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You have a fistful of dice, a detective ability, and witnesses playing hard to get. Will you be the one to solve the case? Plays 2-6.
You have a fistful of dice, a detective ability, and witnesses playing hard to get. Will you be the one to solve the case? Plays 2-6.
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Update 9: Banana toast, clue tokens, and art!

Posted by Mystic Ape Games (Creator)

Hey everyone! The holidays are quickly approaching, and we're still hard at work on Private Die. Let's take a look at what's new.

Banana toast

Alright, as mentioned in the previous update our first recording of the banana toast was corrupt and unrecoverable. We ended up re-filming the entire toast and had a friend edit it for us. Here's the link to the banana toast for your viewing pleasure:

Clue tokens

So some news about the clue tokens. Before starting the Kickstarter, we had two clue tokens in mind for the upgraded clue token stretch goal (cubes and discs). We received overwhelming interest in the upgraded stackable poker-style discs. Once the Kickstarter funded, and we began placing orders, we realized that we were going to be ordering a much larger print run than we originally expected. This meant we could afford to provide all games in the first print run with the upgraded clue tokens, not just backers at $29 and above.

We have decided to upgrade the clue tokens for all copies of Private Die. We hope no one is upset at this decision; at the end of the day we realized that we would prefer to increase the quality of all of the games, rather than keep the components at a lower quality for backers at $19. We especially wanted to do this since we were going to be able to include the upgraded clue tokens in games that will eventually be sold outside of Kickstarter. The backers are why we have succeeded, and we want to be sure that a game on shelves after the face won't have higher quality components than their Kickstarter version.

We hope you understand, and $29+ backers, please remember that you will still be receiving 10 extra dice and 22 extra upgraded clue tokens. Let us know if you have any concerns.

Now lets see some photos of the upgraded clue tokens!

Bonus: they looks like little Oreos when stacked.
Bonus: they looks like little Oreos when stacked.
They're the exact size of a penny.
They're the exact size of a penny.
Thicker than a penny, however.
Thicker than a penny, however.


Here's another look at some of the detectives Justin has been working on:

Loose Cannon
Loose Cannon

And Jacob has been working on the design for the box. Here's a look at the one of the sides:

The designs on the sides of the box will be different; one side will be landscape (like the above photo), and the other side will be portrait. This way whether you store it laying down or standing up, you'll always be able to read the name of the game. Good thinking, Jacob!

Time to learn about another one of our backers! Next up...

Christopher Brown from Pennsylvania.

2 Truths and 1 Lie:

I have been dead.
I have an award winning board game.
I enjoy skydiving.

Top 5 Favorite Games:

This is a hard choice to make…In no particular order:

Betrayal at House on the Hill (for the sheer number of scenarios and AmeriTHRASH purity)
Mansions of Madness
Lords of Waterdeep
Legendary: Marvel (while Aliens has a better theme/feel, Marvel has all the characters.
Spurs (I loved Red Dead Redemption and this game allows me to fulfill my Old West kick)

Can I go to 100? No? Darn…

How did you learn about Private Die:

I heard about this gem because I always look to see what new games are listed. I am addicted to Kickstarter. I saw this one and I always loved the Noir theme. I saw the PnP was there and I downloaded it, made the cards by spray gluing them onto the many copies of Cerebro from DiceMasters, and grabbed the dice. I bet I played through about 4 games until I realized that I didn’t back it yet. I instantly brought up the app on my phone and backed. A no-brainer. I get into it imagining I am in the interrogation room with smoke filling the air while a witness is sitting across from the table. Those awesome scenes in L.A. Noir? That is what I get when I play this.

Shameless plug:

I have to go with the award winning:

The Apes Say:

As any Kickstarter creator can tell you, the interaction with backers is a shining beacon in the sea of stress that is running a campaign. Christopher definitely stood out with his comment: "So, I literally just got done testing the free PnP and I had to immediately back this game." That is a huge compliment and meant so much to us. He took the time to make his own PnP, back our project, and shared his positive experience with others. It's humbling to know that he (and others) took the time and effort to do all of that. We're extremely thankful.

Also, it's very cool to know that he is a game designer as well (as you can see from his above link). So thanks again, Christopher! And everyone else keep an eye on your inbox; you could be the next backer spotlight! 

See you next year

We likely won't have another update until January. Wow! Crazy to think that 2015 is just about up. It's been a great year of gaming; can't wait for Private Die to be part of your gaming in 2016!

Until next time, happy holidays and happy new year. Love,
The Apes

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    1. Mystic Ape Games 3-time creator on

      Glad you think so, Russ, especially as one of our returning backers! We wholeheartedly agree.

      We want to make Private Die the best game possible, so we couldn't be more excited for this component upgrade.

    2. Russ Luzetski on

      I think it's great that you were able to do the upgrade for all the sets! That will definitely be better for the game in the long run.