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A tiny, naked cosmonaut with a jetpack & laser blaster must revive a dying galaxy by planting one seed at a time. (Mac/PC/Linux/Wii U) Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 1, 2014.

A tiny, naked cosmonaut with a jetpack & laser blaster must revive a dying galaxy by planting one seed at a time. (Mac/PC/Linux/Wii U)

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Penultimate, Penultimate?


Hello, my friends, it has been a crazy month and so much has been completed on the game and it's getting so very very close to a full, final version on Steam Early Access. The Costumes have been completed (and will be in the next build!), the weapons have been completed (currently playable!), there are story elements, new bosses, a lot of tweaks to gameplay, new gameplay elements introduced.. it's been absolutely nuts! Sorry for the lack of images in this update... Must. Finish. Game...

In this Update: 

A RELEASE DATE: March 17th, 2015!! 

With the progress that has been made, I am finally confident in announcing a hard release date for Cosmochoria's final, full, complete edition. MARCH 17th, 2015. This is the day Cosmochoria will exit from early access and become a real, fully released game ready to compete with the likes of.. hmm Binding of Isaac... and omg... Don't Starve... ok, I'm panicking again.

Wii U Update & Final Decision

Gotta pull off this bandaid. Ok. It has been a painfully hard decision to make, but after weighing all the information I was given, and running through countless testing scenarios, I have had to come to terms with the fact that Cosmochoria is not able to run via Construct 2 on the Nintendo Web Framework. There was too much up in the air that is required in order to get Cosmochoria running optimally via the Nintendo Web Framework, and there was only so much I could do with my own abilities / within the Cosmochoria code itself. There has to be a lot of faith placed in future updates of both/either Construct 2 or the Nintendo Web Framework to support certain optimizations &/or accelerations but with no guarantees it will even help, I just simply couldn't afford to "wait and see".

With that said, I am not letting it end there. I have been focussed on making Cosmochoria an amazing game—and with 99% positive feedback on the Steam reviews, I am confident I am on the right path. The goal is to focus all my efforts on making Cosmochoria as extraordinarily dope as I can for the full launch and work towards using a successful launch as a platform to form relationships with either an outside publisher or development team in order to make a Wii U port a possibility.

As it stands right now, a Wii U port is outside my present abilities, and is being put on hold. If you backed Cosmochoria specifically for Wii U, I am more than willing to refund your pledge, with my deepest apologies for the way things worked out. Also, if you would like to transfer your Wii U pledge to a Steam or Humble Bundle key instead, I can certainly do that as well. If you would like a refund or an alternate (Steam/Humble) key, please email us at and either Jessi or myself will be able to get you sorted immediately. I appreciate everyone’s support and understanding on this but if you have questions, or just want to unleash words of dissatisfied wrath upon me, I welcome a discussion in the comments, or even privately via email - <3

Cosmochoria @ PAX East in Boston!

Ok... now some good news. I am very excited to report that Ilkae (Musician), Jessi (Supporting Art & Community Management) and Nate/Me (Weirdo) will be attending PAX East to showcase Cosmochoria!!!!! If anyone is either living in Boston, or travelling to Boston for PAX, we should schedule some kind of Meet Up / Dinner thing to hang out & chat. Let me know in the comments, on the forums, Steam Community or via email if you want to hook something up! 

It would be amazing to meet you, and knowing how busy it gets during the conference itself, I know there wont be much quality time to chat unless we’re actually sitting down somewhere after the conference floor closes. :) Will have more details on the actual showcase in the coming weeks, but IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!

Final Development Stages

While so much has been done to get the game ready for full release, there are a few key elements still in the works:

Three More boss fights… There have been a couple new bosses added to the mix since the Early Access launch, as well as a posse of new enemies, but there are just 3 more bosses to introduce, 2 of which are being worked on with Kickstarter backers who pledged at the “Powerful Deathlord of Space” tier! More info on these bosses will come soon, but one is named “Exceedingly Overweight Alfred” and another will embody the horrific terror steez of a diabolical space wizard. The third remaining boss will be a bit of an homage to one of my favourite video games of all time: Earthworm Jim.

