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An awkward fast food worker gains a new perspective on life while
competing for customers against an excessively happy-go-lucky rival.
An awkward fast food worker gains a new perspective on life while competing for customers against an excessively happy-go-lucky rival.
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Happy New Year from One Per Person!


HAPPIEST OF HAPPY NEW YEARS TO OUR KICKSTARTER FAMILY! With 2016 in full swing, we thought now would be the perfect post-holiday update with our BIG BIG BIG BIG news and goals of the impending year!


COMPOSITING: Compositing has moved LEAPS AND BOUNDS in the past few months. As mentioned in our last update, we were able to bring some additional compositors with decades of experience in their back pockets, and they graciously spent their holidays plugging away in order to complete passes on ALL....OF.....THE......SHOTS. 100% OF THE SHOTS. YES, ALL OF THEM!

YES. EVERY SINGLE SHOT HAS MOVED THROUGH THE QUEUE. NOT ONCE....BUT TWICE! With only one more round of notes to go, we expect compositing to wrap in the NEXT. FEW. WEEKS.

COLOR TIMING: With yet ANOTHER department on the cusp of finishing, we have begun the preparations for our LAST ARTISTIC DEPARTMENT. You read properly, lads and ladies, we have reached the END OF THE LINE. We have found a fantastic colorist that has worked on all the recent blockbusters who will be joining OPP for our finishing session.

For those of you unfamiliar with color timing (also called "color grading"), the colorist is a singular artist who will be the final touch on all the shots in the film. With so many artists compositing all over the world, small but inevitable inconsistencies arise since everyone is using a different type of monitor where the colors can look ever-so-slightly different.

The colorist brings ALL the shots into his suite, and he will sit live with the directors to unify any of these small discrepancies and ensure the piece is absolutely spotless. You can think of the colorist like the master chef in a restaurant kitchen. Before the plate (our film) goes to the diner, the head chef always takes a look to provide consistency to every single dish served that evening. He is the last stop before the presentation. There may be many chefs in the kitchen, but there is one master chef who sees everything come together.

We have a meeting planned at the end of this month to assess any particular preparations needed and also to determine a weekend where both directors and the producer will meet in Los Angeles and join the colorist in his suite!

KICKSTARTER: You? Yes, you! YOU have an update section now! With the film finally wrapping up, we are starting to prepare all the fun goodies for our lovely audience, YOU! All tiers are being prepared, such as the pre-production art packet, the personalized DVD openers, and the maquette statues. We have just finished the animation, lighting, and compositing on all the personalized DVD introductions, and we will be completing our first full draft of the layout for the pre-production art packet at the end of this month. We are so thrilled to finally be at this stage, packaging up your well-deserved Thank You gifts for being our fabulous OPP family so that the mail out can coincide with the conclusion of the film once color timing finishes.


How could we possibly need anyone else with the film so tantalizingly close to the finish line? Well, we do! As we strategize for the festival circuit, we are assembling the best think tank Kickstarter can offer as we map out our strongest and most efficient run through the hundreds of available festivals for entry. If you have festival experience and intel to share, we welcome you with listening ears and open arms! We all want OPP to go far and wide after completion!


Beginning the New Year is so full of fresh potential, and we can see the year already bursting forth with opportunity for One Per Person as we close in on these final departments and look to the next stage of life for this film in the festivals. Your love, support, and faith in this journey has only strengthened the potential of the film. We continually thank you again for all you have so graciously offered in 2015 and for the tremendous value you add every day to our efforts in delivering a worthy and high quality piece.


We are so full of excitement; we feel just like this little girl Kara! 

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Giving Thanks and Updates from OPP!



Happy November to our lovely Kickstarter family! We hope everyone is looking forward to their respective holiday seasons and the upcoming fun of the next few months. We have been having a lot of fun the past few months ourselves, which we are excited to share in our latest update!


OVERVIEW: Our news this month is short and sweet, which we LOVE because the smaller the update means the closer we are to that big, fancy Finish Line! As we near the end of the year, we thought we would post a fun little timeline of how FAR we have come since starting these Kickstarter updates.


Animation: FINISHED 


Animation QC: FINISHED 

Texturing: FINISHED 

Look Development: FINISHED 

Rendering: FINISHED 

Rendering QC: FINISHED 

Lighting: FINISHED 

Lighting QC: FINISHED 


We are truly proud and forever grateful to every single department for bringing their A+ GAME to turn-and-burn through nights, weekends, and more to deliver this production. Looking through that list, we can really see how little we have left to go!

