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Mechanical Dice Towers on Kickstarter!

Posted by Mystigo Games (Creator)

Hi guys,

We just want to make a shout for a very special project our friends from Moroz Publishing just launched.

These are absolutely awesome Dice Towers that everyone wants to have at their gaming table!

Two of them, the Orc Totem (an Essen hit!) and the White Castle, are insanely unique. There were no dice towers like that before! They have a turning platform on top. You don’t just throw the dice inside the tower — you gently (or roughly, that’s up to you!) place them on the platform on top and then push the lever.

BANG! Dice tumble down, providing the most random result possible in this world!

Trust us, that’s something you had never seen before!

The third tower presented by those crazy guys from Moroz is MDT-7. It looks like a sci-fi tank. This tower is very compact and can be collapsed and assembled with a few moves!

All towers come along with exclusive First Player tokens. These are only for Kickstarter, their rough value is $6 each; however they will never be available in retail!

If you like what you see, jump by this link:

Stay tuned!

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      Soren Hedberg on

      Your Kickstarter was poorly managed, and now you're going to send me SPAM? Enough already.