The Final Boss! Ive called it a few things throughout the development process: Planet Eater, Galasstus, and most recently "The Wreckening”, but I am finally settling on ‘The Cataclysm’ as it’s name. The story that will unfold will explain some things about what ‘The Cataclysm’ is, and what it all means exactly. Im trying very hard to not spell it all out so it becomes more of a thought exercise while you're playing to put together pieces of a background story and what series of events led to you being there, naked.

The Artifacts… The latest update introduced treasure chests, which will now feature bounties like Crystals, Bombs, Bricks for building towers, etc, only now I’m going to start putting in collectible (ie permanent) artifacts you can find while you travel the galaxy. These artifacts will each carry with them a way to modify the gameplay. The process will first involve you finding the artifact. Then once it has been discovered, you will need to bring it to someone. Once you’ve brought it to someone, it will be stored permanently on the title screen of the game. You can then activate the powers the artifact holds by using your crystals to activate it. Activating the artifact is permanent - ie once it has been activated, it will remain activated until you de-activate it.

Hard Mode / Easy Mode?

All this talk about activating / deactivating leads me to explain that the artifacts are—in effect—the gameplay modifiers that will bring hard & easy mode to Cosmochoria.

For example, finding certain artifacts while you play, you are effectively unlocking various modes you can then activate either independently or as combinations to change the gameplay. Here are a list of various modifications that you can make through the activation of these artifacts:

Easy Mode 

  • Bosses Have less HP
  • Planets Store More Health
  • Less Enemies
  • See Warp Markers on Map
  • See NPC’s on Map
  • See Bosses on Map
  • 1/2 Touch Damage
  • Egg always on the First Planet
  • Refill Health When Not Shooting
  • Instant Planting
  • Instant Base building
  • Unlimited Jetpack

Hard Mode 

  • EVERY Plant is Evil
  • UFOs Shoot Spread
  • Robot Toasters Appear While On Planet Surfaces 
  • ALL Enemies Have More Health 
  • Planets Don’t Heal You
  • Jetpack Only Refills with Kills 
  • Enemies spawn more frequently
  • Twin Bosses
  • No Ultranovas Allowed
  • No Bases Allowed
  • No Eggs 
  • Double Touch Damage

By using the artifacts, you will also be gaining access to rewards that are not available by playing just the ‘normal’ mode of Cosmochoria. For example: If you have unlocked a hard mode modifier, and activate it while playing the game, you will increase your chance of finding some of the other easy mode modifiers or even have the chance of finding a special costume. 

I will make sure the whole system is not overly convoluted, but essentially just know that by activating hard mode you are improving your chance at finding some rarer stuff. :) Chances are, even if you ignore the hard & easy mode modifiers, you will still discover and unlock a few of them, so it really just becomes more of a ‘late game’ or replay value sort of thing, as they are technically not even necessary for the completion of the game.


Im going to leave it at that for now. If you’re interested in seeing some of the specifics of what has been done to the Early Access version, please feel free to have a look at the full release note list at either the official forums, or on the Steam Community forums.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send them here, on the forums, via twitter or even via email. I'm going to get back to making this game as awesome as I humanly can.

Thanks for everything, my friends.


Updates Galore!!!


Here we go folks. Lots to cover, it's been a while since a proper content-based update and there is lots to go over so let's DOOOOO THIIISSSSSSSSSS

Hey, Wow, Brand New Enemies!

If you've been playing Cosmochoria since it first hit Early Access or even before that if you were in the Dev tier, you'll know first hand that a lot of the updates made initially were to interface and direct gameplay stuff, balancing, messaging systems, purchaseable upgrades, friggin' pause menus. All that helps make things cool n all, but what was it we all wanted to begin with? MORE STUFF TO PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW. 

Evil Diamonds

You know how there are Diamonds that sometime appear in those starry backdrops and you can collect them and receive a rich bounty of currency all at once in the convenience of one single pickup? Well to make you insane with rage, there are now enemies that look almost EXACTLY like those diamonds (with some subtle important differences) but you dont fully realize the diamond is evil until you get too close and it starts chompin at your bits. or, i mean, at the bit.  

Satellite Monster 

So you're minding your own business, planting seeds in long forgotten planets when above your head the sky opens and sends forth a crackling doom of charged electric terror. The lightning bolt splits through the now sizzling air particles straight to the very earth you stand on. With barely enough time to wish you wore a space diaper, down flies this insane looking blue alien thing with rust coloured tentacles twisting out of the side of it somehow making it float effortlessly on the edge of the planet's orbit. It continues its floating trajectory in a slow and steady pace looking at you beneath its bushy eyebrows of raw doom. You think thats the worst of it until it blasts out yet another lightning snap of death. Then another. And yet another.

