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Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you perform actions on your phone, even when it’s out of reach.
Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you perform actions on your phone, even when it’s out of reach.
Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you perform actions on your phone, even when it’s out of reach.
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    1. Colin Mc Hugo on

      I have received my item? Can I get an update please ? Colin

    2. Colin Mc Hugo on

      Never received mine ??

    3. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      @ Bruce, Thanks for passing that along. That is the sort of thing that happens with an orphaned product. There aren't enough uses to even make enough noise and the only thing is a post like yours.

      There are only 70 people who downloaded and rated the app on Google play with many poor reviews... This was an apple ios app wannabe company that used androids much bigger base to raise money and then said "See Ya" to the android folks and they still haven't changed... Really disgusting ethics and technical ignorance on display here.

    4. Bruce Davies on

      Hmmm... very curious. I've recently had absolute murders with home WiFi reception on an iPhone 7+. Deleted network settings, reset to factory etc., reset router to factory, fiddled with router settings/WiFi channels - nothing fixed it; all the while my iPad has been just fine. Seemed to be DNS- related, but couldn't resolve it. When away from home, seemed a bit better.

      Have been about to book a session at the Apple Store with it. Tonight, for no particular reason, I was doing a speed test (achieving a couple of kb/s!), disabled Bluetooth, and hey presto, full speed. Toggled a few times, and the issue seemed consistent. Still thought it must be an issue with the radios, when I started 'forgetting' paired but not connected devices. Got to the Qmote S (paired but not connected), deleted that, and suddenly everything works fine - with Bluetooth enabled (a godsend as I have an Apple Watch).

      So, paired to my newly received QmoteS, my 7+ can't achieve even passable performance with WiFi.

      I mention this in case any others who have recently received a 'free' QmoteS might be having a similar issue.

    5. Bruce Davies on

      Received the replacement and it works well. Sad it's what I originally pledged for - twice.

    6. Kelly M on

      Received the replacement, connected and it's working as well as the original!
      The original plastic key ring connection broke after a couple of months, but I simply placed the ring thru the neck, which is where the S version connects.

    7. Missing avatar

      M Ezzeddine on

      received a replacement using the coupon. The replacement works well.

    8. John Maddocks on

      Still waiting to hear what the exact shipping charges are to Canada. It's a simple question to answer, and as a backer I expect you would be glad to answer it. I cant think of any reason you would be unwilling to share this information.

    9. Chris Rowley on

      Seems all are out of stock. How do I order using my coupon of they are out of stock?

    10. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      The update software (for Android) only has 100 or so downloads and no reviews at all... what a joke.

    11. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      Just so typical of this company and it's culture...

      They released an Android update tool, finally... but look at the catch they tagged along at the end of of the announcement!

      "Qmote Upgrade Tool helps you easily upgrade Qmote firmware over the air with just a few touches and clicks.

      Please note, this upgrade tool supports Qmote S only."

      That means our pre-beta versions won't work with this update software, and they didn't say anything, hoping most would not notice.

    12. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      The Android version of this product only has 1000 or less downloads and mostly negative reviews out of the only 62 total reviews posted on Play,Google. That is ridiculous, and says it is not a viable product, unless they change their ways.

      Both the apple and Android versions of the software product has been plagued with reliability problems (working once but not multiple times in a row, etc). The company has responded by saying, the Android version is more reliable because the access through the SDK, is better on the Android side.

      If the company wants to try to salvage this product with the help of Kickstarters, this is not the way. The creator needs to get back on here, and start interacting and responding individually, not broadcasting with three out of touch updates, after signing off, a year ago with, "See you, Kickstarters!" April 20, 2016.

    13. Missing avatar

      Harri on

      Remember to rate and tell your story about how ridiculous this company treated us on AMAZON. It WILL make a difference because no one will buy a product that has as low ratings like it deserves. The Qmote team has already REMOVED their Facebook rating because it dropped below 3 stars.

