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A competitive and cooperative miniature prison based board game. Will you ally, antagonise, deceive or betray your fellow players?

US Backers: The game including shipping is approximately $105. However, we have a kickstarter exclusive (Tax Evasion Pledge) where you can purchase the game at $54 including shipping. This is possible due to shipping and manufactoring discount for bulk order.

The Oleg Story: Survival is a competitive miniature-based board game for 2 to 6 players and is suitable for players aged 16+.

The Oleg Story™: Survival is a prison based board game.

The story is based on Oleg D Tyler. He is an international hacker who is believed to have been captured and handed over to the U.S. Government, suspected of leaking confidential governmental information.

Oleg has been incarcerated in one of the most notorious prisons in North America and stands accused of killing two innocent people. Oleg has been sentenced to serve two life long prison sentences. He has refused to join any organised gang.

For a full, in depth back story then don't forget to check out the back story DVD; see pledge levels for further details.

  • 4 Tile Map board (Board game)
  • The Oleg Story™: Survival Back Story DVD
  • 6x40 Attack Cards
  • 6x40 Defence Cards
  • 1x40 Mission Cards
  • 1x40 Special Cards
  • 1x6 Gang Cards
  • 1x60 Commodity Cards
  • 24 Miniature Figures
  • 12 Dice
  • 2 Shuffle Pouches
  • 24 & 21 Prison Cell draw cards
  • Guide Book
  • 1 Poster

Note: A FREE The Oleg Story™:Survival mobile/cell phone app is available to download. (You can play the game without the app, refer to rulebook)

See below in the app section for further information.

From cell block invasions, to dealing with snitches, this game aims to give you an experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You can trade commodities, settle fights, create temporary alliances, shank opponents and more!

The Oleg Story™: Survival is a character driven prison survival game, with a wide range of comprehensive detailed miniatures. You and six other friends can control and co-operate with 6 different rival gangs.

The stories of 618 Nation, Ryder Brotherhood, The Asian Family, The Mobsters, Russian Spies and, finally, non-gang members, also known as NGM, who are led by Oleg, are all in your hands. Remember, the NGM are a group of people who are not associated with any organised gangs; they are called the non-gang members.

Can you survive the harsh realities of prison?

Play the game that allows you to control individual gangs and conquer other gangs. You will be able to play as existing gangs and engage in their active and ongoing battles. If you possess the right cards, you can also join an alliance with a fellow player and plan your attacks on other players.

According to your gang's card, you start from a random cell, either a maximum-security cell or a general cell.

Your starting cell is determined by the prison cell draw cards. If you are unlucky, one of your miniatures may end up in a cell that is in a territory controlled by a rival gang.

Maximum-security cells can only house 2 inmates (2 miniature figures), so gangs that are confined to a maximum-security cell may end up with a displaced starting location that makes them more vulnerable.

The outcome of your dice establishes your movements on the map board. If you get a 6 and a 4 on your dice, then you have 10 grid movements, which you can share between your 4 miniature figures or, alternatively, give it all to a singular miniature figure.

Mission cards may instruct you to invade a territory, avenge an attack, organise a fight or start a riot. Be aware that prison snitches are everywhere and each mission card is revealed to everyone.

Other gangs are in it too; it is up to you to ally or antagonise your opponents.

Will you trade cigarettes to stay one step ahead of your opponents?

Do not be fooled as each player will have attack, defence and speciality cards that they can use to fight. You won’t know what they have so you’ll always be in for a surprise.

The purpose of the game is to survive; the fall of all your miniatures means the fall of your gang. To win, you must eliminate your opponents and be the last one standing.

P.S. Do not trust anyone!

Each player will have their own agenda. While a mission card will instruct you about what to do, how you do it is all up to you. 

Each round lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the game difficulty that you choose; you can either download the app or do this manually. How long the game lasts depends on how quick the opponents fall.

Game lasts for approximately 120min.

The Oleg Story™: Survival has 24 colour coded, detailed inmate miniature figures, with each gang made up of 4 different figures.


Each player controls 4 distinctive miniatures and there are 6 gangs; that's 24 unique figures per game.

You can apply to become one of these miniatures by pledging (Look in the pledge section). Each group and gang has 4 miniature figures.

This free app simply allows you to time and monitor your progress

Remember, The Oleg Story™: Survival takes place in a secret, high security prison. Therefore, inmates are only given a 1 hour break each day; they are always locked down for the other 23 hours.

Depending on the difficulty level that you choose, each 1 hour break can last between 10 and 20 minutes. Once this round is over, a new day begins.

The Oleg Story™: Survival app is also compatible with the Android, Blackberry and windows tablets.

The Oleg Story™: Survival app will be free to download once the campaign is over. This app is your timer and your journal; it will record how many days you have played.

Note, you can play the game without the app. It is just an extra perk for all the backers who do not wish to manually time themselves, but rather wish to use the app to time their rounds.

Before you know it, months have passed.

You can always adjust your pledge level by clicking on the "Manage Pledge" button in the top right corner.

If you have reached this far then we thank you greatly for your time, we're almost finished :)

With your help, we can complete all the necessary artwork needed. We are also working with talented artists around the world to make this game come to life.

Not only would we be able to finish the artwork, but we’ll also have a finished back story DVD for you to enjoy.

Kickstarter backers will receive the game before anyone else does.

But most importantly with Kickstarter we want to transform an idea from paper and computer monitor to a finished, packaged product for you to enjoy.

We are also Kickingitforward!

We are eternally grateful with what you guys are helping us achieve. As a thank you, we plan to stay in touch with all backers via social media network. Twitter, facebook etc.

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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Like many product ventures, we know many challenges are ahead of us but nothing that we haven't prepared for or can not handle.

The game production is 80% complete and our artists and sculptors are ready to finish their work. Therefore, we face little to no risks in the game creation.

We have pre-sourced our game manufacturing company and we are happy with their work. We know there may be shipping, production and custom delays but nothing that will compromise the project.


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