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Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you perform actions on your phone, even when it’s out of reach.
Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you perform actions on your phone, even when it’s out of reach.
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Pre-orders start!

Posted by Qblinks (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We are beginning Qmote pre-orders today on Qblinks official website.

Many people have sent us private messages and emails to inquire how to buy Qmote seeing that our Kickstarter project has ended. With Qmote mass production in the process, we will build up a solid production line, which can make Qmote widely available in the near future. Therefore, we decided to let the pre-orders begin!

Click here to pre-order Qmote!

The estimated shipping time of these pre-orders will be after we fulfill Kickstarter backers' orders, which is around September.

Please note that you will be pre-ordering Qmote with its new design shown as the picture below:

And please understand that we are all very busy with the production, so we haven't got time to photograph Qmote again for its design change. To know more about Qmote's new look, you may refer to Update #22.

Thank you very much.



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    1. Qblinks 3-time creator on

      Hi Robert,

      As you can see on our official website, both our marketing and development team are based in Taipei. We have a warehouse in Santa Ana and you're right about no listing there because that belongs to a partnered company that handles the distribution for us.

    2. Robert Andruszko on

      I live in Orange and work in Santa Ana. I can't find a listing for your warehouse. You sure it's not just a distributor here in the US and you are based in Taiwan?

    3. Qblinks 3-time creator on

      Hi everyone,
      Just want to make it clear, the payment of pre-orders won't be processed until we start shipping the product. This is just a method to "subscribe" Qmote for those who missed our campaign.

      We are very sorry that we can't get enough new photos at this moment, but we are keep updating our website.

      In the mean time, we promise that our Kickstarter backers are still our first priority and will be the first batch of shipping.

      Thank you.

    4. Qblinks 3-time creator on

      Hi there, our development team and manufacturer is based in Taipei, Taiwan. That's where the press release comes from. And the account we registered on Kickstarter is based on our warehouse location, which is also the distribution center. In other words, we have two different units. Thanks for bringing it up if that causes any confusion.

    5. Jack Lai on

      I have already ordered another 5 Qmote after completion of the funding. What is the different in between these two pre-order?

    6. Mahaffa on

      Posted to the recent PreOrder thread on FB and a post to the main page. I will see if it gets approved for posting.

      Side note, I see that Qblinks is a Chinese company, NOT Santa Ana, CA USA based as put forth on the project "location". See their press statement from the website.…

    7. Cathy on

      I look forward to receiving my Qmote.

    8. Missing avatar

      Giapco Luong on

      Preordered in February. Was told that the estimated delivery of the Qmote would be in May. Still haven't received yet.

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew Cook

      It appears to be possible to go all the way through the site and order, and not be told that a uglier, pointier version of the device will be delivered.

      Changing the design after getting backing on kickstarted, despite vocal objections, was pretty poor. What you have presented on your website: showing one product when you know you'll be delivering another - how is that not fraud?

    11. Kelmerald on

      Holy cr... I can't believe my eyes!.. You guys contrived to tell lies in every word.

      Update #8: Introducing the new color - Space Teal!
      "...The color is a mixture of silver, green and blue, so we decided to call it Space Teal.."(c)
      "...Space Teal is Kickstarter only!.."(c)

      Update #25 Pre-orders start!
      ..Available color: "Green Turquoise"(c)
      Nice play of words, isn't it?

      So, please tell me, what will be the difference in colors between Kickstarter edition and new one? In color code. I remember that Space Teal was 10282 C.

      Also I agree with comments below - you've started accepting pre-orders not only from Kickstarter. If that mentioned "Many people have sent us private messages and emails"(c) will open your site, they will not see the downgrade with rhombohedron. This is unfair to them. You had at least make a post there with link to Update #22. Even if you haven't finished photographing.

    12. Mike Murray on

      I'm all for capitalism....but dam dudes... My guess is that the fricken pre-orders will go out before the people that are still waiting and supporting you.


    13. b33M! on

      Space Teal is the Kickstarter-Edition - thats right. Sorry...

    14. b33M! on

      Same question here: Wasn't Green Turquoise Kickstarter only??? Thanks

    15. Ariel on

      Ermmmm--- so you're saying you have not yet finished photographing the new Qmote? Where did those photos you put in your updates come form, then?

    16. Missing avatar

      Joel Urano on

      Is this a joke?

    17. Myles on

      So Step 1 is to start accepting pre-orders, and Step 2 is to update the images? Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

    18. Qblinks 3-time creator on

      @Robin Migalski
      "Space Teal" is a Kickstarter-only color, while Green Turquoise will be a new one.

      We will replace the old pics with new photos once we finish photographing the new look. If you must know more about the revised look, please refer to KS Update #22. Thanks.

    19. Myles on

      Your pre-order site does not provide a faithful/accurate representation of the end product, as it completely omits the rhombohedron from the images, videos and 3D renderings of the device. How can you not present the updated designs for pre-orders? Those are customers, not backers, and this is just plain dishonest.

    20. Robin Migalski on

      Wasn't Green Turquoise Kickstarter only???