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An awkward fast food worker gains a new perspective on life while competing for customers against an excessively happy-go-lucky rival.
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AMAZING April Updates for One Per Person!



Happy April, Kickstarter Family! For those of you in wet climates, we hope your spring has sprung with April showers, umbrellas, and cute rain boots. As the greenery thaws from the winter, enjoy the latest news from the One Per Person newsroom.



Brrrrrrruuuuuuuuuummmmmrummmrummmmmmmmrummmmmrummmmrummmmmrummmmmrummmmmrummmmrummmmrummmmrummmmm (our best attempt at spelling out an excitingly suspenseful drumroll using onomatopoeia)........



WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine the best dancing gif ever created > insert here.

We were excited last month when we crossed the One Hundred Shot threshold, so you can only imagine our utter THRILL to reach this milestone. EVERY. SINGLE. SHOT. EVERY ONE! There are moments in this film that are truly awe-inspiring, and this moment is one of them. Relish in the moment. Soak up the ecstasy. We are so, so happy to share this news with you. You were literally the first people we wanted to tell as soon as the last shot rolled off the mini-farm. Your contributions started the rendering process, and we are so thankful to be celebrating this victory together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously, as we have mentioned in the past, small re-renders will be necessary as we work through tech fixes and other necessary steps, but re-renders should be minimal. We have the mini-farm still at our disposal, as well as artists with remote rendering machines on retainer in case anything pops up.

CUE THE SLOW MOTION POPPING OF CHAMPAGNE BOTTLES, FALLING CONFETTI, and SWELLING CHARIOTS OF FIRE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!! [close eyes as necessary.... no one is looking, we promise.... all our eyes are closed too].

EDITORIAL: Our latest editorial session was a huge success, and we have already scheduled our next one for the beginning of May. We made the announcement to the entire crew, and they are surging forward so we can have as many updated shots as possible.

LIGHTING / TECH QC: We also have happy news to report in the land of Lighting and Tech QC. We have made huge strides, with our team members working 12+ hours a day to wrap up the final tech fixes in a timely manner. In fact, with all the tech solutions we have been finding, we have been able to decrease the inventory of Lighting QC down to just a handful of remaining shots.

COMPOSITING: Now that Rendering has passed their major milestone, Compositing is in the spotlight now! Our new team members have spent the last few weeks adjusting to the pipeline and workflow, but we are extremely pleased with the results we have been seeing from them. Their enthusiasm, excitement, and talent cannot help but shine through in their shots.

Now you may ask: "Now that the first-pass renders are done, how come the movie is not finished? I am drinking champagne here, after all!"

Compositing is the final step after Rendering. Now that we have the raw rendered frames, they needed to go through a polish pass in compositing in order to get everything post-processed and up to snuff. One important part to remember is that a rendered shot is actually many different "elements" that are rendered SEPARATELY.

Take an example shot: In front of the Cheery Chicken restaurant booth, Chuck juggles cups to entertain a little girl.

In basic terms, the rendering for this shot involves rendering: 

1. The pier where the restaurant booth sits. 

2. The Cheery Chicken restaurant booth. 

3. Chuck. 

4. The cups. 

5. The little girl.

As you can see, we now have five INDIVIDUAL elements of rendered material for our example shot. So when we say a "shot" is rendered, we actually mean all of the separate pieces for that shot have finished rendering. Of course, there is more technical jargon that goes into each pass and there can even be multiple render passes for single elements, but for the sake of simplicity in this example, we have five individual pieces of rendered material.

Who is going to put the five pieces together? ......COMPOSITING! As you can see, Compositing is necessary. Otherwise, we would have a big bucket of rendered elements and no film. Not to mention, once the compositors put the pieces together, they work their magic to blend the elements and make sure everything fits together seamlessly. For instance, the little girl might look darker than Chuck once we see them side-by-side, so she needs to be brightened so skin tones match.

Our Compositing team is ready to work-Work-WORK to sew these elements together into a beautiful piece of art. We are currently 10% finished with the inventory and looking to fly-Fly-FLY through the rest!


