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A tiny, naked cosmonaut with a jetpack & laser blaster must revive a dying galaxy by planting one seed at a time. (Mac/PC/Linux/Wii U)
A tiny, naked cosmonaut with a jetpack & laser blaster must revive a dying galaxy by planting one seed at a time. (Mac/PC/Linux)
A tiny, naked cosmonaut with a jetpack & laser blaster must revive a dying galaxy by planting one seed at a time. (Mac/PC/Linux)
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    1. Justin Holmes on

      Lack of communication in the last year and a half is really inexcusable.

    2. Jesus Antonio Rivera Muñoz on

      any word on the PS4 port?

      if not i guess i'd be cool with a steam key if thats no longer being worked on

    3. Christopher Clarke on

      Still nothing from Nate. It is Dec 2016 and no responses. I backed for the WiiU and got shafted as most of us did. Was hoping that maybe I could shift it to the much promised PS4 version, yet again another missing in action product. What a scam.

    4. Daniel Graham on

      Still waiting on my 'Collector Tier'. Its the lack of correspondence to backers like this that really put you off pledging for things like this.

    5. Matt Mayatt on

      I don't have a PlayStation 4 but since i went for the wii u version of i were to get a ps4 would i be able to get this for free.

    6. Missing avatar

      Lillian on

      I might be rather late, but I don't seem to have my steam key? I may have missed it, if so I do apologise for the trouble.

    7. Missing avatar

      Siegfried Tigno on

      I feel I have been cheated with this announcement. We were promised a Wii U debut, and that Nintendo's console would be given priority over a port.

      I would like to be refunded.

    8. Jesus Antonio Rivera Muñoz on

      hi Nate... back in december you had mentioned that when the game came out youd need to make a decision on the Wii U port... that you either keep the dev kit or cancel...

      that you were also in talks with Scirra to see if something could be optimized on your end.. and i also recall that you were not giving up...

      so i guess im asking, is the Wii U port dead? is it still on (even if it takes a while)?
      any news on this would be good...
      if its dead i could opt for steam/humble
      if its still hanging in there i could consider waiting...

      thank you =)

    9. Daniel Graham on

      Hi Nate
      I'm just wondering if there is any update with the physical rewards.
      Thanks =]

    10. Nate Schmold Creator on

      Hey Shaheena, I just re-sent the character via email. I actually sent it last october/november I believe. Is there a chance it hit your spam folder? If anyone else hasn't received their character drawing, please let me know at and I can re-send ASAP! Thanks so much :D

    11. Shaheena Khan on

      I pledged for the "Cartoon Me" tier. When are we expected to have access to our custom cosmonauts? Thanks

    12. Nate Schmold Creator on

      All steam keys from these comments have been sent. If anyone else is missing their key, please email us at and we'll make sure it's resent ASAP.

      We are still putting some finishing touches on the official soundtrack. If you paid for the full soundtrack (you added an extra $8 to your pledge) you will receive a download code for the soundtrack. Otherwise, everyone should have got access to the free Seeds EP (partial soundtrack) that was given out with almost all the tiers. If you didn't get that link, I'm going to be posting again in an upcoming backer-only update within the next few days.

      Thank you so much!

    13. Joshington Bear on

      As the other two posters have asked, I too, do not know how to get my Steam key. I also pledged extra for the Sound Track. How might we collect our rewards?

    14. Megan Belanger on

      Yeah, I don't know how to get my steam key either

    15. Missing avatar

      Declan Gee on

      I'm probably missing something obvious, but how do backer's get their steam keys ?

    16. Nate Schmold Creator on

      Happy 2 Year Minecraft Anniversary, Noam! Sorry the date got pushed. but hope you got to play some minecraft in celebration today :D cheers. :)

    17. Noam Barnea on

      The 17th of Mars is a day after my 2 year minecraft anniversary.

    18. Natasha Ranken on

      I'm SO glad to hear about easy mode! I don't really get very far--maybe only four planets since the new enemies were added. There're just too many of them, and they're too strong for me. :\ Again, yay easy mode!

    19. Nate Schmold Creator on

      Hey Justin, happy New Year :)

      Nothing concrete yet. Im still in a back in forth with the Nintendo Dev team and the Scirra/Construct 2 team and hope to have a solid answer based on their feedback and my testing within the next few weeks at the most. Thanks for sticking with me and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line at

    20. Missing avatar

      Justin Chappell on

      Any update on the Wii U version, other than the difficulties.

    21. Nate Schmold Creator on

      Crazy, i was def. making sure to check off the 'email notification to backers' option every time!

    22. Zamer on

      Decided to check up on the progess since I never got any emails in a while, and saw the massive amounts of updates. Strange that I never got any email alerts after Update #9.

    23. Nate Schmold Creator on

      Hey Nikky! Things are going well, just been swamped with stuff but planning an update within the next week or so! Thanks so much. :)

    24. Nikky Bottomley on

      Hey, just wondering when the next update will be

    25. Nate Schmold Creator on

      Hey Declan! Things are going well! Check the last update for some info esp. regarding my estimated timeline (working towards Jan/Feb 2015 for full / final steam release). Have you checked out the game on steam yet? Would love to know your thoughts!

    26. Missing avatar

      Declan Gee on

      How's the dev coming along ? Got any estimate on release dates ?

    27. Nate Schmold Creator on

      @Amy it's funny cuz i read your comment to my family ( i like to share the good vibes so they know how happy you guys make me haha ) and when my son heard a kid out there was playing Cosmochoria more than Minecraft, he was inspired to play it a bunch more himself haha - so thank you for that for rejuvenating the interest of my #1 tester :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      Awesome. Thanks so much. And yep - he just loves it!