Eye Orbiters + Timebombs 

So you're minding your own business... wait, I already used that opening sentence... anyways these twisted robotic eyeballs warp in and materialize at the edge of space. They immediately look in your direction and begin to propel themselves with urgency towards your coordinates. A stealthy dodge does little to sway this intergalactic grunt as it simply turns on a dime and forces its way to your place in space and time yet again. Not only that, but every time it feels it's got a chance at destroying your serenity, it will drop a spiked landmine timebomb of destruction on the soil of your planet. It beeps impendingly (i made that word up for the sake of this description) until that final payoff where it explodes sending shockwaves of fear and panic through your nude skin. Painful, too. 


So you're out in space minding your own business... WHAT!?!?! You just finish destroying one of the aforementioned baddies and they poop out their crystal currency of delight, ready for your greedy snatchings and catchings ('Sup, Gurgi?). Just as you're about to make connection with the crystal wonders a dark green dragon with a mouth that could devour a thousand souls comes and sucks up the crystal into it's hollowed out evil drizzled bescaled body of terror. Then it looks at you. And looks at you. Nothing. No aggression. No force. Just a cold dead stare of greed, awaiting the arrival of the next crystal dessert it can partake in. You decide to shoot it to scare it away but it only angers the beast and it charges at you with full force knocking you around in the depths of space then it stops and... it just sits there again.. looking at you. So this time you leave it alone. You continue on your journey but the damn thing is FOLLOWING YOU! Eating every crystal you manage to procure from all those other alien bums! Only this time.. something is different... maybe he's full? Maybe he's angry? He seems like he's... getting ready to... EXPLODE!!!! He shoots a mouthful of crystals at you with full force and instead of collecting them as a bounty, they're now tearing holes in your pinkish birthday suit. Bastards!  



NEW BOSS: BigJelly

Have you ever been just planting seeds, minding your own business... listen these are hard to write ok? It takes a lot of time to come up with this stuff! Give me a break. Anyways and then this green goo starts leaking out of the planet and it turns into this giant beast of a slime monster and it's gurgling around your head looking dastardly and you just want to get away but you realize your jetpack doesnt work so all you can do is jump and dodge so you try and shoot the dang thing in the face cuz it's a big dingus but it doesnt seem to hurt it and it starts spitting out Jellyfish that start shooting you with ink and you start to realize the thing stinks like a zombies fart and your health is dropping slowly and you have no idea what to do and the pressure is too much for you but you feel like you must.. find... a .... way..... yeah that happens to me too sometimes.

Tower Tweaks

There have been some smaller focussed tweaks to towers mostly in the cost of them, the names of them, and some other delights. Generally i want the towers to give a feeling of mystery as I always liked 'simple' games where there was a seemingly core mechanic that you slowly 'discover' what it can actually do over time. With that said, there are some things like fire towers being more effective somehow against ice enemies, and Moai Moai statures bringing a long-lasting bonus to completed planets.. Its very hard for me because I can spell this stuff out in black and white in an instruction manual, but I cant explain how much joy I get from watching people play on youtube and say something like OOHHH!!!! THE PLANET IS HEALING ME NOW!!!! or OHHHH THIS MAKES A SHIEELLLLLLD! Sometimes I feel like maybe I'm alienating first time players... Like i'm missing out on making that easy connection with people but my goal is that if they do like what they see in the initial bits of the game, then i have an increased chance of making a deeper connection with players as they discover these gameplay treats that are there to discover. Almost like they are learning the game for themselves and therefore, feel more gratified upon doing so. Ive talked in live streams about this to extreme lengths, but its the raw truth and probably the key kernel of raw essence im trying to instil in the game since the beginning. It will be my doom, im sure. But I'll go down smiling knowing i did what I wanted to do and didnt fully abandon it with the hopes that i might get more sales. Haha. Speaking of ramen.  