-- Knock-knock. 

-- Who's there? 

-- Compositors. 

-- Compositors Who? 


With a large percentage of the shots in the queue for compositing, we are eager to grow our compositing team and spread the love. If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining, please send them our way. If you are not a compositor but would like to assist in recruiting, please also feel free to contact us! We can provide you with a job description and press packet to distribute on social media, your favorite forums, and any other avenues you may find fruitful.


With excitement and adrenaline rushing through our veins as we work, we always like taking a calm moment to breathe deeply and remember everything that has helped bring us to this moment in the production. We are so thankful to be reaching each milestone and even MORE thankful to have a cheering section that can celebrate with us. Celebrating alone is not NEARLY as satisfying than to celebrate with others, and we would not choose anyone else but YOU. Your loyalty is not only admirable but inspirational. For as happy as we are seeing our own work, we are happiest when we can see that our work and progress excites and brings happiness to you. Thank YOU for being here with us and for celebrating with us at every turn in the road.


This month, we have a special piece of art to showcase.... an audible one! Our incredible composer Jake Walker is continuing to refine the OPP score, but we have a small work-in-progress snippet of one happy moment in the film. 

In addition, we have also have another beautiful shot to share of Nancy and Chuck! 

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MARCHing to the Finish Line on OPP!



​Hello, Kickstarter Family! Amid all the awards show and Oscar buzz the past month, we cannot help but look forward to the day that One Per Person will arrive to the festival scene on those beautiful silver screens. We are closer than ever! With great excitement, FEAST your eyes on the BIG and HEROic progress that the film has made:


RENDERING: ​EINHUNDERT.....CENTO....HONDERD.....UNUM CENTUM...​..STO.....CIENTO.....CEM.....HUNDRA....since our team is comprised of artists around the world, we wanted to celebrate this milestone in AS MANY languages as possible.... SINCE WE HAVE RENDERED ONE HUNDRED SHOTS!!!!! We are shouting this number from the rooftop in every language possible! Triple-digits. TRIPLE DIGITS. We have less than TEN left to render a first pass version. Our small but mighty render team, coupled with the mini farm, are finishing up the remaining shots in the queue. Although some shots will require re-renders to fix any issues that arise, re-renders are often limited to only isolated passes of the shot (such as only the characters need to be rendered, etc.) and are quicker to complete.

LIGHTING / TECH QC: ​Our recent Editorial session has helped us lock in the final Lighting QC needs for the show. ​We have set an aggressive schedule to finish them up, and our Lighters are up to the challenge! Shots are moving out of this department's door and grooving their way over to Compositing.

COMPOSITING: ​We have brought three After Effects compositors onto the team, and they are being loaded up with shots! The department is OFFICIALLY underway. The strategy for Compositing is similar to Lighting in that we are assigning "batches" to artists. Instead of being fed shot-by-shot, each compositor is given a chunk of shots that match in similarity to one another. This way, with our remote pipeline, they can post shots for review and continue working on other shots in their batch for constant progress. We have approximately one hundred shots to composite varying in complexity from very simple to more complex. We have broken out the pom-poms, and the whole team is cheering on these new artists.

EDITORIAL: ​Our next Editorial session has been scheduled in two weeks. Now that we are in the final stages, regular Editorial sessions are being established to keep the cut up to date as shots roll out of Final Compositing. These sessions also prove useful for allowing us to view compositing in continuity and ensure that all the shots blend together and feel like they belong in the same time of day and world.


