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The Blue Wasp: A Hand-Published Ghost Story's video poster

The Blue Wasp is a hand-published ghost story by Nash High. Read more

Kansas City, MO Fiction
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This project was successfully funded on October 22, 2011.

The Blue Wasp is a hand-published ghost story by Nash High.

Kansas City, MO Fiction
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Richard Moore is anticipating a peaceful weekend of camping on Mira Cove, a secluded corner of Sylvan Lake, but his plans are derailed when he is stung by a strange jewel-blue wasp and begins having vivid, feverish dreams involving a elusive woman.  Richard quickly finds himself forced to face the real motivation behind his trip, as well as the dark mystery lingering in the past of Sylvan Lake.

My name is Nash High.  I'm a writer of fiction, poetry, plays, music, and more.  I'm drawn to concepts like self-publishing, D.I.Y., lo-fi, zines, and anything that puts creative power in the hands of ordinary people.  As such, I've been searching for a way to fuse my love for the handmade with my self-publishing aspirations.  This is what I've come up with:

"The Blue Wasp" is my first shot at a hand-publishing project.  It is a short (16 pages total) ghost story, just in time for Halloween, which I will be printing and producing myself and distributing through this Kickstarter project.  The story will be printed in booklet form, sewn together along the spine.  All backers will also receive a digital copy, in case something should happen to their hard copy.

For a sample of the story itself, here are the first two paragraphs:

            There is a rumor, whispered lightly in taverns and dance clubs around the hills, that Sylvan Lake was once frequented by mystics, searching for some enchanting property of those clear waters and that still sky.  It is even said that they would perform sacrifices in a specific grove, lost now, of course.  They would carry a drugged peasant or slave in on a long cloth and lay their offering in the center of the clearing.  Some versions of the story include fires—with green flame, even—but others only mention the chanting.  Before long, the sacrifice would awaken, and its pale eyes would grow wide and white at the moonlight, as though something great and horrible were stooping over the grove to stare back.  The mystics, however, never looked upward.

            Richard Moore had never heard this particular story, and if he had he would have dismissed it and forgotten every detail save for the name of Sylvan Lake.  He would have remembered this for the same reason for which he was heading there now.


* Shipping is built into the price of each reward tier.
* All tiers include a digital copy of the book purchased, in PDF format. (If you are desperate for an eBook version, let me know, and I will work on developing a copy in ePub format.)
* Depending on the success of this project, I may eventually expand my hand-publishing ventures and create a website to organize them and get them out to the public.  Until then, you can keep up with me on my blog.

A deep and humble thanks to my sister, Katrina for filming and editing the above video, and to my mother, Erin and friend Renee for teaching me the skills involved in putting together the books.


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    A hard, hand-printed, and signed deluxe edition of "The Blue Wasp", which also includes "The Obsidian Mirror", a somewhat shorter spooky science-fiction story, and a PDF of the deluxe edition.

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