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You can purchase the calendar on
You can purchase the calendar on
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The calendars are ready!

Posted by Mystigo Games (Creator)

Hello friends! Thank you very much for being so patient! The calendars are ready! And I’m starting to send them to you! Each calendar will be signed and I will add pretty little postcard as an excuse. Because I know, It’s not cool to get the calendar so late.. But, I can explain to you, if you are interested in it.. Why it took so long to get the calendars printed?
First of all, we wanted to print the calendars in China, because it was much chipper. And we paid from our pocket to the company before the campaign ends.. But at the 30 of December they told us, that it will take 2,5 month to bring the calendars to the USA. So, of course, we canceled the payment, and figured put, that we need to find print company in Los Angeles (where I am). Finally, we have found the company (the very good one “Creator print” in Studio City) and began printing. Also, It took some time to get money and transfer them to me from the company, that helped me to start the project on Kickstarter (because only residents or citizens of the USA could start the project).
Also… I wanted to print the calendars in offset, because I don’t like the quality of the digital printing. You may say, that it’s almost the same thing, but NO, offset printing is looks much better (apparently it takes more time). So, finally, I get beautiful calendars today, and I’m ready to send them to you! I hope it will not take much time to make it happen.. Because, I have envelopes and everything is ready. Thank you so much once again and I’m very sorry for delay!

P.S.: If you don’t want me to sign your calendar, please send the letter to with the subject: "Don’t sign” 

P.S.S. to my Russian friends: I know, how long it takes to send the calendars from the USA via Russian Post, so, I will try to send them as a package with someone on a plane.
Translation (Перевод): Для Русских товарищей. Я знаю, как долго календари будут идти из Америки в Россию по обычной почте, поэтому попытаюсь отправить с кем-нибудь календари на самолете. Если у Вас есть знакомый, кто летит в ближайшее время из Лос-Анджелеса в Москву, и сможет взять посылку за деньги, то я буду очень рад помощи. Пишите мне! Спасибо!
One box of the calendars!

 The postcard! It is blanc, so you can present it to someone, If you like to be late as I am :)

Thank you guys!!! I'm almost happy!
I'll be happy, when you will get your package!)))

By the way.. If you want to have more calendars, you can buy them on my site


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    1. Elena Ustinova on

      When will you mail the calendar?

    2. NosmoRex on

      Has anyone received their calendar yet?

    3. Ricardo Barrig on

      Thanks for all the hard work to brings us a top quality product. This isn't only a calendar, it is a piece of art (12 pieces actually).