COMPOSITING: Our team is all crewed up! We expanded the team to include a few more rock star players, and we are so excited to see that pace pick up even FASTER. In fact, we anticipate moving SO quickly through the next few months that we have started building a full After Effects conform of the edit so that fresh composites can be dropped directly into place (rather than going through an editing software like Avid or Final Cut Pro).

CREDITS: Give us a D.....Give us an O.....Give us a N.....Give us an E....! What's that spell? DONE! DONE! DONE! The motion graphics portion of the credits is FINAL, FINAL, FINAL! Please imagine us jumping up and down and up and down and up and down! We have LOCKED all artwork on the credits. From here, we just need to tweak some text placement (since our team will always continue to grow up until delivery), which will be handled just before color-timing.

Sing with us now, "Ceeeeeeleeeebrate good times, come on!"

Congratulations to our motion graphics artist who was a one-man-band that really went to town personally animating several unique pieces of artwork to create a memorable way to close out this piece.


Do YOU have the most popular Facebook page of your friends? Do YOU have witty Tweets in excesss? Do YOU have the perfect eye for Instagram filters? If so, we want YOU! We are looking for anyone interesting in spearheading our publicity and social media management. As we start planning our festival circuit, online buzz will be crucial to spreading the word and the love for One Per Person both here in Los Angeles and around the world wide web. Drop us a line if you are interested.


The holiday season always reminds us to be grateful for the love of our families, so we wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude for YOU, our Kickstarter family. Seeing the words "Thank you" typed here on the screen never feels like enough! Thank you so much for your continued support, for your continued love, and for your continued standard of excellence. As the weather turns colder, our hearts just grow warmer as we work towards delivering this film to you!


For everyone showing off their Smiley buttons loud and proud, here is a shot that prominently features this prop in the film! 

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The Leaves are Changing as the Updates Keep Coming! One Per Person's Autumnal Update



It's hard to believe how quickly time passes when you're having fun! Hello all of our friendly Kickstarter patrons and welcome to the One Per Person update for the month of September, where the weather is changing as frequently as our inventory list! So grab a pumpkin spice latte and sit back, relax, and enjoy our fall update! ​


LIGHTING / TECH QC: Break out the CONFETTI because One Per Person is officially DONE with Lighting and Tech QC work! We are SO proud of the hard-working team that stayed true blue with their tireless dedication to making the lighting of each shot TRULY the very, very best for the story. EVERY. SINGLE. SHOT. Snaps and claps for everyone! That's right Kickstarter, ANOTHER department has completed its task and moved on to other work. 

COMPOSITING: Now that Lighting QC is complete, the Compositing department just got a bit bigger! We've shifted our Lighting QC artists over to the Compositing department in order to assist with the final major production process of the film and are cranking through inventory. We also plan on bringing on a few more compositing artists to help finish out the film. Our mission is almost complete! 

CREDITS: The names keep on scrollin' as the credits keep on rollin'! We are down to the last few revisions of our credit scroll and are making promising headway with motion graphics and print layout thanks to our small team of talented graphic designers. This is an exciting time where every aspect of our film is coming together to form a nice and cohesive package! ​


We still have open slots in the Compositing and Color Timing departments, so if you have ever wanted to work on a professional-level animated short, now is your chance! We are still accepting applicants to help us finish out the project and would love to hear from you! In addition, we would love to have help spreading the word, so if you know of anyone who would be interested in joining the team please send them our way! We have a press packet that we can e-mail out that gives more information on the project. ​


We relish the opportunity to once again say THANK YOU to all of our patrons for your continued support, without you this project would not be possible. We are continuing to work hard and hope you will be just as proud of our final product as we are! ​


We love looking at the beautiful transformation One Per Person has taken, shaping from storyboards all the way to the fully composited shots. Each artist has really shined in their department, and we are always so excited to show off their work. Enjoy this fun shot of Chuck dancing from the storyboards and now! 

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OPP Heats Up with Summer Updates!



​​Happy Summer, Kickstarter Family! Just like the temperatures keeping rising outside, the OPP party just keeps getting hotter and hotter! Every day shows the "To Do" is shrinking smaller and the Finish Line is moving closer. We just cannot keep our excitement and anticipation at bay!


