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Volume 3 in our effort to set all 150 Psalms to music. Hopefully the best one yet!
Volume 3 in our effort to set all 150 Psalms to music. Hopefully the best one yet!
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Recording: Day 1

Posted by My Soul Among Lions (Creator)

Dear friends,

The past several months we've been fine tuning lyrics and arrangements for Psalms 21–30 in preparation for recording our third volume of Psalms. Now the time has come. 

Today is our first day at The Lodge, Indiana's premier recording studio, and we're very excited (I'm so excited that I woke up at 4am without an alarm!). We're also more than a bit nervous. 

The next three days are tracking days. Tracking is when the irreducible elements of a song are laid down together so that they can be built upon later. For us this means bass, drums, and guitar (or piano) will be captured live together, with final vocals and all other finishing touches saved for another day. Since Psalm 22 "Forsaken Me" was already recorded last year, we're left with nine songs to track in three days at a pace of three songs a day. Not impossible, but certainly ambitious. Please pray that the Lord allows us to accomplish what we've set out to do each day. 

We'll keep you updated about the progress as we go along.

One final note, we have a guest drummer with us in the studio today. Our dear friend and supporter Rob Bedinghaus is driving in from Cincinnati to play on two tracks. Phil our regular drummer is also a good electric guitarist (of which I am not), and since two songs wanted to be built around electric we're moving Phil over and bringing Rob in. Rob's not just a great drummer, he's also funny guy. I'm looking forward to his good humor helping us through a long and otherwise stressful day. 

Thanks everybody for making this project possible and for your patience as we continue to work to put it together. Can't wait to share these new songs with you.

Your servant,
Jody Killingsworth


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    1. Tim Nichols on

      Praying for you guys! Excited to hear what comes next!

    2. Missing avatar

      Sarah Spiller on

      I’m so excited! We love your music so much. Your first two CDs are in constant rotation around our house and in the car. Just yesterday as my kids were helping me unload the groceries I heard my five year old belting out “The words of the Lord are pure words!” Praying these next days are greatly blessed for you all. Godspeed!

    3. Missing avatar

      Carole AC Canfield on

      So excited this day has finally come for y'all. Prayers for successful, productive, blessed sessions. HAVE FUN!
      Hey--looks like the buck stopped there!