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myType™ Keyboard wirelessly pairs with iPhone, iPad & Android via Bluetooth to create an office in your pocket™ while you're on the go!
myType™ Keyboard wirelessly pairs with iPhone, iPad & Android via Bluetooth to create an office in your pocket™ while you're on the go!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Larry Fortney on

      No communication and no product delivered!

    2. Dennis

      REFUND requested.

    3. Dennis

      STILL WAITING!!!!! STILL NO RESPONSE!!!! STILL VERY VERY ANGRY about the not existent communication.

    4. Dennis

      I am very disappointed by the not existent communication about my still not yet delivered keyboard.

    5. thebigteacher on

      I got my keyboards and they are great but you need to take care of those still waiting. Do the right thing and get it done.

    6. Dennis

      HEY!!!! I WANT MY KEYBOARD OR A REFUND! WHY ARE YOU **** NOT ANSWERING? You are the worst kickstarter project I've backed! Is there a shipping/production/whatever problem? DO ANSWER!

    7. Dennis

      ...and...still waiting...

    8. Missing avatar

      Mor10 on

      Never received mine. Wrote some comments here and emailed them. Nothing happened. What's wrong with this guys?

    9. Missing avatar

      Mithra on

      I asked them to send mine to a business. They said they sent mine long ago. I asked for proof they did ship and I would consider the issue resolved. They said they had no proof which I find odd since they had so many to send out. They do not respond to any messages.

      I gave up. There are better products on the market.

    10. Dennis

      I am still waiting, too...... come on!!!

    11. Андрей Кириллов on

      I still waiting and still didn't have anything!!! I have support these guys more than one year ago! and no e-mail, no call, and of course no keyboard!!! looks like it's some fraud scheme? just collect all money and Run?

    12. René Jaun on

      Still waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

    13. Missing avatar

      Scott Gartner on

      Thanks myType! I have my new keyboard in hand and it works great. I'll be returning the old one in the envelope provided.

    14. René Jaun on

      Hi! I too have a deffective keyboard. Wrote to you using a form on your website, sending a tweet and finally writing an email to the backers@ address you mentioned in your last update. Did you get any of them? I'n still hoping for a reply.

    15. myType™ Keyboard Creator on

      @Scott: I believe that we have gotten you all sorted out. Thank you for contacting us, and do let us know if there is anything else we can do to be helpful!

    16. Missing avatar

      Scott Gartner on

      I just got an update that said that all broken keyboards have been replaced, but I received a dead keyboard and have *not* received a replacement. All of my e-mail since the original e-mail reporting the dead keyboard, which asked me to wait patiently for a replacement, has gone unanswered. What's up with this?

    17. myType™ Keyboard Creator on

      Almost all of the Kickstarter orders were shipped out by early November with a few exceptions relating to incomplete surveys, add-ons and bad addresses. We have been working directly with people to address issues and make sure that everyone of our backers is taken care of and happy. If anyone has not received the correct reward or needs help, please contact us directly at, so we can get you sorted out right away.

    18. Missing avatar

      Anna on

      Received myType keyboard after all, with a very polite apology note. Thanks :) (The delay between the message and this moment is mostly due to customs. After I mailed using the backerkit, they were very helpful).

    19. Missing avatar

      Anna on

      Thanks, left them a message.

    20. Missing avatar

      Anna on

      At least you get a response sometimes, haven't heard from them in months. What email are you using to contact them?

    21. Dennis

      Same for me. Still no keyboard. Sometimes they respond to my mails with "We apologize for the delay in getting your keyboard. We will figure out what went wrong and get you a replacement keyboard shipped out ASAP. " but nothing happens.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mithra on

      I contacted them through Kickstarter. It took at least 8 messages (using 'contact' me to the right) to get one response. They do not log on here very often. The site showed they signed in mid-March when I received the single response I got. Now it says they last logged on in February. I have not seen a response from them so I've just started sending messages again.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tyler Morrissette on

      Where did you leave them a comment? Their website? FB?

      I still can't get a response.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mithra on

      I finally received a message back from myType after sending 7 messages to them. Their message back to me was the first in the 4 months since I've been messaging them. I relayed what I believe is the current situation for me. They said they would investigate. I look forward to any information they can provide.

    25. Missing avatar

      Anna on

      I have the same issue; the keyboard was never delivered. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything from myType anymore. According to USPS, it was never sent.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mor10 on

      Me too.

      I'm very disappointed, this is bad KS-experience...

    27. Missing avatar

      Mithra on

      Has anyone else not gotten their myType?

