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The Nadi Yoga Mat is the only eco-friendly yoga mat that stays rolled with help from magnets just like your iPads smart cover!

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Hey Kickstarters, thank you for checking out our product. Over the last few months I have been working to develop an innovative, convenient, and eco-friendly yoga mat for everyone. Now I need your help to go from prototype to production.

I wanted to design a new mat out of my frustration of having my old mat never lay flat once unrolled, and the headaches it caused by having to roll the mat up multiple times to get it aligned properly. I thought there had to be an easy way to resolve these problems. I also wanted my mat to be free of health risks and friendly to the environment. 

 Working with a friend of mine who is an engineer and designer, Justin, we came up with a solution to use magnets embedded in the foam of the mat. (Justin has lots of experience in manufacturing and recently had a successfully funded kickstarter project of his own, kolstom -

After some sketches and prototyping the nadi mat was born!

How it works:

Nothing is worse than getting to your yoga class and unrolling the mat to find that it curls up and doesn’t lay flat. Then the last thing that you want to think about after a physically demanding class is trying to get your mat rolled tight enough to fit under your arm, or to fit in your bag. I can't tell you how many times I have had to re-roll the mat because the edges were not aligned and wouldn't fit into my bag. Then other times it wasn't rolled tight enough and would unroll while walking home with it under my arm.

To solve these problems we embedded tiny neodymium magnets which are placed along the long edges of the mat at specific points. These magnets are hidden in the mat sight unseen. The additional weight of the magnets helps the mat to stay flat after unrolling, allowing instant use for yoga. Then when the yoga class is completed, the unobtrusive magnets aid the rolling up of the mat quickly and easily. The magnets align the mat so that it is tight and even, keeping the mat securely rolled together during transportation without a bag or strap. Say goodbye to your yoga mat frustration.

Materials used: 

When we were designing the mat we wanted to use materials that would be durable yet eco-friendly.

Most conventional mats on the market today are made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), widely considered one of the most toxic plastics and a known carcinogen. PVC is used due to its stickiness, durability and low price point. The mats contain plasticizers (lead, cadmium, dioxin or phthalates) for added grip and pliability on the mats. These toxic materials have been shown as carcinogens and to cause reproductive health problems and off-gas and leach. Since the material is non-recyclable they continue to leach toxins into the ground long after they’ve been thrown away. Unless a company states that you are getting a mat PVC free, assume that it contains PVC. Multiple popular mat companies offer “eco-friendly” mats that contain PVC but claim that they were created “emission free”. You can read more about PVC in this Greenpeace article.

The material used in the Nadi yoga mat is TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer). This material is non-toxic, biodegradable, latex-free, and plasticizer-free. Our TPE is a plastic rubber with closed cells to prevent fluids from penetrating the mat and inhibiting bacterial growth. TPE is more durable and less expensive than natural rubber mats. The production process also uses no toxic materials and any waste is recycled back into production.

Funding Needed:

With your help we can begin creating and sharing these mats with others. The money raised by Kickstarter will fund the tooling, setup and initial production run of the nadi mat. The tooling is primarily comprised of large mold plates, one molding the exterior texture and the other molding the interior recesses for the magnets.  Two of these layers are molded and then laminated together with magnets in-between.

The product is currently planned on being manufactured in China, however, if we're able to exceed the funding goal we may be able to manufacture this in the USA. That would be awesome!

Help Spread the Word

Thank you for watching, reading and supporting Nadi Yoga Mats. Please help spread the word and help others alleviate yoga mat frustration.

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Design by Krista Turner -



  • 72" long; 24" wide

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  • Our mat is made with the environment in mind. It is constructed with TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) and is PVC and latex free. The mat is also 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

    No toxic materials are used in their construction and all waste material is recycled back into production.

    The TPE in the mat is closed cell. It repels germs, bacteria, and odors not allowing them to penetrate into the mat.

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  • We are beginning our initial product run with two colors. Blue/Grey and Black/Grey.

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