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YOU are the Maniac! The Horror Movie Card Game. A campy Social Slasher to enjoy with your Twisted Friends.
666 backers pledged $27,000 to help bring this project to life.

$20,000 Stretch Goal Unveiled!!!

Posted by Mythos Labs (Creator)

"Hot DOG!" (as my Grandpa used to say) YOU are the Maniac! broke the $20,000 level earlier this morning.  You all know what this means... Stretch Goal #1 shall be unveiled now!

Just like people, Maniacs need things, but instead of merely hoarding useless items with sentimental value, Maniacs use things to kill people in terrifyingly creative ways.  Stretch Goal #1 - Tools of The Trade has allowed us to create 3 new weapons that did not previously exist, (and may never have) if your gracious pledges of twisted love had not gotten us where we are now. 

People have asked, "How are Weapons used in YOU are the Maniac!?"

Weapons (and Masks) are dealt to the player via the Maniac deck, among other types of cards.  This occurs when each player receives an initial (7) Maniac cards at the beginning of the game, and more cards periodically throughout the game.  Some of these cards are bound to be Weapons.  During a turn, each player "Kills" a Victim at the Top of The Wall. During a "Kill" a Player is allowed to play (1) Weapon and (1) Mask card.  This action has several benefits to the player. 

1) Weapons and Masks each have a point value which are added to the Maniac's Collection, further enhancing their score.

2) The Player draws a new Maniac card for each Maniac card played during their turn. Playing Weapons (and Masks) can be highly beneficial as drawing new cards opens doors to new strategies and scoring opportunities.  

3) The Final Girl *must* be killed with a Weapon and Mask card, so don't be too footloose and fancy free with those sharp, shiny, murder toys. 

4) "Killing" a Victim with a Weapon (and Mask) card helps paint a bloody portrait of how the Victim was killed and helps convey the horror movie theme.  Plus, it's pretty fun to say, "I'm killing this Cheerleader with a Meat Cleaver," in a public setting, just to see the reaction on people's faces.  Yes, we said YOU are the Maniac! is fun to play with your twisted friends, and it is! ;) 

THANK YOU!!! Without further flurry, here are your brand spanking new Weapon cards.  

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    1. Mythos Labs Creator on

      Hey Bruce P,
      The $30k and $35k stretch goals are now unlocked. Tell your friends. :)

    2. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Cool. :) And what's the $30k Stretch Goal that is supposed to be unlocked when we passed $20k? ;)