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The asteroid hits at midnight, but your bunker is too crowded. Who will you kick out? A quick deduction card game for 2-6 players.
The asteroid hits at midnight, but your bunker is too crowded. Who will you kick out? A quick deduction card game for 2-6 players.
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Update 3: NEW Stretch Goal! Doomsayer Promos!

Posted by Mystic Ape Games (Creator)

You sure have been busy! We're at the end of our 5th day, and have unlocked all 6 stretch goals! Let's get caught up.

This is amazing, you've been too good to us. Time for us to be good to you, by adding a new stretch goal! Hope you're prepared, this one is really awesome.

That's right, if we hit $13,001, every single refugee card in the game will be upgraded to tarot-sized cards! That's 2.75" x 4.75" on the same 320 gsm black core card stock. EVERY refugee card will be upgraded to the tarot-size, that includes the two promo refugees with the Doomsayer pledge level, and the two stretch goal refugees!

This was a stretch goal we had in our back pocket, but we never expected to get this close so soon. These tarot-sized cards will be great, not only because the text will be larger and easier to read, but it will also really show off Justin's beautiful art.

Why $13,001? That's what our previous campaign for Private Die ended at. So matching/exceeding that will be a huge milestone for us, and it will all be thanks to you.

We'll talk more about the other stretch goals we've unlocked in future updates so there's always something exciting to read. This was just too big to not mention now. In the meantime here's some more cool stuff to go over next:

So maybe you've pledged at the Doomsayer pledge reward level (or above) and are curious what exactly the playmat looks like, and what the extra cards do. Or maybe you're on the edge of upgrading your pledge, but want some info on the extra goodies. Well, let's take a look!

Quick note: As always, the design and art is not final and is subject to change.

The Reporter. A great identity that can be utilized by civilians and fanatics alike. It can me used at a crucial time to reveal the location of the Prophet or the Jerk. Or a fanatic can use it to mislead the civilians, lulling them into a false sense of security.

So when the Reporter claims to have the inside scoop, will you be able to trust them? Or are they just spreading false information?

Two more refugees have showed up wanting into the bunker, and they aren't happy you're considering keeping them out!

The Anarchist makes the game a bit harder for the civilians. Do you even risk keeping him in the bunker, and just vote him out immediately? But what if he's not a cultist? Who knows, he could be a great guy with a pet dog he'd never dream of hurting.

The Socialite is a bonafide social butterfly who can be utilized by civilians and fanatics alike. She can ensure that the Prophet will be in the right place at the right time. Keep the Pet Dog away from the Pet Cat so they won't chase each other out. Or she could push the Doomsayer over the edge.

That's right, we're looking at using a circular play mat, which is super cool! So let's get some details.

The play mat is currently planned to be an 8" circle that's rubber-backed with a fabric top. We don't really anticipate this changing. We were really happy with the quality of the playmats we got for Private Die last year, so we're looking at those same general specs.

As you can see, we have the voting pools for the exile markers right above the refugee card outlines. This is a nice reminder, as players seem to put them on the refugee card itself.

Also worth noting is that the playmat doesn't hold the entire refugee card, or the trait cards. This is for a couple core reasons:

  • It would be way too big. Including the trait cards would make the playmat a bit comically large. We don't think you'd like to store that. And it would be super awkward to ship.
  • Trait card layouts differ. Even if we wanted to include space for the trait cards, their layouts differ depending on the refugee. So we wouldn't really be able to put anything in that space anyway.
  • Refugees are easier to exhaust. With a portion of the refugee cards off the mat, it will be easier to pick up the refugee cards to exhaust/refresh them, and to pick up the game.

Hope you're liking how everything looks! As a reminder, this all comes with every copy of the game at the Doomsayer pledge level and above, just in case you're curious if you'll receive this or not.

We are so excited for all of these promos and can't wait for you to get your hands on them! And again, just another remember that these designs may, and likely will, change in some ways. We would love your thoughts and feedback, but please keep that in mind!

I know this has been a long update, but I hope you enjoyed it given all of the exciting new info! The next update will be back to normal with an in-depth look at an unlocked stretch goal, another strategy tip from Eric, and I'll include some notes from my experience at the 2016 Stonemaier Design Day.

Again, thanks for helping us get here. We're so excited for all that's to come.

Austin & The Apes

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    1. Mystic Ape Games 3-time creator on

      Glad you're so happy with how The End is Nigh is looking! We're excited to be unlocking so many stretch goals and getting even more cool stuff in everyone's games!

    2. Michael Sauter

      Awesome :D this looks so damn promising!