Other Boss & Enemy Mechanics

Over the months, Ive been constantly optimizing and tweaking enemy & boss damage, health, movement, knockback, etc. If you're playing and things seem too easy or too hard don't hesitate to drop it in the comments here, on steam or the official forum @ 


A bunch of stuff has been tweaked with the weapon strengths and fire rates, sword can now shoot giant white hot lasers out of it, and im prepping the final details on the new upcoming weapons including a sort of homing fireball blaster and a super cool wave beam thing. COOL! 

Story & Mysteries

This is a tricky one for me because I've really wanted to avoid slowly rolling out story based stuff for the fear of spoiling it or having you guys tired with the little pieces i'm revealing at a time so when the games fully released, there's no joy in it because you've already got a bunch of the goods beforehand. sort of like seeing too many trailers before a movie... Well I've been holding off on putting all the story stuff in the game and in the meantime a very very weird thing has happened. Because it's not there, I am watching these amazing people on youtube playing the game and talking with their friends or to themselves and essentially making their own story! Coming up with their own reasons for what is happening and why and to be honest, I am loving it. It has drastically affected my thinking for how I want to actually unveil the story and Im really thinking it will be the coolest if I can find a way to inject all the mystery and lore but still keep it vague and open ended... that has been my challenge and obsession with things and i've effectively gone back to the drawing board with everything i've written thus far to think about what I can take OUT (a lot) to give you something to learn and uncover, but still be able to make up your own stories as you jet around the cosmos. It's been a fun challenge and I am hoping you are happy with the end results. :) 

Sweet Sweet Steam

Steam is pretty cool, hey? I think so too. In addition to the Steam Achievements which i was so proud to have setup, I took a lot of time to look at some of the other Steam features including Steam Cloud & the Steam Overlay which wasnt working 'out of the box' for me. I managed to get the overlay working so if you're playing on Steam, screenshots and all that jazz is just a shortcut key away. Also, with Steam Cloud syncing, you can be playing on your account on your home computer, then get in to the office and login with your account there and have all your progress, scores and unlocked upgrades ready for you to start rocking the galaxy all day at work. Also come release time there should be a whole new batch of Achievements for you to unlock, as well as a handful of super cool Steam trading cards and badges for you to unlock as well. BAM!

New Music

There has always been an amazing soundtrack - you guys know that! There have been some killer tunes added by Ilkae and Zebra in addition to some crazy new atmospheric and sound effect stuff Ilkae sent me the other day. And like a cherry on top, i've begun adding some more of my stuff to the boss battle scenes which gives a sort of changeup from the innocent wonder that Ilkae and Zebra are rocking in the main soundtrack with something a little more gritty and raw and even mechanical in the form of some electronic-y hip hop beats. Hope you enjoy. more to come! (Stuff not final yet, but here's a small taste of the general beat sketch for the slime boss. Will likely be more developed for the full release.)

Wii U Status Update

I'm waiting to hear from my dude on Nintendo's team about one more thing before I can give a solid answer but I can honestly say I have tried everything given the current state of my code, Construct 2 and the Nintendo Web Framework and as it stands, unless I get some crazy good news this week, its not looking good my friends. It's so frustrating because it's so close. It looks good, it plays good, it's just not fast, and I have to sacrifice too many things to even get it to even that state. The feedback I received from the last update focussed on the Wii U stuff was really important to me and I'm so glad so many of you spoke up in the comments -- it really helped me see that this was something important to everyone and I truly am making sure Im exhausting all the initial options. What I CAN say is that if I decide to ship the dev kit back and postpone the Wii U port, it is only temporary as I will continue to pursue other options for getting it done.

Final Summation

Thank you for EVERYTHING! Will be announcing a final release date soon, my friends. Plus some other big news I can't quite say right now, but I will shout from the rooftops as soon as I have the go ahead :D

Issues with the Nintendo Wii U.


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

I Teep on Krucking.


Hey everyone! It has been an amazing month on Steam Early Access so far and things are progressing nicely. The feedback that has been coming in from you guys as well as other Steam Early Access customers has been invaluable. In just a few short weeks, there has been a lot of great feedback, youtube videos, reviews, and suggestions for Cosmochoria, and it's been a delightfully overwhelming experience to be soaking it all in while I continue work on the game. 

Game Progress

Spot the bad plant!!
Spot the bad plant!!

Im not going to get too detailed in what sort of updates have been done as nothing overly obvious has been introduced in the past month, primarily as I was working through bugs, refining controls, tweaking systems here and there, and generally trying to keep up with other stuff like press questions, interviews, submission to IGF in San Francisco 2015 & Indie Megabooth at PAX East in Boston 2015!