    14. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      Their retail packaging is expensive and could be eliminated for this special... the batteries could be eliminated for this special, removing the lithium problem. I'll bet the cost per unit minus all those extras, including the manual insertion of the battery, would shock us more than what just happened. If this was a real mea culpa... and we are paying a generous shipping allowance, why not?

      The only remaining problem would be the Russian Hacking which is always a good excuse...

    15. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      If they were serious about their Mea Culpa... they would say, "We know the shipping prices are high, but you can order as many as you backed, and since the weight is negligible, we will send as many as want (up to the the amount you backed) because of all the problems... and we will mark these as replacements, to avoid European and other taxes.

      That would be only fair...

    16. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      @Emad we can fix it (adding your country) but you are not going to like the price...

      That's why we took out the UK and a few other countries... to keep the outrage over shipping prices, down to a dull roar!

      Maybe the Russians are to blame for the high shipping prices, or the terrorists mailing laptops with lithium batteries! (or maybe the cost of the free Qmote is hidden in the shipping prices, your guess is as good as anyone's)

      Oh and by the way, I hope you like gray, because we are only giving away gray ones, for free.

    17. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      @Emad we can fix it (adding your country) but you are not going to like the price...

    18. Missing avatar

      Emad sh on

      hello, im trying to use my coupon but my country (israel) is not in the list shipping !
      can you fix that ?

    19. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      Qblinks is proud of their "3-Time Creator" moniker, did you notice?.

      Just check it out... by searching kickstarter for Qblinks. I would say it amounts to a "3-Time loser/Kickstarter/Abuser"

    20. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      Dear Qblinks, is a supportive suggestion for future business success.

      Consider changing your names (corporate and personal) and dropping the "Q" stuff (it was a dumb idea anyway, just like the iSmell idea). And then just remember one thing, don't do any of the stuff you did with Qmote, in your next incarnation, and you'll do fine.

    21. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on


      You may not be a family member but you are unique in your support. Blame it on the terrorists and the lithium batteries... Maybe the Russians were involved. This company is a three time loser and so were we, except for you, I guess.

    22. Kevin A Pearson on

      @AnyoneWhoCares - For the record; I'm not a family member or have any connection to any of the QMote team, as someone implied. I'm just a backer who has had a great experience with this project.
      I was also not happy about the $20 shipping fee but I understand now how expensive it is to ship lithium batteries internationally so I accept the higher cost.
      I chose to back the first version of QMote and fully expected to have a version 2 at some point which would iron out any design flaws. To me that is just part of the Backer experience. I think it was good of QMote to offer a free upgrade. I've backed a few projects and it's rare anyone offers a free upgrade to the next version. Other projects have offered a discount on version 2 but even that is rare.
      If you've had a bad experience with this product, I understand what that's like; I backed the Tiko 3D printer! I've had a good experience and use my Qmote every day without problems.

    23. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      Ditto... the aforementioned.

      I have 5 pre-beta fragile Qmotes that have never been updated because your cheap ass said let them borrow a Apple Phone to update them. And then when you closed this Kickstarter venue down to prevent the outrage from spreading, when folks found out how stupid and dishonest you are, I wrote you off.

      Please note the famous "Be respectful and considerate" admonition that Kickstarter has always encouraged. Those are relative terms... and I am showing the same degree of respect and consideration, that you and your company have shown.

    24. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      Qblink said, "...thank you to all of you for your support and understanding"

      Hello... are you not getting the replies to your three abortive updates?
      There is no support and understanding to speak of (except maybe one family friend who thinks you make perfect sense now).

