always find a nice creative way to bend it. If this happens to you and your stuff arrives ruined, shoot me a message and I'll see what I can do to remedy it.

Can't wait for you all to get your book!

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    1. palmereldritch on

      Hi, Nathan. Any update on the ebooks? Looking forward to reading your work.

    2. Stacy Grossman on

      Hey, just checking, did anything go out yet?

    3. Nathan Sage Creator on

      Ebooks aren't out just yet! I wanted to make sure we got our physical books out first, but be looking for yours soon!

    4. Francesco A. Accomando on

      Hold on, have I missed something? Have the ebook been delivered already?

    5. Eric N Bennett

      Mine arrived today safe and sound. The prints and cards look fantastic, and I can't wait to dive into the book itself.

    6. Missing avatar

      Susan Caballero López on

      Hi there! I want to know if my comic's been sent because I changed mu address! Help