For updates & changelogs check here:

Currently I'm working on putting out build 0.131.. 0.129 & 0.130 have been some simple stuff primarily, but focusing on the introduction of....

...Steam Achievements!

One of the biggest pieces of news lately is that Cosmochoria now has support for Steam Achievements and I am working on implementing a base set of Steam Achievements for you to unlock as I continue work on the story based stuff and new enemies, etc. Steam Achivements are a great way to feel mastery of the game, and I look forward to implementing stuff that not just cut and dry "Kill X Enemies" (though I will have a few of those) but I really look forward to doing some weird almost 'Puzzle' type achievements to help spice things up. One of my fav. things is playing a game and doing something cool that I feel like 'man i should have got an achievement for that' so I've really been looking at that type of stuff to make sure there's some cool stuff in there.

If you have any ideas or thoughts on achievements that could be implemented, join the official forum for a discussion on it! Or even just post your comments here!

What's Next?

I feel like so much has been done over the summer and fall months, but there are still some key areas missing from the game that are now becoming my key priorities:

- Story
- More enemies
- More bosses

Some possible upcoming enemies & bosses.
Some possible upcoming enemies & bosses.

Essentially I'm at the point where I'm really going to be making an effort to get this stuff moving a lot quicker. Im going to try to have at least one new enemy or boss per week for the next little while and because of that I'm going to be beginning my weekly live streaming once again, just as a chance to connect with you guys and show you what I'm doing / share some of the process / get your feedback and insight as things are developing. I'm going to do the stream every Wednesday at 10am—11am PST. I realize this is a short amount of time, but I think it's something manageable that I can keep up with for the time being as development continues onwards. Tune in to for the first weekly development Live Stream starting this Wednesday October 29 @ 10am PST.

Though I am not officially announcing it yet, I am working towards a goal of having the game 100% wrapped up and ready for full steam release by the end of January, 2015. At that point I should be able to focus my energies towards both the full Steam release and the Wii U Porting process as well.

Thank You!

If you have any questions on how things are going or if you want to see me cover anything specifically in these updates, please don't hesitate to drop a comment below. I'm finding it really hard to switch gears between the development process and the actual process of keeping you guys in the loop on everything. If there's anything you feel I should be doing or anything you would like to see me do any better, just reach out and your engagement alone should spark the results you want to see. It has been a lot of fun working on this, and I'm so grateful to have seen so many of you plugging in your Steam and humble keys to play the game, and I'm really hoping you're enjoying the experience so far. :) 

With Love,

Updates, Keys & Early Access Launch!


Hello my friends!

tl;dr: Cosmochoria is out in Early Access on the Humble Bundle Store and Steam tomorrow. Mac/Windows/Linux keys should already be in your mailbox. The success of Cosmochoria now rides on us all spreading the word. Also, you rock.


Things have been crazy busy the past few weeks. In that time I've sent out a majority of the T-Shirts and Posters, canvas prints are going out this coming week, plus there have been some cool updates to the game in preparation for the Steam & Humble Bundle Early Access Launch TOMORROW!! :)

Your Keys!

If you chose a Humble Bundle or Steam key (Mac/Windows/Linux) as your platform of choice, you should be getting your key in the next 24 hours, if you haven't already received it! Please please check your spam folders though as because I'm using Mailchimp to send everything out, it may be triggered as spam. If you don't see your key by the time the game launches, please email and Jessi or I will be able to help you get it sorted ASAP.

If you chose Wii U as your platform of choice, unfortunately there's still time to wait for that version to come out (expected Spring 2015), but you can still Paypal me $5 and tell me your info (First/Last Name, Email address, Kickstarter Name) and basically still get the $5 add-on price for a Steam or Humble Key. Alternatively, if you wish to switch from the Wii U version to the Steam/Humble version right now (and buy it on the Wii U e-shop once it's out) You can always do that too - same deal, just get in touch at and we'll help you get sorted ASAP, no cost for switching away from Wii U if that's what you put down in your survey.

Game Updates

I've got some solid dev diary posts up on the official forum if you want to get more intimate / intricate details on these items, but i'll summarize so you have a good idea of what's been going down :) Check out the forums for ongoing updates at -- you can actually login with your Steam, Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts so you don't even need to go through that crap hassle process of creating a new account. It's awesome :) 

Gamepad Functionality! 