SCORE: We are HIPPING AND HOPPING AND HOOPING AND HOLLER-ING AND HUZZAH-ING AND HALLEJUAH-ING and HOORAY-ING (yes, our excitement is so big that we have to create new verbs to describe the joy) at the news that our score is FINISHED! We have just received the final mix from Jake Walker and could not be happier with the result. He went above and beyond for the film, even recording a live solo musician for a portion of his composition and also securing a formal studio space for the mix. We are thrilled that his dedication and hard work will result in a fantastic auditory experience in our theaters, festivals, and YOUR wonderful homes!

RENDERING: As seen in our last update, we happily reported that ALL FIRST PASS RENDERS ARE COMPLETE! We are now in the much smaller "re-render" phase that involves re-running particular renders again to fix any technical issues, problems, etc. that were noticed upon review. Re-renders are common to all productions and are most always on a minimal "as-needed" basis. They are the "minute-clinic" of CG films - available to quickly patch up the renders where broken.

LIGHTING / TECH QC: Too bad OPP is not part of a basketball league because WE ARE IN THE FINAL FOUR. Only FOUR shots remain in Lighting QC. Our two Lighting artists are at full speed to deliver and wrap the department. Even though we may not have a basketball team, we strive to be the BEST CHEERLEADERS and are shaking virtual pom-poms for our Lighting and TD team as they both work through their remaining shots.

COMP: Please hold while we pull out our Webster's dictionary to find more exciting exclamatory words to celebrate THAT WE ARE OFFICIALLY 25% FINISHED IN COMP!!!!!! One quarter of the project is locked, loaded, and ready for Final Editorial. We are now breathing down the 1/3 completion mark and are about to launch another new batch of shots to the department this very week. We are also actively reviewing potential new recruits to hopefully expand our team and amp up the progress to an even higher rate!

CREDITS: As we move swiftly through our final major department of compositing, we are in a position to begin our CREDITS SCROLL. We have a very talented motion graphics artist that is pulling storyboards, animating them, and giving a fun flair to our end scroll so that all our artists receive the well-deserved recognition for their artwork and so that YOU can shine in your Kickstarter section! We are more than pleased with the progress we have seen thus far and look forward to ending the film with this amusing and playful segment.


If Bugs Bunny were to pop up while munching a carrot and say, "What's up, OPP?".... we would say, "We are looking for compositors and color timers, Bugs!" Regardless if you are Team Bugs Bunny or Team Elmer Fudd, we welcome your assistance! Our doors are still open for applications for both compositing and color timing, and we are so appreciative of every person that has helped to spread the word to colleagues and friends. If you are aware of or connected to any clubs, forums, classes, speaking events, conferences, or other avenues where OPP could have a recruitment presence, we would love to speak with you. We are ready to hop in with hands full of press packets and information for interested artists. 


We are always so happy to end these updates with yet another opportunity to express our thanksgiving and praise for YOU. ​Please note that these messages are never just a "blanket" form of thanks to a big group but rather a personal expression of happiness and gratefulness to EACH INDIVIDUAL. Please consider these words a DIRECT message to you. We actively think of each individual reading this update. YOU and your personal, individual support are irreplaceable in this journey, and we firmly believe that each piece of financial of support, each vote of confidence, and each expression of patronage for the arts as a UNIQUE and IMPORTANT donation to our film. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support to us, to our work, and to our goal.


For this update, we wanted to reveal a small "Behind the Scenes" photo of the studio used for finishing the score! Photo courtesy of Jake Walker. 

AMAZING April Updates for One Per Person!



Happy April, Kickstarter Family! For those of you in wet climates, we hope your spring has sprung with April showers, umbrellas, and cute rain boots. As the greenery thaws from the winter, enjoy the latest news from the One Per Person newsroom.



Brrrrrrruuuuuuuuuummmmmrummmrummmmmmmmrummmmmrummmmrummmmmrummmmmrummmmmrummmmrummmmrummmmrummmmm (our best attempt at spelling out an excitingly suspenseful drumroll using onomatopoeia)........



WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine the best dancing gif ever created > insert here.