    28. Missing avatar

      Mor10 on

      Please refund my pledge of you can't deliver to Germany.

    29. Missing avatar

      Mithra on

      @myType™ Keyboard: Last update was in August. A lot has changed since that update. It would be good to know where you stand at this point. I'm not even sure whether something was shipped to me or not.

    30. Missing avatar

      Sungwhan Cha on

      I got my mType keyboard, but the right spacebar is not working.
      Is there any fix to this issue?
      Thank you.

    31. Missing avatar

      Harvey Shen on

      Hi, I stay in Taiwan and pledged $59 but I have yet to receive my myType keyboard. Any idea what is going on? An update on delivery status would be appreciated. Thanks!

    32. Missing avatar

      Mor10 on

      A month later - nothing. What's wrong with you?

    33. Missing avatar

      Mor10 on

      Its not Germany that sucks - believe me. I'm waiting for weeks now!

    34. Missing avatar

      Mor10 on

      Its not Germany that sucks - believe me. I'm waiting for weeks now!

    35. Odette Dennise on

      I'm in the US and have not received my keyboard that was supposed to ship in Oct. I wrote to myType twice but have received no response. I'm not so bothered that it's late but at the lack of updates or responses to emails. This was the first project I backed and our has left a poor taste with me. Doubt I'd take a chance on another project which will only hurt other Kick starter project hopefuls.

    36. gryphonent

      Germany just sucks. I had plenty of problems with customs there. My Pebble was held at customs for months. On other occasions I had to pay excessive fees on top of the purchase price and shipment (UPS brokerage fees, anybody?). Glad to be out of there. The bureaucracy and stubbornness just drove me mad.

    37. Missing avatar

      Harvey Shen on

      I did not receive any email about my shipping. I am Taiwan. Could the entrepreneur send me an update, straight to my email?

    38. Sean Riley on

      Ended up contacting the tablet manufacturer, and apparently there are "Just some keyboards that don't work with the wikipad 7". It pairs, but just isn't recognized as a keyboard. Anybody have any tips or workarounds?

    39. Guilherme Cohn on

      I did not receive any email about my shipping. I am Brazilian. Could the entrepreneur send me an update, straight to my email?

    40. Missing avatar

      Mor10 on

      Why don't you tell those "handful of german backers" whats up with their pledge? I'm waiting for another 2 weeks now and i would appreciate a personal message with an answer to the question: when is it in my mailbox?

    41. Missing avatar

      Mithra on

      I'm not sure if the comments are the right place.

      I second the call for any information about how much has shipped out so far.
      I'm in with the largest group so I assume any general information would be helpful just to be aware.

    42. Jason Leong on

      Hey I am a little concerned as I already see people getting their international shipments of the keyboard and I don't have mine and I'm located within the US. Have all US shipments gone out yet? I'm not concerned about the shipping date having passed already, just that I haven't heard an update on delays or gotten shipping confirmation.
      Thanks in advance!

    43. Missing avatar

      Sarah Pedersen on

      Keyboard arrived today (uk) after I paid customs charge. It's paired and working thus far! Very impressed with it. Simple but effective.

    44. Dfliegs on

      Has anyone else had the problem where the keyboard shuts off randomly? Mine does this and work just fine when I push the switch off then on again. It doesn't seem to be a battery issue because its only been a couple days since I fully charged it and the lengths of time between the occurrences changes (it doesn't just start happening more frequently)

    45. Missing avatar

      Matthew S on

      Also, I paired with my mac with no problem, and even my Blackberry Q10 with latest 10.2 OS. This should work with the Z10 and Z30 users out there too.

    46. Missing avatar

      Matthew S on

      Canadian order delivered and it had a Canada Post expresspost sticker on the package. No signature was required. This message was typed using myType. Very cool!

      Thank you team for an innovative product. It will take a bit to get use to but like anything, it takes times.


    47. Dirk M. Weger on

      Hi! Got mine today in Germany, though I had to pick it up from the customs office. They also told me that the problem you have had with shipments returned from Germany (and the reason why I had to drive 30 min to the customs office) was that you did not include a customs information on the outside. Though you do indicate the value of the order, it needs to show the value of the goods and the postage clearly identifiable on the outside. Basically you should just add something like a bill on the outside of the package which shows the exact costs. Customs in Germany take the value of the goods AND the postage into consideration so if there is just one price printed on the package they assume that thats just the goods value but are missing the postage.

    48. David on

      Here in Belarus. Has my keyboard shipped? Has it been returned from customs or marked refused?


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