Spent a lot of time getting the title screen and gameplay menu's gamepad-friendly so you should be able to play a full game with the gamepad now. I actually quite enjoy it and thought there are some things i need to tweak, I think in general its quite fun and the best part is it feels good on the Wii U gamepad too :) Still need to do the in-game pause menu, but that will come soon.

More Info @

New Art! 

Jessi Ross is earning a solid spot in the credits for her amazing help with producing more art for the game. She has put together 4 great new planet designs and helped me flesh out the NPC artwork based on my sketches. Jessi has proven herself time and time again, and because of that, has become an integral part of the 30/30 team — I'll get into that a little more in a sec.

More Info @ 

Messaging & Story

There are now some deeper story elements starting to trickle into the game. A magic 8-ball crashes into the first planet every time you play with the purpose of 'clueing you in' to the fact that there are some deeper mysteries at hand and gives you a bit of a 'back of the mind' purpose or goal...

More Info @

More Incredible Music

Anyone on the Dev Tier who has been playing the game for the past 3-4 months have probably got pretty used to the handful of Ilkae, Zebra and Mantrakid tracks that were in the game by now. While the number in game was still more than what we released in the Seeds EP in May, it is still only a fraction of what will be in the full game. Even the current live build on Steam and Humble Bundle has 80+ minutes of music already! And that's possibly only about 1/2 of where it will be once we're all said and done.

Misc Updates & Bug Fixes

Lots of stuff improved towards a more generally fun experience.

More info @
And @
And @
And @

  • Tweaked Mucho UI stuff
  • Added tower powers
  • Gamepad support
  • More options including BGM and SFX Volume Sliders
  • "Remember" options settings between games, including volume and Fullscreen
  • Better balancing of enemies and weapons
  • Unlocked some of the secret weapons, more to come.
  • etc.

The 30/30 Team is Growing

I have been working closely with Jessi Ross for the past 3-5 months on everything from QA & bug tracking, to assistance with data collection (reviews / youtube videos / etc) to setting up the Official Forum, and even on artwork within the game itself. 

Jessi has proven to be a smart, trustworthy, reliable and efficient person with an incredible work ethic. I wanted to take a moment to extend my deepest gratitude to Jessi for all her help to this point, and to let you guys and girls know that she will be continuing to help me with the game and with community management items moving forward. You will see her on the forums, or if you have a specific question that she can answer (eg "what's my steam key?", etc) she will likely be in touch faster than i could if I was just handling all that contact just by myself in addition to continuing development, lining up press, etc etc. 

With the game launching on Steam Early Access TOMORROW, and with a huge stack of you amazing backers having your first chance to play the game, it may be hard for me to keep up with questions & requests all by myself, but I want you to know that you're in good hands if Jessi is helping you. Please consider her an official 30/30 employee, and my right hand woman. She will provide you with support that is equal to, if not (sometimes) better than my own. That being said, your line of communication to me is still always welcome and open. I will still be very present both on the official forum, as well as the Steam Forums, and am always down to help / answer questions or just chat on twitter

Emailing will put you in touch with us both, and will give you the fastest answer to any general questions about your Steam Key, rewards, or other 'administration' type stuff.

This Is It!

Tomorrow will be the first day Cosmochoria is available to a public audience. We (Myself, Jess, Ilkae, Zebra) have been working hard all year long and I think it's in a position to showcase what a weirdly cool game this is so far. While there is still work to be done while it's in this Early Access phase, I think the gist of the gameplay is largely present, polished and now it's a matter of filling it with all the secrets, stories and strangeness that will turn it from 'a game' into something truly special. It would mean so much to have your involvement in this process - if you find something you love, shout it out on our forums or in a comment on Kickstarter. If you find something you hate, shout it out as well! Together we can shape the final stages of this game into something the world has never really seen before, and to have your support this far has been nothing short of mind blowing. 

Let's hope people gobble this up. Send your friends to the Cosmochoria website, the Steam page, the YouTube trailer or just tell them what a cool game you're helping to make. You guys are in on the ground floor of not just this game, but a portfolio of hilariously absurd oddities I will continue to work towards making from now until the rest of my damn life. Thank you so much & all my love.

Space Hugs,