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“NAILED IT!” Behold, the world’s first nail-art line designed exclusively for nerds and lovers of all things glitter.
“NAILED IT!” Behold, the world’s first nail-art line designed exclusively for nerds and lovers of all things glitter.
1,185 backers pledged $71,999 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal Change... is a big bonus for you!

After a lot of emails/tweets/messages/etc. we heard you loud and clear. The stretch goals should stay with the nail wraps, and not go off on the eyeliner stickers tangent we had planned. Instead, what we are doing is making this deal sweeter at for anyone at or above a $100 reward:

For each 5k we go over 30k we will start handing you 2 more FREE, surprise, nail wraps for anyone at or over $100 reward level. AND if we hit 50k we give you ANOTHER 8 designs of nerd-tastic glory. As of this update being posted those of you at a $100 level or higher are less than $500 from the 2 free wraps being added to your shipment automatically! 

So basically you get the following: 

  • The wraps and Espionage swag to which your reward level entitles you. 
  • 2 FREE backer exclusive wraps if you are at/over $50 reward level. 
  • and for every stretch goal we hit past 30k anyone at/over $100 level will receive 2 FREE nail wraps (we choose!).

And just for good measure, here is a graphic of ALL current "Nailed It!" designs! These are where your freebies will be coming from! GET EXCITED! Share with your friends! Because the more people that get involved the more you get from us! 

  • Image 314144 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. Espionage Cosmetics 2-time creator on

      @kimberly: We don't have definitive news yet, but we have been working on it! Still waiting to hear back from our supplier and screen printer!

    2. Kimberly Gross on

      larger than an XL, especially if they're woman's sizes would be great - because BOOBIES! Is there any news on this? I will have to change from the Lana Kane pledge to another $100 plege if there aren't larger sizes. :/

    3. Missing avatar

      Amanda Breen on

      Extra small shirts!

    4. Kim Yue on

      <3 Answered in comments. Much appreciated for the clarification :D

    5. Kim Yue on

      I'm a bit confused now. Are we still getting the all glitter nebula and tentacle warps for free if backing >$50? Or 2 random ones?

      Were these 2 wraps counted as the $35 000 stretch goal or total 4 wraps at $35 000 stretch goal? When you say you choose. Will it be the same for everyone? Will these 2 chosen stretch goal wraps be told to your backers which 2? Or will the wraps for the stretch goal be random for each person?

    6. Espionage Cosmetics 2-time creator on

      @jenna! You beat us to it by answering your own question :) But FYI and easy way to remember while applying is that "The curved edge should be pointing towards your wrist :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Jenna on

      Oops nevermind. I'm not overthinking, I'm upside down thinking! I was thinking the flat edge went towards the base of the nail, but I looked again at the pictures on the main page and realized its the other way round.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jenna on

      Looking at the designs altogether made me realize how many have the main part of the design towards the tip of the nail (ex. critical hit). In your example video, you line the bottom of the wrap with your nail bed and file off the excess at the tip. This seems like it would cut off the main part of the design on some nail wraps. If you line the wrap up at the tip of your nail instead of the base, is there an easy method for removing the excess at the base? Am I overthinking this?

    9. Espionage Cosmetics 2-time creator on

      @nhonami: They will be a thing eventually, but just not with this kickstarter!

    10. Nhonami on

      Since the eyeliner sticker options will no longer be there, is there a way we can purchase them at a later date?

    11. Missing avatar

      Julie Haehn on

      OMG... the Make it so nails... SO AWESOME.

    12. Samantha Hamilton on

      OMG you guys did steampunk!!! Yes!!! GAHHHHH!!!

    13. Espionage Cosmetics 2-time creator on

      @Jennifer: FYI money doesn't get charged until September 5th, when the campaign concludes! So upping your level now still gives you time for budgeting reasons!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Gah, why does this have to be a month where my budget is tighter than usual?! T_T *gazes longingly at the $100 tier*

    15. Elisabeth Sparrow on

      I can't stop being excited about this campaign, and you just made it so much better!

    16. Espionage Cosmetics 2-time creator on

      @Jennine: They will be a thing eventually, but just not with this kickstarter!

      @michelle: Currently Small, Medium, Large, XL HOWEVER we are working on a larger size. No promises but it is in the works !

    17. Missing avatar

      Michelle Power on

      How big do the "I Support Nerd Makeup" shirts come?

    18. Jennine Stoia on

      Is there a way to get the eyeliner stickers? I thought those sounded cool :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Roadbase on

      Agreed -- that's what I was hoping for even though it means I'll have an even MOAR difficult time deciding! :D

    20. Espionage Cosmetics 2-time creator on

      Roadbase, we are eliminating it in lieu of the greater awesomeness! The new configuration of stretch goals will, in the end, be far more beneficial in the way of "OMG SO MANY FREE WRAPS!" than the previous set up.

    21. Missing avatar

      Roadbase on

      Do your calculations for the $100+ pledge above include the one free wrap that was thrown in at the $25K mark or are we eliminating that in lieu of much greater awesomeness at later stretch goals? My analytical mind is trying to compute all the nerdy geek heaven I'm going to be experiencing come December and it's short circuiting!

    22. Espionage Cosmetics 2-time creator on

      Helena we totally understand! BUT remember you will at least benefit from the 2, FREE, Backer exclusive wraps! We explain it here :…

      In addition, money pledged is not charge until AFTER the campaign ends on September 5th. So you have time to think about it!

    23. Helena on

      As a $25 backer who might up her pledge to $50, I feel a bit sad that I won't be able to be a part of the special $100 pledge club