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250 Years/250 People: Windsor Vermont's video poster

As Windsor celebrates 250 years-photographers and filmmakers will complete a multimedia archive project and print book. Read more

Windsor, VT Photography
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This project was successfully funded on April 7, 2011.

As Windsor celebrates 250 years-photographers and filmmakers will complete a multimedia archive project and print book.

Windsor, VT Photography
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The Town: 

Windsor is known as the "Birthplace of Vermont" and it is the location where the First Republic of Vermont ratified their constitution in 1777--the first constitution in the US to offer universal suffrage and to outlaw slavery. The township was incorporated in 1761 and 2011 is the 250th anniversary of that occasion.

In 250 years Windsor has taken many forms.  It was home to the Cornish Colony--which include Maxfield Parrish, Augustus St. Gaudins, Maxwell Perkins and a number of other philosophers, poets, musicians, and painters.  It was the first town in Vermont to break ground for the railroad and still has daily rail service to Grand Central Station in New York City.  It is also the home to a number of industrial inventions from the hydraulic pump to the coffee percolator.  Windsor has also been a manufacturing town, the location of state prison, and is currently home to Simon Pearce's main glass blowing production facility, Seldon Technologies, and Harpoon Brewery. And that brings us to Windsor now...

The Project:  

Windsor has a powerful and iconic history, but their story has been lost and in some ways forgotten.  This project seeks to use Windsor as a representation of many American towns seeking to reinvent themselves. A town is really the people who work and live in a shared sense of place and as Windsor, Vermont celebrates 250 years as a township, photographers, filmmakers and designers will complete a multimedia photo essay that captures 250 people in Windsor today.  Individual portraits of a wide cross section of Windsor residents will be combined with photos of Windsor’s iconic buildings, landscapes, and a written narrative by the photo subjects themselves.  

The final production will include:

****DIGITAL BOOK: A rich multimedia browsing experience on a project-specific domain, as well as distributed through iBooks and other e-reader channels for iPad and other devices. Costs include editing, layout, post-production, ISBN registration, and aggregator distribution.  We will perform all of this work in-house.

****ARCHIVE QUALITY PRINTS: Framed and unframed prints will be created for gallery presentation, resale, and display in traveling shows. We will print as locally as possible to support the economy of the area where we shoot the photos. Costs include printing and framing, much of which will be done in-house.

****GALLERY PREMIERE: A public gallery showing in Windsor, Vermont that will celebrate, educate, and produce a historical archive of a town that has constantly reinvented itself from 1761 to 2011.  The target date is during the actual "birthday week" of the town in July, 2011.  Costs included printing, framing, publicity, travel, and rental of space.

****PRINT BOOKS: Special edition, limited edition, and "coffee table" books of the entire project will be offered online and in retail stores. Costs are the highest for this category.  While the project is about a much larger American story, this is a little town and normal publishing/printing is not an option. We will instead work with Vermont based book makers to create a few versions of the book, including a final commercial copy for distribution.  The more we raise, the more we can actually do in this expensive category.

****HISTORIC ARCHIVE PRESENTATION: Digital materials will be duplicated and presented to the Town of Windsor Library and Dartmouth College for archival purposes. Costs include hardware and travel.

****DOCUMENTARY SHORT: A short film will be created during shooting and premiere before the online launch and gallery show to create buzz.  It will be made available for download on the final website.  Costs include travel, equipment rentals, and paying for final production.

The People: 

Chris Cammock is the founder of Sublime Eye Design, a multimedia design firm based in Windsor, Vermont. She brings an extensive design and photography background to the project and has recently completed projects ranging from corporate branding to interior design of a small luxury inn. &

Nathaniel Hansen is the founder of SalmonRun Media and is currently completing a full length documentary, "The Elders" which was a successful KickStarter project.  He has created numerous documentaries and short film projects.

Leilani Bascom is an accomplished portrait photographer based in Boston, MA who has worked on previous Sublime Eye projects. She will be one of the main photographers on the project in Windsor.

Cassie George is a business owner and photographer based in Windsor, Vermont.

Sarah Nelson is a professional photographer who has operated her own studio and lives just across the river from Windsor, VT in a state-not-to-be-named. 

Nate Larson has a background in product creation & design, writing, photography, and business development and is the editor of 250 Years/250 People: Windsor, Vermont

Scope & Finances:

The editors of this project have already secured in-kind contributions and equipment donations for what they hope is the beginning of a long range production that can travel to a number of towns for the purpose of creating photo essays and archive-quality books to capture people of a town at a certain point in history. To complete the first project in Windsor, Vermont, we need your support.


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