​Are you a compositor? Is your colleague a compositor? Is your uncle's best friend's daughter's neighbor's dog-sitter a compositor? We want to talk to them! We are still accepting applications. Even if you do not know After Effects and/or are a Nuke-based artist, we are still interested in reviewing your reel. We want to move through Compositing as QUICKLY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, and the only way to do so is with as many humans as possible! Spread the word. As we blaze through the schedule, this opportunity will not last long! ​


​ONE HUNDRED THANK-YOUS to YOU as we celebrate ONE HUNDRED shots being rendered. With only 110 shots in the film, this achievement is a TRUE descriptor of how far this project has come and how little we have left to go. We hope that YOU celebrate and take joy in this milestone! There are definitely WAY more than one hundred reasons we are so thankful for each and every warm fuzzy that this Kickstarter family has brought to us, but we want to list just a few:

1. Thank you for your support! 2. Thank you for your contributions! 3. Thank you for your happy comments and likes! 4. Thank you for your ​dedication to high quality! 5. Thank you for following our updates and page! 6. Thank you for spreading the word about the film! 7. Thank you for helping us recruit and/or volunteering yourself! 8. Thank you for your generosity! 9. Thank you for your encouragement! 10. Thank you for enjoying this journey!

....times 10 THANK YOU's for being the best motivators for us to finish this film!

We are continually excited at posting new shots, new artwork, and new material to show our progress to you. You are a fire inside us that burns daily and reminds us that every step forward is also a step forward for our Kickstarter family and another step closer to releasing this film for all to enjoy.


​We asked, and you decided! The overwhelming result of the poll was to present a LIGHTED SHOT. Without further ado, we are present the Lighted shot as promised from our last update and also ANOTHER one to celebrate this update as well! ​

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#{project_title}'s video poster

Happy New Year from One Per Person!



HAPPY NEW YEAR, KICKSTARTER FAMILY! Ringing in the new year 2015, we are thrilled to share with you the progress from December as we look forward to the MOST EXCITING year of OPP. Light your sparklers, don your party hats, and read onwards:


RENDERING: Rendering is FLYING. Pure and simple. FLYING. We are moving SO FAST that we do not even need exclamation points to describe the speed. Boom. Drop the microphone. In terms of exact numbers, we have 77% of the entire film rendered!!!!!!!!!!!! (Okay, we could not help ourselves. We are just too happy.) We are OFFICIALLY in the final 25%!!!!!!!!! Our mini-farm continues to churn out shots even faster than we anticipated, and our fantastic volunteers are switftly pushing through inventory with their donated machines. We even had artists rendering over the holidays to move faster, and the payoff has been fruitful.

LIGHTING / TECH QC: With the mini-farm and donated machines working at TOP NOTCH speed, we are quickly working to prep the remaining shots for Render. We have reallocated the majority of our team into Lighting and Tech QC to throw as much force into this department as possible. As a reminder, this stage involves last-minute tweaks needed before a shot can be sent for Final Render. We have fifteen high priority shots in this area remaining, and our team is working through them to keep our hungry mini-farm fed. To give an example of the type of Quality Control notes being addressed, they might include:

1. Making sure the characters' skin matches across all the shots. Sometimes, they look too pink or yellow/orange. No one wants a sun-burned Chuck or ill-looking Nancy!

2. Adjusting lights to make sure set pieces or props are not blowing out or over-exposed. We want you to be able to see everything in the shot, not big white splotches!

3. Fixing noise issues so that each shot is crisp and clear and not fuzzy / low-resolution looking.

Although the above list only demonstrates a few of the matters being addressed, you can see that such tweaks are vital and essential to address before sending into the final film. We are diligent and judicious, however, in addressing only Mission Critical matters to keep the total number of QC and Tech Fixes low.

COMPOSITING: We are now formally ramping up our recruitment of After Effects compositors for the show. As renders finish, they are reviewed to ensure no errors or technical glitches are visible. From there, they move into the Final Compositing inventory for 2D adjustments needed. On the whole, Final Compositing needs should be minimal. Compositors will take the shots from the already "sweet" status they are to "super sugary call-the-dentist sweet". They are the cherry on top of the amazing sundae of hard work from all the other departments!

EDITORIAL: As we close in on the last chunk of shots to render, we have scheduled our next Editorial session for the end of this month. We will be dropping all the completed renders into the cut and be able to review them in continuity with each other. Every session with our editor makes us more giddy than the last, as we come closer and closer to actualizing how the film will look upon that big, silver screen.


