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The waters of the Dead Sea crystallize naturally along the shore, creating a salt with the richest mineral content on earth.
The waters of the Dead Sea crystallize naturally along the shore, creating a salt with the richest mineral content on earth.
The waters of the Dead Sea crystallize naturally along the shore, creating a salt with the richest mineral content on earth.
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    1. Levi Broome on

      I am running out of salt haha, any thoughts on when you might open back up? Any one talk to you about helping you scale up the business?

    2. Ari Fruchter 2-time creator on

      I am not shutting down the business. I am just taking a hiatus and not producing any more salts. In order to scale this business globally I need additional resources which I do not currently have. I hope to revisit this in the future or find someone to take this vision forward.

    3. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Does this mean you're shutting down the business for good or do you think it's only for a short time?

      Also did sales not do so well is that a major reason, just curious?

      I have absolutely loved your salts and touted them to many.

    4. Ari Fruchter 2-time creator on

      Dear friends and supporters,

      I want to let you know that after more than 2 years of evangelizing the environmental concerns impacting the Dead Sea, promoting regional peace, and supplying Naked Sea Salt to thousands of customers around the world, I have decided to take a break. My decision was partially impacted by the regional sensitivities that is impacting us all, and the current climate in Israel.

      I would like to thank you for your amazing support and to let you know that for a limited time you can still purchase Naked Sea Salt in the US from Abes Market. We are having a 60% off sale while supplies last:

      If you are interested in purchasing in bulk and/or the Naked Sea brand feel free to write to me at . Please feel free to pass this message on to your friends and contacts.

      Thanks again for your support in allowing me to pursue this dream.

      Best - Ari Leon Fruchter

    5. Concetta Phillipps on

      Ari, I used the link below that you quoted to find where my items are and it says my item was shipped but I still have not received anything from the project from Naked Sea Salt or Abe's Market.

    6. Concetta Phillipps on

      Ari, I still haven't received either my initial reward OR my additional reward. Is there tracking available somewhere to find out what's going on with my package? Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Casey Fox on

      Abe's didn't include all the samples in first shipment, but worked with Jenny who got me the rest of the samples. Great customer service from Abe's Market!

    8. Missing avatar

      Tricia Curtis on

      Any update on the Spiceologist block? I just talked with Pete at Savorx and he says they still haven't received the salt for the Spiceologist block rewards.

    9. Missing avatar

      Casey Fox on

      Still haven't received the additional samples. Was hoping to try some more varieties for the holidays.

    10. David Duncan on

      One problem I was having is with the flavors of Sea Salt I now have well it's a pain with all the varieties and salt grinders are a little expensive $10+ I starter buying McCormicks Sea Salt they include a grinder at $3 they are a steal. I just dump the salt. I remove the tops buy twisting and pulling the tops off. If you can't get it a Hair dryer on hot for about 10 seconds makes it easy. now I can have a grinder for every flavor even mix if I like,

    11. Ari Fruchter 2-time creator on

      I am excited to announce the launch of the NakedSea Food Blog with a thanks to Liz Steinberg ( for sharing her Pinfire Shakshuka recipe.
      If you would like to share your NakedSea recipe email with a picture of your dish, description, and recipe.

      Happy Thanksgivukkah


    12. Missing avatar

      Agyde on

      Just got my reward, wonderful, thank you!!!!!

    13. True on

      I've just received replacement for my broken salt grinder. Perfect condition! More bubble wrap! Delicious!

      Thank you for the fast delivery! I will sure order again when I need more salt. =)

    14. Rithrade

      Yay! Just got my reward today! From Malaysia.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kevin Wong on

      Hi ari,

      I received my reward today.. But I didn't get any of the sampler packs that were supposed to be included.. I got the full set of grinders.. In two boxes.. Should there be a third ?

    16. Ari Fruchter 2-time creator on

      Just wanted to let everyone know that the main purpose of the Kickstarter survey was to get your feedback - not to get your shipping details (which I already received from the Backerkit survey). I apologize for any confusion.

      Regarding the vouchers from AbesMarket. They were sent via email. If you are eligible for one and did not receive it please contact The 10% discount code that was sent (Thanks2013) is only valid on

      Cheers - Ari

    17. Lorie Burns on

      Hi Ari,

      I forgot to ask about this when I wrote my 1st message. I saw that on the tier that I pledged on is supposed to have a $10.00 voucher. I received a coupon for 10% off at Abe's Market. I'm I missing something?.


    18. Walker Schlundt

      Mine came in yesterday and I'm really excited to get to try out some of these amazing new flavors. Look forward to seeing a blog that gives us a demo on recipes using these new exotic salts. Thanks again!

    19. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Ok, just find out that the survey is an "after sale" survey, not the regular one.

    20. Steve Norrid on

      Just got mine today. Can't get over the huge bag of sampler sizes provided; can't wait to give them a try! Much success to this and your future offerings!

