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Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you perform actions on your phone, even when it’s out of reach.
Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you perform actions on your phone, even when it’s out of reach.
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Change of antenna design and schedule

Posted by Qblinks (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Many of you have been asking when Qmote will be shipped to you guys, and we want to be open with you about our change of plan. We were very close to mass production, but we would like to make a few improvements to ensure that we are delivering the best for you, rather than rushing out the product.

The main reason to this schedule change is our decision to alter Qmote's antenna design so as to improve the signal range. With the new antenna, Qmote can provide a much more stable connectivity. And it will surely offer a better user experience, which is what we care the most.

Mechanical design is also involved in the change of antenna system. We will need some more time to have the new design ready for production because it takes a couple of weeks to prepare new materials. In the mean time, the manufacturer will make a few new samples (which also takes time) for us to make sure the mechanical change won't affect the outlook of Qmote.

We sincerely apologize for this hold-up. We will update you the new delivery schedule very soon after discussing with the manufacturer. And we promise to be honest with you about any delays.

Thank you very much for understanding.



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    1. b33M! on

      @Victor: you get a random color :)

    2. Victor on

      I filled out the color survey I got in my email, but it made no mention of the second free qmote we were promised when sharing the kickstarter project thru social media. How do we identify the color we would like for that one?

    3. Pascal on

      @Chris Aloaped You are here on Kickstarter, not Amazon, here is something like this totally normal and part of the process. If that is nothing for you, you are wrong here.

    4. Albert Lin on

      Can I still get a refund if the planning shipping date is too late for me?
      I expected to get mine before June as a birthday present for my friend
      and it is really disappointing to hear the bad news :(

    5. Chris Aloaped on

      Bullshit, I want a refund as should everyone else

    6. SpiritAngelo on

      Just hope the delay ain't too long............ ><

    7. Soo Hyoung Eric Cheong on

      With the slip...can I change the delivery info? I am planning to move from my current place in little over a month, and would like to receive this at my new address...

    8. Aaron Li on

      Project slip is expected and should be accounted for. Next time when you decided on a conservative delivery date, add another 6 months (or whatever appropriate buffer). I really don't care when you will deliver, but don't give the bull crap that we are trying to make a better product (especially so late in the game) and then say it's actually better for you. I can't stand bad project management!

    9. Jason C on

      I am OK with a slight schedule slip in return for an improved product.

      Can you please share some before and after 'improvement' data with us, so that we can 'see' the improvements we are getting? Also, I believe that this is Bluetooth, is that correct?

    10. marc on

      Is there any chance you could use the delay time to add ANCS support for iPhone users? This combined with the better range would make Qmote considerably better.

    11. Qblinks 3-time creator on

      @Chris C
      Yes yes and yes! We understand that it's very important for backers to get what they had backed for.
      The battery life won't be affected because the signal improvement is not about the power, it's about the antenna design and how the system works.
      Thank you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris C on

      Can you assure us that;
      1. The size will not change WxLxH
      2. The shape will not change
      3. Battery life will not be effected

      Please let us know on the above

    13. Qblinks 3-time creator on

      Holding up the schedule is a tough decision for us, but we'd like to take some more time just to ensure when Qmote gets to you, it's the best product possible. We appreciate your understanding.

    14. Qblinks 3-time creator on

      @Steven Coleman
      The outlook of Qmote is also what matters to us! That’s why we need time to make more samples just to ensure the mechanical change won’t affect the industrial design.

      @Chris Onjian
      The original signal range can cover all the scenarios you see in the campaign video, so we won’t say it’s “bad”. The new design, however, allows you to use Qmote at a longer distance from your phone. Exact range will be announced after we run a thorough test with the manufacturer.

    15. pclabtech on

      I am ok with a delay, just as long as it's not like "Matchstick" or "Smart power strip" or "UBE" which make you wait years for a product, or change it after funding to what you didn't want.

    16. Lindsay Ward on

      I'm quite happy to wait a bit longer for a product that works from longer... Thanks for letting us know.

    17. Randy Baker on

      It's OK by me. Do it right the first time. Thanks for making the tough and right call.

    18. Luke Kirkendall on

      Thanks for the update.

      It's a kickstarter, not a store. We are backing what will hopefully be a good product. Thanks for keeping quality in mind.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Onjian on

      I'm pretty curious as to how bad the stability of the connection was with the "old" design as to justify a redesign of the antenna and take the hit on a production delay...

    20. Missing avatar

      Maria Grimaldo on

      Thumbs up for improved signal range and more dependable connectivity and applause for transparency. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to a solid product, not a rushed-through, half-baked, unreliable clicky button.

    21. Missing avatar

      Steven Coleman on

      Thanks for the update. The only thing I'm concerned about is the 'tear drop' design of the product, is that likely to change?

    22. Thomas Ungricht on

      For me it's no problem to wait until the best possible product is ready to ship.

    23. Edgar Gurrola on

      For the inconvenience can i get a second free qmote at your expense for the extended wait...
      Would really appreciate it

    24. Missing avatar

      Cheryl on

      It seems that every time I turn around, there is one more excuse that I have not received my product. This is exasperating. Had I known this was going to happen, I would not have backed this product. Is there a way to cancel my order and get a refund? I think this is a shoddy way to do business, keep changing the product, keep holding off the shipping date. I am very unhappy with this.

    25. Missing avatar

      Juraj Grexa on

      Thank you for the update. Makes sense to me.

    26. link270 on

      As long as you guys continue to be transparent with us about everything that happens we will be here to support it! Delays for a better product are much better than delays because of poor planning.

    27. Fernando Baldin on

      Good decision, as a saying that we have in Brazil the rush disappears, but problem don't.

    28. Missing avatar

      Frank Ciccone on

      Worth it for a better qmote. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    29. Stephen Africa Moore on

      Disappointing..... But that's what happens when you buy a pre production product

    30. Vidya

      I think a better product is worth the wait. :)

    31. Bobbie Thompson on

      Man I was looking forward to this my qmote , I guess this means a better product

    32. Pascal on

      No problem at all, if delays mean a better product. :-)