    29. Nate Schmold Creator on


      That is so good to hear! Im really glad he's enjoying it :)

      You haven't missed the PDF or Soundtrack -- basically the game being on Early Access means that it's still in development, it's just available for public pre-order with the bonus that when you pre-order you get a copy of the current build to play. There will be ongoing updates still to get the game completed but I didn't think it would be fair to go to Early Access and not give the backers a key to enjoy the early access phase too.

      The very same version you have in Steam right now is the one that will update as time goes on and be the final version when it's 100% complete, at which point the Instruction Manual / Soundtrack / Collectors Editions will all be finalized and sent out!

      Thanks so much :)


    30. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      Just wanted to let you son is throughly enjoying Cosmochoria. It's one of the first games in recent times that's made him shift from Minecraft for any length of you're doing well!

      As an aside...did I somehow miss them or have the PDF instruction manual, soundtrack, etc not been sent out yet?

    31. Nate Schmold Creator on

      Hey guys! Game's going well - i'll post a proper update at the end of this week, but remember you can always follow things every friday on the live stream too @ -- working on the pet mechanics right now.

    32. Missing avatar

      michael linn on

      how is the game going any update?

    33. Jessi on

      @Shashwat Pant Thanks for the link! I'm actually out of funds for Kickstarter at the moment though, haha. Glad to see that Popup Dungeon has reached its goal, though! I'm hoping to pick it up on release :)

    34. Jessi on

      Oooh super stoked for wallpapers and icons and Seeds EP! Friday is going to be a good day :D

    35. Nate Schmold Creator on

      @Shashwat - definitely looking forward to including some of those unlockable things to the steam version. Still looking at the Steamworks connection(s) as it's not natively supported from Construct 2, but hope to have it resolved by the time of release!

      Also planning on sending out the Wallpapers, Icons, and the download code for the Seeds EP this Friday. :) Should be a good week for some preliminary goodies. :)

    36. Carmine Red on

      Hey Fellow Backers!

      I am always finding these sorts of game projects for consoles (especially Wii U) almost too late, so I hope no one minds if I I try to help spread the word about some projects that are just getting off the ground now! We can make a big difference for these if we get involved early, and some of these have really achievable (lower) goals! (yes Shashwat I already pledged!)

      Hopefully one or more of the above caught your interest, I know they all have my backing!

    37. Shashwat Pant on

      When can we expect Wallpapers and Icons? I really wanted to use it on my deskop / twitter ":)

    38. Shashwat Pant on

      @Nate - Please do not forget to add cool steam cards and badge support for the game. That could lead to additional funds. :)

    39. Shashwat Pant on

      Nate some shoutout to fellow game dev. would be great-…

      100k for Wii U.

    40. Justin Holmes on

      @DeafTard: Way more games get localized today than just a few years ago so I personally don't really mind region-locking anymore. But I know it's a sticking point for some people, particularly people outside of North America.

    41. Otoshigami No. 40723

      hi guys, we can use your help to promote this language translation app in almost 100% accurate so if you have time to back it up, do so. it might improve your Japanese and other languages.

    42. Cody Anderson on

      @Nate I had an idea since the livestream. What if the pets could go through a simple evolution/metamorphosis. This could be your pet's way of "leveling up" if you have it for a long enough time. But the best part would be that they would go into a cocoon providing another incentive to protect it and the planet it's on beyond its initial hatching.

      I was also wondering if you were considering multiple pets. It would sort of break the special connection to just one pet. But hatching multiple eggs would help with the idea of abandoning planets after your first pet hatches, assuming you don't do the cocoon thing.

      Just throwing out ideas... XD

    43. DeafTard on

      Yep this is true which sucks but I'm sure someone will find a way sooner or later through the Wii U mod community I think. Anyways, I wish all handhelds/systems/devices were not region locked at all because of the amount of awesome import games there are too play. Plus, several important games are import friendly if ya know what I mean.

    44. Justin Holmes on

      Wii Us are region-locked, so entering another region's eShop is impossible as far as I know.

    45. Nate Schmold Creator on

      @Nicholas: EU eShop is completely separate system / submission process to the US one, but I will be submitting the game to both. EU might take a little longer as there will be additional region-based things to do, but I will be submitting to both once the game is ready. Im not sure if you can 'fake it' by having a US eShop account on your EU Wii U... you can do that with stuff like PSN i know for sure, I'll look into the possibilities of doing that for Wii U.

      @Jordy so glad you like the trees. I didnt want to make it all about the trees for fear that the campaign or the game itself would be viewed as an environmental statement, because really it's not, but i think it's a nice bonus that really adds to the philosophy of the game from a spiritual sense. :)

    46. Nicholas Hoffman on

      @Nate: Do you know if the EU eShop are accessible by US eShop? or in better terms will this be accessible to other reign Wii U owners or is that something your discussing right now?

    47. Otoshigami No. 40723

      really? then count me in for this operation. I want to try something just like operation rainfall did.

    48. Jordan Drexel on

      I just found out about the trees being planted for each backer... That is by far the collets thing I have found out this week so far!

    49. Nate Schmold Creator on

      I have been in touch with European Nintendo team and although there is a separate approval / submission process, i do plan to go through with that process to get it in the EU eShop. So short answer is yes I will be working hard towards that. Im assuming there will just be additional region stuff to deal with which I can deal with to a point (ie if they need 15 translated languages before it's considered, it might take a while for me to properly learn each of those languages ;) (or find help).)

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