We were excited last month when we crossed the One Hundred Shot threshold, so you can only imagine our utter THRILL to reach this milestone. EVERY. SINGLE. SHOT. EVERY ONE! There are moments in this film that are truly awe-inspiring, and this moment is one of them. Relish in the moment. Soak up the ecstasy. We are so, so happy to share this news with you. You were literally the first people we wanted to tell as soon as the last shot rolled off the mini-farm. Your contributions started the rendering process, and we are so thankful to be celebrating this victory together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously, as we have mentioned in the past, small re-renders will be necessary as we work through tech fixes and other necessary steps, but re-renders should be minimal. We have the mini-farm still at our disposal, as well as artists with remote rendering machines on retainer in case anything pops up.

CUE THE SLOW MOTION POPPING OF CHAMPAGNE BOTTLES, FALLING CONFETTI, and SWELLING CHARIOTS OF FIRE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!! [close eyes as necessary.... no one is looking, we promise.... all our eyes are closed too].

EDITORIAL: Our latest editorial session was a huge success, and we have already scheduled our next one for the beginning of May. We made the announcement to the entire crew, and they are surging forward so we can have as many updated shots as possible.

LIGHTING / TECH QC: We also have happy news to report in the land of Lighting and Tech QC. We have made huge strides, with our team members working 12+ hours a day to wrap up the final tech fixes in a timely manner. In fact, with all the tech solutions we have been finding, we have been able to decrease the inventory of Lighting QC down to just a handful of remaining shots.

COMPOSITING: Now that Rendering has passed their major milestone, Compositing is in the spotlight now! Our new team members have spent the last few weeks adjusting to the pipeline and workflow, but we are extremely pleased with the results we have been seeing from them. Their enthusiasm, excitement, and talent cannot help but shine through in their shots.

Now you may ask: "Now that the first-pass renders are done, how come the movie is not finished? I am drinking champagne here, after all!"

Compositing is the final step after Rendering. Now that we have the raw rendered frames, they needed to go through a polish pass in compositing in order to get everything post-processed and up to snuff. One important part to remember is that a rendered shot is actually many different "elements" that are rendered SEPARATELY.

Take an example shot: In front of the Cheery Chicken restaurant booth, Chuck juggles cups to entertain a little girl.

In basic terms, the rendering for this shot involves rendering: 

1. The pier where the restaurant booth sits. 

2. The Cheery Chicken restaurant booth. 

3. Chuck. 

4. The cups. 

5. The little girl.

As you can see, we now have five INDIVIDUAL elements of rendered material for our example shot. So when we say a "shot" is rendered, we actually mean all of the separate pieces for that shot have finished rendering. Of course, there is more technical jargon that goes into each pass and there can even be multiple render passes for single elements, but for the sake of simplicity in this example, we have five individual pieces of rendered material.

Who is going to put the five pieces together? ......COMPOSITING! As you can see, Compositing is necessary. Otherwise, we would have a big bucket of rendered elements and no film. Not to mention, once the compositors put the pieces together, they work their magic to blend the elements and make sure everything fits together seamlessly. For instance, the little girl might look darker than Chuck once we see them side-by-side, so she needs to be brightened so skin tones match.

Our Compositing team is ready to work-Work-WORK to sew these elements together into a beautiful piece of art. We are currently 10% finished with the inventory and looking to fly-Fly-FLY through the rest!


-- Knock-knock. 

-- Who's there? 

-- Compositors. 

-- Compositors Who? 


With a large percentage of the shots in the queue for compositing, we are eager to grow our compositing team and spread the love. If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining, please send them our way. If you are not a compositor but would like to assist in recruiting, please also feel free to contact us! We can provide you with a job description and press packet to distribute on social media, your favorite forums, and any other avenues you may find fruitful.


With excitement and adrenaline rushing through our veins as we work, we always like taking a calm moment to breathe deeply and remember everything that has helped bring us to this moment in the production. We are so thankful to be reaching each milestone and even MORE thankful to have a cheering section that can celebrate with us. Celebrating alone is not NEARLY as satisfying than to celebrate with others, and we would not choose anyone else but YOU. Your loyalty is not only admirable but inspirational. For as happy as we are seeing our own work, we are happiest when we can see that our work and progress excites and brings happiness to you. Thank YOU for being here with us and for celebrating with us at every turn in the road.


This month, we have a special piece of art to showcase.... an audible one! Our incredible composer Jake Walker is continuing to refine the OPP score, but we have a small work-in-progress snippet of one happy moment in the film. 

In addition, we have also have another beautiful shot to share of Nancy and Chuck! 

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