    21. Lorie Burns on

      Hi Ari,

      Just letting you know that I received my reward yesterday and I had to try a little bit from each of the sample packs I got - OMG!!! They are delicious! :-9 Thank you for creating a great product. Now all we need is a cookbook with suggestions on how to use them. :-)

      Lorie =^,,^=

    22. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Just received the survey also. Definitely a problem there.

    23. Missing avatar

      Cassandra Krone on

      I think it's a glitch in the system, but I keep being sent surveys to fill in to receive my reward, but I received my reward weeks ago! I've already been cooking with it. Lovely stuff.

    24. Jim Sloan on

      I'm missing some stuff only received 11 salt packets of the .75 oz variety. I thought there was 15 in the sampler pack. Maybe I'm wrong everything else seams fine. Invoice says 23 items I only count 22. I'm coming off a 20 hour shift at work have another one tomorrow I'll look at it sunday

    25. Missing avatar

      Alan Canney on

      I received my packagr yesterday and look forward to using these wonderful sea salts when I cook.

    26. Missing avatar

      Donnie Webb

      I received my package yesterday! :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Rebekka on

      I received my Rainbow package a couple of days ago. No problems. It was well packed. We are so excited to try these salts!

    28. Missing avatar

      Charles Esker on

      Sampler is awesome! Can't wait to get the "Spiceologist Block"! Thanks Ari!!

    29. Glenn Peterson on

      Just received my "rainbow kitchen" package. First off, very well packed, jars well protected. Second, I've only tasted a few from the sampler, and they are all great! Nicely done! Very happy with this project results.

    30. Missing avatar

      Casey Fox on

      Full week in transit and still no salt. Hoping for it before the weekend... The email from Abe's also did not include all the items I ordered. Hoping their email was a mistake, but betting I'll end up waiting for a second package.

    31. MOKU on

      My order arrived today and can't wait to try them. Do you have a list on your website on which works best for Fish, Meat, Chicken etc....

    32. Alissa Coates on

      My salt just arrived and it is wonderful! I've tried about 10 from the sampler so far and they're delicious!! Thanks again!

    33. RobTrem on

      Woohoo my salt came today. Can't wait to cook with it :)

    34. Jim Sloan on

      Hope I get my salt soon

    35. Olivia Meny on

      Just received my salt and I tried a pinch right out of the jar, so delicious!! Thank you!

    36. Kim Nicastro on

      Had no intention if cooking tonight but received my sampler today and had to try one of the salts out. DELICIOUS and very unique!

    37. Chris Rees

      Got mine today. Going to be trying them out this weekend

    38. Ari Fruchter 2-time creator on

      Hope everyone is enjoying their salt. I would love to see photos of your NakedSea food creations and special recipes. Please share with the community and post to

    39. Janardan Nathan on

      @Miriam Smither: nice one! haha. but sugar should be in the unrefined form.

    40. Missing avatar

      Miriam Smither on

      Thank you, Ari! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this salty project. Next project ... SUGAR!!! But not from the Dead Sea please.

    41. Glen Green on

      i hope i get mine in texas soon

    42. Holly Cook on

      I also received my samples yesterday. Oh my, so many interesting new flavors to true. Marie-Andree - I'll have to try Vulcan on my eggs. Sounds like a really tasty idea! Ooo, or Dylle!

    43. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Got some Vulcan on my egg this morning. Miam!

    44. Levi on

      I just got my shipping notification. I didn't realize I'd be getting so many different kinds. The sampler was a really good deal. I guess I'll have some serious cooking to do.

    45. Yvonne Kirk on

      Got my samples this past week!! I can't wait to try them !! Thanks so much!

    46. True on

      Hi =)

      One of my salt grinders was also broken. I already contacted for that issue.

      To anyone wondering about the taste of the salts... They are GREAT!

      If nakedsalt manages to invest a bit more into bubble wrap you will receive some great tasting salt! =)

    47. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chiu on

      Just to let you know - I got my shipment of 6 jars and Arum grinder in Hong Kong today. Came in two packages - one small box with 4 jars and a mail pouch with the other 2 jars plus the grinder. All posted from Israel and no problems with the shipment.
      Thanks Ari!

    48. Marie-Andree Poisson

      @Janardan From last update : "Next week we will be shipping the salt for the Spiceologist Blocks to the US for assembly. We will be updating those backers directly with the progress - but expect to complete delivery before the end of the year."

    49. Janardan Nathan on

      I ordered the International "Spiceologist Block" with backerkit addon Arum 24K Gold Infused Salt: (3.8oz) Grinder to Singapore.
      I received the 24K Gold Infused Salt Grinder along with a sampler pack of all the flavors by post mail yesterday. The mail shows that it was posted from Israel.
      I have not received the Spiceologist Block yet though. Hopefully it will come by christmas.
      Some pics: [IMG][/IMG] and [IMG][/IMG]

    50. Ari Fruchter 2-time creator on

      Hi Bhavic - Please email and let us know when you received your shipment and what was included in the package. Please indicate which items are missing. I will then research and get back to you. In your case there may have been 2 shipments. The larger one was sent by registered mail in a box.

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