    25. Michael Swertinski

      Here's an email I sent to the creators before I read any of these messages. I thought $9.50 to the states was high but $20 outside the US is ridiculous.
      I wrote...
      Hello, I read your explanation on shipping charges and I don't like it at all, but now I go to get a replacement for one of 3 I purchased and you won't even back order the color I want. You didn't know trying to do something nice would piss off so many people did you? So I'm stuck again with the color nobody wants (grey)and one last point, I got 3 units on my original pledge for $35 so cost was around $11.70 ea. and free shipping. So now I'm looking at $9.50 shipping for something that originally was free. Can you see where this is going? Like I said, I hate the shipping charge.

      Thanks for replacing the one even if it was at your cost

    26. Mathieu Cardinal on

      My happiness has dropped from 100 to 0 when i saw this ridiculous shipping fee... and cancel from this point... its a scam! Nothing free here....

    27. Missing avatar

      Graham Kent on

      Yup same feelings here, mine broke within a week, didn't even bother taking the second one out of the packaging, now being asked USD20 for shipping!
      Get your heads out of your arses, how did you ever think anyone would be happy with that pathetic gesture.

      Something is not free if it costs you $20, it feels silly to even have to say that out loud!

    28. Zexin Li on

      Yeah! Same problem!! you made the wrong product and we need to pay 10 bucks for the "free" upgraded new model? It doesn't make any sense. I am not the only person.

    29. Mahaffa on

      Hey All,

      As some have mentioned before, NEGATIVE REVIEWS ON FACEBOOK AND AMAZON!!!

      Let's get the message out so others don't get the bait and switch from this place like what happened to us.

      I have written off Qblinks as being able to do the right thing for their customers as they have already shown how they do business.

    30. Missing avatar


      I don't understand why it made sense to pay USD20 to ship a light package including the lithium battery... it totally doesn't make sense. If others can do it at lower cost, why Qblinks needs USD20? Anyway, I broke one Qmote in less than 2 hours, and the other 2 in the cabinet collecting dust. I was happy and appreciative for the free Qmote2, but disappointed with the USD20 shipment fee. Don't think I will go for the FREE Qmote2 :(

    31. John Maddocks on

      I would like to know the exact cost for shipping to Canada. As this is a gift there should be no handling fees. Does it cost anywhere near $20US TO ship this item?

    32. Kevin A Pearson on

      Thanks for the explanation. It now makes perfect sense about the high cost of shipping. The Lithium battery transport is a serious issue, especially with terrorist threats. Thanks again.
      Also they have fixed the problem of not being able to select UK for delivery on the web site.

    33. Missing avatar

      Harri on

      I encourage EVERYONE to leave a negative/one-star review on their Amazon and Facebook pages to help others understand what a scam this company is. Clearly, they think they can get away with this and it's sad to see we have to result to this - no one should have to pay an extra $10-20 just to get the product the originally backed.

      To the company: Step up to your mistake and apologize, don't just keep deflecting. You are in the wrong.

    34. Glenn P on

      I wont pay a dime, free shipping or keep the crap

    35. John Maddocks on

      Below is the response I received from Kickstarter Support on this issue. I encourage all of you to contact them directly Qmote (the greasy wheel gets the grease). I have contacted Qmote about this disgusting money grab in the guise of shipping charges, but not surprisingly, I have had no word back from them.

      If the creators of Qmote are actually reading these many comments, step up and do the right thing!

      Here's the reply...

      "Hi John,

      Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. I’m sorry to hear that backing this project has been an underwhelming experience, and that you’re dissatisfied with the reward you received.

      We do our best to maintain an ecosystem that gives project creators the support and freedom necessary to bring their creative ideas to life. This often means that when projects launch on Kickstarter they’re still in the early stages of development. We expect creators to make every effort to complete the project as promised. I apologize that in this case, the finished product was ultimately different than what the creator originally presented.

      As a backer of the project, you played an important role in its development. At this point, I encourage you to reach out to the creator directly with input regarding the reward you received. To message a project creator, simply go to the project page and click on the "Contact me" link under the creator's name in the bio section. Receiving constructive feedback such as yours may help them to resolve your issue, or even improve their process or communication down the road.

