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YOU are the Maniac! The Horror Movie Card Game. A campy Social Slasher to enjoy with your Twisted Friends.
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Halloween - 13 Days to Go!!!

Posted by Mythos Labs (Creator)

Well, well, well... 

Happy Halloween!

Do you all have your pumpkins carved and Maniac costumes ready so you can go torment your neighbors tonight?  Yes, we thought so.  We're so proud of our little Maniacs.  

As you can see below, Fall is most definitely here. The trees are changing colors and leaves are falling on the ground.  Maniacs are popping up on pumpkin faces and glowing into the night.  Mr. Kitty gets scared and has been spending more time inside sleeping off his fear.  

Last Saturday was Fright Night at our spooky Miners Foundry in Nevada City.  I took a break from all things Kickstarter to scare the mobs of pre-Halloween crowds with my Disco Maniac outfit.  Will this make it into the game?  Hmmm, maybe not. :)  Wearing a mask is fun.  I live in a small town where most everyone knows each other, and it's fun to throw on a creepy mask once in a while just to see the reactions on friendly faces.  

The Maniac is very busy today. It's pretty much his Christmas or Easter, if he were Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but instead he's The Maniac! and it is Halloween. Even though he'll be out all night stalking Victims, we know he's thinking about all of you and smiling.

There's only 13 days left in the "Give Us a Hand" campaign!  It's been so much fun and we're really excited with the reception so far.  Thank you all for your pledges and interactions so far and keep it up! 

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