Mentioned earlier, the DOORS ARE BACK OPEN! We are openly recruiting for After Effects compositors. We are ready for you....and yes, we have digital sundaes with cherries! If you have been watching and waiting for your long-awaited entry into the film, your opportunity has arrived. Please send us a message with your information and reel if you are interested. Spread the word!


Once again, we find ourselves happily and gratefully looking around at the incredible support circle that surrounds One Per Person. Looking into the face of 2015, we have been taking the time to look back upon 2014 and all the help, love, generosity, and kindness that you have displayed to us on this journey. YOU have made this production filled with so much joy and inspiration. You truly do inspire us to a measure you cannot imagine. We make special time to review all your comments received via Kickstarter, email, and Facebook. They bring us such smiles! We are indebted to you for your patronage to this project, and we cannot write enough to demonstrate how much we thank you and want to finish this film for you!


For this month, we would love you to tell us what you want to see for artwork! ​

A. A Lighted Shot 

B. Concept Art 

C. ​Happy New Years Photos of our directors ​

D. ​Early Storyboard Frame

Noteworthy November OPP Updates!



We can hardly believe we are now in the month of peppermint mochas, turkey, and large-scale holiday sales. Amid the upcoming holiday season and sparkle, enjoy our November update!


RENDERING: LET'S GET READY TO REEEEEEEENNNNNNDDDDDDEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! Sing with us, now: "We will.... we will.... RENDER...." The team is still hard at work rendering the remaining shots of the film. As a reminder, the render farm served to partially render the film. Their powerful computers were dedicated to the most complex shots of the film. The remaining portion of the film (roughly a total of sixty-five percent - a portion of which is already complete) is being locally rendered through a combination of artist-donated machines and also the newly created Mini-Farm.

MINI FARM: As our goal is to render as quickly as possible, we have been firing on ALL CYLINDERS to ensure that maximum output is rendered in minimal time. After thoughtful preparation, the production team, directors, and CG Tech Supervisor Tom Craigen decided the best course of action was to supplement our rendering efforts with additional hardware. The approach involved purchasing three Mac Mini computers to build a "miniature" render farm. Thanks to the efforts of Tom, who developed the infrastructure and continues to ensure operational status, this new addition to OPP Operation Render is cranking through shots as we speak. The mini farm, along with many individuals from the One Per Person crew who have graciously volunteered their personal computers to render, are making a large impact on the amount of inventory left. Even former artists have returned to the project to donate their time and machines! We are so, so thankful for a team that goes above and beyond to render each shot into final and glorious form.

LIGHTING / TECH QC: At this stage, the remaining artists not rendering have been tasked with addressing any outstanding technical or artistic QC in order to prepare the rest of the shots for rendering. Artistic QC involves adjusting individual shots to make sure they match up in continuity. As more and more of the film is completed and reviewed, a small number of "must-have" artistic QC is necessary to make sure shots fit together to create the strongest and most visually-compelling story. A small number of technical QC fixes are also being addressed, ranging from broken textures in specific shots to missing clothing to corrupted files, all par for the course in ensuring shots glide smoothly into and out of rendering. Fortunately, the number of tech fixes is low, and these fixes are given the top priority to the project’s technical directors.

COMPOSITING: With shots rolling off the mini-farm and from artists' computers, we are also continuing to develop our Compositing task force. As each shot finishes rendering, we are sending them through a quick Comp to marry all the different passes and elements into one lovely image (see our last update for a reminder explanation on Compositing). Currently, we have all artists focused on either prepping shots for render via QC or locally rendering, but as inventory builds in our Compositing needs, we will grow the task force in proportion.

FILM SCORE: for the Lovely score we are hearing..... O is for the One composer we thank ...... V is Very, very positively splendid.... E is the Exciting news that WE HAVE ALMOST FINISHED THE FULL SCORE. The directors met with the short’s composer, Jake Walker, this week to discuss notes on the film score and it appears that the final soundtrack for the project should be completed within the next month. This beautiful piece of music really makes One Per Person shine as an animated short, and is one of the greatest strengths of the film.


