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Narratively is a digital publication devoted to original, true & in-depth stories about New York, with plans to expand to other cities.
Narratively is an online publication devoted to untold human stories.
Narratively is an online publication devoted to untold human stories.
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    1. Narratively Creator on

      Hey Adam,

      Despite our silence, I can promise you that we have not forgotten about the Premium Membership, nor the incredible support that you and your fellow backers provided us when we needed it most. The Premium Membership is the only reward level that we have yet to fill, and trust me when I tell you that not a day has gone by when we haven't thought about how best to develop the membership and roll it out (not to mention the guilt and discomfort we felt because of our unacceptable delays). It's safe to say that we completely miscalculated how and when we'd be able to create the membership, but we are making progress, finally. We sincerely regret that we didn't keep everyone more in the loop as we worked through the challenges of creating a membership program, and that we didn't create an interim reward for folks like yourself who clearly weren't banking on having to wait several years. And for that we're incredibly sorry, but we're also excited about what's coming. If you're at all interested, I'd love to hop on a Skype with you to share our thoughts on the membership and get some of yours as well. Please let me know if you're up for this.



    2. Adam Tinworth

      I'm guessing we should just forget about those backer rewards, then? I'm glad you're doing great as a site - and doing great work - but you did basically dump and abandon your Kickstarter backers.

    3. Adam Tinworth

      Just my regular six monthly check-in on this…


      Even a few e-books would be nice - some acknowledgement of the backers.

    4. Brendan Spiegel on

      Adam - we've been working hard to perfect Narratively over the past year (cannot believe it has been a year!) and the Kickstarter rewards are in the works. We appreciate your support and offer our sincere apologies that it has taken longer than expected. The premium memberships are currently in development and we'll be posting and update on those, and the other rewards shortly.

      Thank you!

      Brendan Spiegel
      Editorial Director

    5. Adam Tinworth

      Six months since the last update - and a year since we all backed you. Any chance of an update on those backer rewards?

    6. David J Rodriguez on

      I just have a rapidly aging laptop, & bad celphone tethering connection while I'm in Puerto Rico 70% of the year, so I postponed DLding Narratively Volume 1: Hustlers, Haulers, Murderers and Freaks-- can't seem to locate it on the site-- shall I just wait for some of the projects pieces to cohere further until I claim that? No hurry...all the best!! DJR

    7. Adam Tinworth

      Hey, Noah,

      I received details of an eBook back in January, which I downloaded - but nothing at all since.

    8. Narratively Creator on

      Hey everyone, we're in the midst of implementing a member login system on the site. Until then we're distributing the initial member perks, like monthly ebooks, via email. We emailed all the Premium Members about a month ago with redemption instructions. Could that have landed in your spam?

      I'll also resend to you, Adam and Mich, once we get the new ebook download functioning on our redesigned site.



    9. Adam Tinworth

      I'm wondering about the premium memberships too - not heard anything yet…

    10. Mich S. on

      Congratulations on the launch! How do I access my premium membership? I'm afraid I may have missed an email somewhere... :/ Thanks in advance!

    11. Narratively Creator on

      Thanks so much, Bernadette!! Your comment was so great to read. We're excited too! Please keep en eye on us, and bookmark

    12. Missing avatar

      Bernadette O'Grady-Andros on

      First Kickstarter project that I not only wanted to support but had to. Looking forward to the narratives and to your success!

    13. Narratively Creator on

      Hi Pat,

      Thanks so much for your support and for your prompt response! I'll send you a private message to discuss further.



    14. Missing avatar

      stash pomorski on

      So, how does one offer a matching incentive?


    15. Narratively Creator on

      Howard, thanks so much for your support. We're actively seeking individuals and organizations that might back us at our higher pledge levels. It looks like you have great experience in this realm and I'd love to pick your brain offline. I'll send you a note.



    16. Howard Freeman on

      As a born and bred Manhattanite, I love this project. But what are your plans to get some large backers?

    17. Narratively Creator on

      Patricia, thank you!! You've hit the nail on the head...we'll make you proud!

    18. Patricia on

      This is awesome! A return to more in-depth journalism, where what matters is the story. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! :)

    19. Narratively Creator on

      Thanks, Matter! If we experience even a fraction of your success on Kickstarter we'll be in good shape! Any pointers for us? We'd love to be in touch:

    20. Matter on

      Great concept, great video -- best of luck from MATTER!