Qmote: The Water-Resistant Internet Remote for Smartphones

by Qblinks

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    1. Ben McLean on

      Good work, can't wait

    2. Peter Edward on

      I can now see SIX points of contact between the Qmote itself and the key that would be on the keyring at the other end. Whether you choose to replace the free keychain with something else or not, it's still going to be fiddly.
      I understand the complications with the antenna, but this is starting to look like a pretty messy design to me.
      This sort of gadget lives and dies by its elegance of design, and Qmote has lost a lot of its initial elegance in my opinion.

    3. Jaiyam Sharma on

      Good job, guys. Don't worry about the criticism. Can't wait to receive the new Qmote

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Hooper on

      Among other uses I plan on mounting one of mine by the door to quick turn on Nest and lights when leaving the house, is the antenna in the rhododendron or can it be detached to look tidier on the wall?

      Other then this looking good despite the delays.

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      Percussionist on

      Well worth the wait! Thanks for the continued dedication towards delivering the best quality product. :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Kyle Pschak on

      Honestly I'm a bit disappointed. I think it's lost some of its appeal by adding the 'rhombohedron'. It doesn't look as good as the original. I wish they would've let us know that a new antenna meant straying away from the original design. I don't think the delays and new design were worth it. Bummer.

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      Chris on

      Looking good, I'm still excited :)

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      Kelly Keeton on

      What's the strength of this new nipple antenna that was added? It looks like it will just snap off since the stress point is now that antenna thing - can you show some durability testing?

    9. Diver Dennis on

      I agree Kelly. I would be worried about putting this in my pocket. Is it flexible?

    10. Dennis Muensterer on

      I'm not too fond of the added antenna either, although I can accept it as long as it makes up for the decrease in looks by substantially increasing the signal range.
      Some questions raised in my mind are:

      How will this affect the structural integrity of the Qmote? - You should definitely compare how much pull your two iterations can hold.

      How is the new antenna connected to the Qmote?
      Will the device still function if the antenna breaks off (Obviously with less signal range)?

    11. reichi on

      i don't like the new design. it's more bulky that the original one. can the rhombohedron be taken off?

    12. Teun van der Laan on

      Wow, the design was way prettier without the new antenna nipple. Honestly, that's a major change to make after the closing of the kickstarter..

    13. Missing avatar

      DG on

      Like many others have said, I don't like the look of the new antenna. It takes away from the overall sleek design of the Qmote. Not to mention it looks like it can snap off easily. I wasn't worried about the structural integrity of the Qmote before, but now I am. This little extended antenna looks like it is going to make what was once a solid, strong object into something I have to worry about when I put in my pocket or bag. Is there nothing else that can be done instead of this little extra piece?

    14. Missing avatar

      James Roy Peters on

      Yeah, the new antenna worries me. I liked the old look...

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Cook on

      That just looks bad, and fragile. The previous range was fine. Delaying to implement this was a poor choice.

      I would not have backed if this were the offering.

    16. reichi on

      i would not have backed this new one! what was so wrong with the range of the old one! i think everything was fine! but now i regret backing this device!

    17. Missing avatar

      DG on

      Can there be the option to have the original Qmote with the shorter distance? I am fine with 25 feet. I rather have the original Qmote with the shorter distance than the redesign.

    18. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      Don't like the new design. Can the 'rhombohedron' be inside the Qmote instead?

    19. Kelmerald on

      With this last design "update" you've killed the reason why I've backed your project.
      Thank you.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jon Jennings on

      I really appreciate the update, but I'm afraid I agree with what seems to be the majority opinion here.

      I know you want to deliver the best possible product and I know that for some people's use cases that longer range would be useful or even essential. But for me it's a trade-off of extra range vs faster delivery, better appearance and a more robust structure. Range beyond 25' isn't important to me whereas the other three items are.

    21. Missing avatar

      Avinash Vora on

      In full agreement with the other backers on the surprising change to the design. I think it really detracts from the sleek and simple look that I originally backed, and I also definitely agree with the worry about the strength. Throwing in some cheap keyring isn't going to resolve things.

      Really disappointed.

    22. Simon Stenberg on

      The decision to externalize the antenna to a flimsy pivotable piece of cheap plastic, is simply horrible. Instead of having a rugged design, all metal exterior, we now have one of the most critical components exposed to the harsness of everyday life.
      I will be taking the qmote (that's why I backed it), and I work in a factory. The original looked like it could withstand a 10-foot drop without a problem, this new design looks like it won't handle a 1-foot drop.
      I'm not worried though, I can easily make some kind of shell myself that will protect the now quite fragile qmote. It won't be pretty, nor sleek, but at least it will be durable.
      As for the increased range, I couldn't care less. It will be literally INCHES from my phone, I just need a physical button.
      It would be quite interesting to know the range when the antenna have been severed from the qmote, I say when and not if, for obvious reasons.

    23. Kenton Bruno on

      New design looks stupid....all I'm going to say

    24. Chris on

      The sleek design that I back has been changed to a point that is something I am not excited about. Agree with the guy below about you guys making a bad decision to change it after the close of the project. I would of never backed this design.

    25. Missing avatar

      George Christian on

      Please show us a demo of the new Qmote working from 150' away. You ruined the look of the Qmote (in my opinion) to make this change, so please prove that the new antenna actually does work from that distance.

    26. Qblinks 3-time creator on

      @George Christian
      Would you kindly let us know how to make a video that covers 150' distance...? With both the phone and Qmote in sight...? We'd love to show you if that's possible!

    27. LT on

      The little nipple you added ruins the aesthetic of the original qmote and introduces a new failure point for breaking the device. I think for most people's applications, the 25 ft range would've been sufficient.

    28. Francis Fitzgerald on

      Dont like the new design, I agree with below, the lower distance would have been fine, the look has been ruined with the new attachment