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Who is Kickstarter? What goes on behind the scenes of successful campaigns? K'icked takes aim to find out!


What does it mean to be K’icked? In our books, it means to have successfully funded and achieved a goal thanks to the help of Kickstarter. Everything from dreaming up an idea to delivering your new gadget or work of art to the world. You could say we want to get K’icked; actually, we are dying to get K’icked!


In the last year, we’ve heard the name so many times from our tech friends or video pals, but we never really knew what it was about. Finally, after discovering a nicely polished video that credited Kickstarter, we decided to explore the site. What we found was incredible! A vast collection of great ideas being pitched by great people, in all different genres of creativity! But you are probably already aware of that. And what about these “Creators” and “Backers”, what comes next for them? How does Kickstarter deal with these projects? And even more importantly, Who is Kickstarter?


From the outside, Kickstarter seems like a straight forward exchange of ideas for funding, made possible only by mystical forces. The truth is, a successful project can be hard work - rewarding, but hard. We appreciate the work that people do in order for us to have new innovative gadgets and media, so why should that go left untold. A good chunk of this project is dedicated to showing people what goes on behind the scenes of successful projects, from dream to reality. What better way is there than by poking our heads into a few current big projects?

We will pursue the creators of past and current successful projects and find out what they have to share about their experiences. We plan on visiting a select few where at their home bases or where they are working on their projects, giving an inside peek of their production line and team.

No better way...

What better way is there to make a project about Kickstarter than by using Kickstarter? And not just for funding... We want music, photos, and graphics for our movie to be products of past and current Kickstarter creators. Everything K’icked!

It wouldn't be without...

K’icked wouldn’t be a movie about Kickstarter if we didn’t try to visit the people who made everything possible at the Kickstarter headquarters, and that’s the plan. We’ll find out who they are and how they came to be. And, of course, thank them for everything they’ve made possible.

Our hopes...

We want our documentary to be seen! Who wouldn't right? So, we plan to enter it into the Seattle Film Festival, Sundance, and a few others after completion. We will keep our backers updated as best as possible on the statuses of submissions! (please see bottom of rewards) 

Why we need you guys...

We want to produce a high quality product. We have been into making films and taking photos for many years and have acquired a decent collective of equipment and skills; however, we can't have everything. We need your help for gear rentals, hiring professional expertise, festival fees, and travel expenses to get to the Kickstarter stories we want to cover. We greatly appreciate it!


If you are dirt-poor like we are, and can't give any monetary support, please share our project page with your circle of friends and family! We will love you forever!


Here are our AWESOME rewards for our AMAZING backers! Please be sure to read the reward descriptions for all of the fantastic details.

Delivery dates are for everything except DVD's and downloads. We wish we could give them to you right away, but film festivals prohibit any public viewing or DVD releases prior to entering. SORRY. However, you will receive everything else in your package at the estimated delivery date and we will keep you posted with a DVD estimated delivery date ASAP.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Like many documentaries, planning around everyone's schedules and meeting rapid deadlines can be difficult - especially when travel is involved.

Ideally, we hope to have all the interviews and shooting locations take place on our path of travel to cut costs, save time, and burn less fuel, so we can spend more on the quality of the product and get it to you guys on time.

With that said, our only other real concern is trouble on the road. We would love to be able to forget about the possibilities of flat tires, or needing road side assistance, but that's not the case. We've budgeted for such minor emergencies, and if all goes well that saved money will go towards an even greater post production!

However, in the event of a setback, we will sacrifice our time, energy, and resources, while keeping everyone completely updated. We believe an emergency on our part does not constitute an emergency on your part.


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    Thank you! Postcard from the team. You deserve to see what's going on so we'll send you a postcard with an image of either us on the road, filming an interview, or with a successful creator!

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    The Private Blog. Shhh... We'll give you access to a private blog with "Behind-the-scenes" exclusive interviews, photos, and fun updates from start to finish of the production - that will not be available to just anyone.

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    The digital download. Digitally download the video upon release. No waiting for shipping. No dog barking at the mailman. No frustrating packaging to deal with. Just click and enjoy! - Hopefully will be available well before estimated delivery.

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    The DVD. The standard for movie playing enjoyment (outside of the internet). A tangible delight for film lovers everywhere. Be the one to own the story behind such a cool company. And you'll have our thanks forever. - Hopefully will be sent out well before estimated delivery.

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    The photobook. This is a mini story about a story. Photos about a movie? Yeah. This is the Photobook. It will have awesome photos from the beginning to end of the production with information about the journey. Everything by us. A classy way to say "I'm here for you, Kickstarter documentary folk" and have something to show for it, too.

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    The Super Backer Bundle. Comes with a Super Thank You... in the credits. AND a prescreening of the film. AND one of those nice photobooks. AND a limited edition DVD. AND, can't forget, access to that private blog. AND, of course, a postcard! That's a lot of neat stuff.

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    Let's hear your opinion... in the film. The interview is for those who want to share, or ask, or just even talk with us during the production of the film. A Skype or phone interview of your thoughts on Kickstarter and the film, that will be used in the film. This also includes everything in the Super Backer Bundle. Sweet Deal!

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    Associate Producer Credit! Something not many people get to say they have. Also comes with a little bit of creative input if you wish, Skype call with the us, the creators, nd everything in the Super Backer Bundle!

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    Executive Producer Credit! Thats right. And not only do you get that big fancy title, creative input, a Skype call, and the Super Backer Bundle. You get a CUSTOM MADE large metal logo made by us, the creators, that will be the ultimate wall decoration in your home...or office.

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