      We appreciate the time you took to send in your thoughts, and hope you continue to find new projects to get excited about in the future. We’ll continue to evaluate experiences of backers such as you, and take these into consideration as we improve our platform and policy moving forward.


    36. wurzel21

      I Whole heartedly agree with all the comments on the shipping. They initially asked us to fund a faulty designed device that was not only late but only lasted about 1 day, now they make a big show of issuing a coupon for a "free" device as compensation.... but sting us again with deceptive and over the top shipping charges!!... and as for me they didn't even have the UK as an option for shipping until i pointed that out. These guys are inept at everything except scamming money out of us all.... disgraceful conduct

    37. Rune M on

      My original pledge of $27 covered 2 (faulty) Qmotes AND shipping - so to pay $20 for 1 replacement, is just ridiculous. So thanks for a good laugh, well done!

    38. Stephen Africa Moore on

      @John be glad you are not an international backer ....$20 for that price I would expect express shipping !!!!

    39. John Adams

      $10 shipping for a fixed version of the broken qmotes I bought?

      FUCK. YOU.

    40. Lucas on

      @creator: Completely and utterly disappointed by this so-called "free" Qmote coupon. $20 for shipping to Germany, for a small box that weighs close to nothing? That's ridiculous! Just pop it in a regular envelope and ship it. I checked shipping rates to Germany for a small letter, which are $4, maybe $5. But $20? No thank you. I had really high hopes for this product but it seems you are trying to make money off of the shipping.

    41. Albert Kopp on

      Thanks for the outrageous shipping cost. Not gonna happen. Thanks for nothing.

    42. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      "Due to the immense response... " said QBLinks

      This kind of half truth, just reinforces the negative impression of this Chinese/Taiwanese company, with a shipping warehouse in Santa Ana.

      The real question is how many responded with money, not just to the FREE bait.

      Now they are saying the constant software reliability problems are because Apple keeps developers out of the real handles to the operating system, and the Android phone Qmotes work more reliably, because the Android developer tools are better.

    43. Stephen Africa Moore on

      If you live in the UK you can't order as the United Kingdom, England or Britain are not county potions .....

    44. Helen E Young

      So, they are offering a "free" Qmote S, but by the time most backers get to the website to order, the only choice left is black, and we still have to pay $10+ for shipping???? If you ship out a faulty product the first time, and we are paying for shipping the first time around, then shipping should be free for the replacement, especially when it's so lightweight. This is a bunch of crap.

    45. Trogdor

      I hope you guys fail - seriously, this is an absolute farce.

    46. Missing avatar

      Marty Howard on

      I came here to post that I would like to offer my coupon code to someone to someone that would find value in getting a new one for the cost of shipping. Ironically shipping to me was only going to be $10, but that just wasn't worth it to me. Some people are reporting as high at $27...Yikes. Anyway, I probably won't be back here, but if people want that code ask, in case I happen to check in...

    47. Missing avatar

      JohnDotCom on

      I guess this was a marketing test... "let's see how stupid those 5999 backers are?" We were able to control the narrative by shutting down the Kickstarter venue a year ago (even though we had the solution at that time). Let's just tell them we are sorry about the delay, and we have been working to fix it. They will never know we were selling the plastic "metallic looking" solution with the antenna inside where it was spec'd to be originally, when we said "See YA Kickstarters" about a year ago.

    48. Missing avatar


      Yes, I've feedback previously that my Qblink's antenna had broken after 2 hours upon unboxing. Though I appreciate the good gesture of a 1 x FOC Qblink 2, but the shipping charge of USD20 is ridiculous .... Happy initially, but disappointing again. Is too much to pay for a lightweight item like this ...

    49. John Maddocks on

      The "free" replacement as a gesture of good will, comes (at least to Canada) with what equates to a $27 shipping charge. What kind of a reputable company does something like this? The two Qmotes I received never worked well, and now this. It's too much.

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