We would like to take the time to thank you all once again for your interest in our project and to thank you for believing in us. Animated shorts are extremely difficult to produce from start to finish, and you have kept with us all throughout this process. Just as with any project, there are been speed bumps along the way, but family always sticks by your side... and we cannot think of a better time than the holidays to be grateful for this Kickstarter family. Even during this busy time of year, we are still active in full production and aim to output the best possible product we can. You have been so instrumental in taking us this far, and we are working very hard to ensure your efforts are rewarded. At every turn, we are asking ourselves what we can do better to service you and thank you for the wonderful gift you have offered us. Thank you all and have a fantastic holiday season.


One beautifully rendered shot of Nancy, beginning her day!

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Snazzy September OPP Updates!



​Happy Post-Render Farm month! Squinting in the sunlight, we have emerged from our render farm cave and back into the world of the iPhone 6, Brangelina's secret wedding, and the early release of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. As we reacclimatize to a world where Brangie is now an official thing, enjoy our own breaking developments from One Per Person!


​RENDER FARM: With the HERCULEAN and NON-STOP efforts of our team, we sent shot after shot from our inventory to the wonderful team at RenderSolve here in Los Angeles, California for final render. The rendered images are simply STUNNING. The powerful computers at RenderSolve were exactly what we needed to process our heavy, complex shots for render. We are thankful not only to RenderSolve but also the round-the-clock support of our TDs and artists, prepping and tech-checking all files for rapid-fire processing through the render farm.

The render farm was reserved for our biggest, most complex, heaviest shots in the film. Around 30% of the film falls into this category, and we utilized every single minute of our contract with the farm to process those bad boys. A "complex" shot includes multiple render passes, many layers (think of a Photoshop file), big pieces of geometry (aka set pieces), many frames (meaning the duration of the shot), and many more factors. There is NO WAY these shots could have been rendered on anything less than a professional farm with heavy-hitting hardware at their disposal.

Now the BIG question.... WHAT IS LEFT?

LOCAL RENDERING: The remainder of our "smaller" shots will be locally rendered through our artists. These shots are shorter, have fewer characters and set pieces, and are much easier to handle on a single person's computer. These artists will let the shots render on their machines and then upload the final render to our network storage server.

MINI-FARM: In the background, our TDs are hard at work connecting a few machines together to create what is called a "mini-farm". While not quite as powerful as RenderSolve, this mini-farm will allow us to pump through any shots where Local Rendering just does not seem to work. This way, we have multiple methods of cranking through the remaining renders.

COMPOSITING: As shots finish rendering, we are running them through a brief compositing stage. In the compositing stage, all the various render passes are combined to create the final shot. For those of you unfamiliar with compositing, imagine making a pasta salad. You "render" all the pasta in the boiling water and "render" all the vegetables in a pan so they are cooked. Then you take all the cooked (aka "rendered") ingredients and mix them together to create the final pasta salad. Compositing is like mixing all the ingredients together, and the pasta salad is the final shot. Ta-da! Anyone else hungry now? We certainly are.... HUNGRY TO FINISH! We have half a dozen artists compositing in conjunction with local rendering, which once again literally means ROUND-THE-CLOCK progress as shots render in the nighttime while our artists sleep and then are comped in the daytime while they are awake.


Thanks to EVERY single one of you.... we are now officially in the HOME STRETCH. We have climbed over the peak of Render Farm Mountain and are jumping on a gigantic Slip-n-Slide down to the Finish Line. Your attention to our updates, your happy comments, and your enduring support has been nothing short of incredible. We are continually grateful that we were blessed with such a fantastic Kickstarter family. We recognize and appreciate your effort to stay connected with us, to stay involved, to understand the process, and to match our expectation for high-quality work that rivals some of the best animation studios in the world. YOUR efforts are a part of this journey. YOUR hard work at financially supporting and cheering continues to be absolutely instrumental. We know those donations came from your heart, and we are pouring ours out in return. Never forget how important you are to this team. We THANK YOU.


To help visualize this idea of "compositing", we have put together a little animated gif to help best explain how all the different "ingredients" come together to make the final image. Enjoy this moment with Chuck and a few of his customers!