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End flight pain with this airplane accessory that instantly converts from a compact carrying pouch into a comfortable pillow with WINGS
End flight pain with this airplane accessory that instantly converts from a compact carrying pouch into a comfortable pillow with WINGS
End flight pain with this airplane accessory that instantly converts from a compact carrying pouch into a comfortable pillow with WINGS
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    1. Missing avatar

      Lee Chun Hong 1 day ago

      just checked our their Facebook page "My Lofty Pillow". they are actively updating their Facebook page but they don't have the time to make an announcement or updates here.. you guys should take a look there.

    2. Irene
      2 days ago

      Why did I never get a survey?

    3. Missing avatar

      Thomas Marius Hugøy 2 days ago

      No pillow, no info. Would very much like to get an update soon.

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kovacs 2 days ago

      According to tracking information, they've sent me my pledge on the 8th of may, and it was delivered in Germany (whatever that means) on 15th may. Except it wasn't, and I've never got it. I wrote these guys to look into the matter, since USPS has no international customer support to mention, can't even check which postal company should have delivered it.
      This was on 25th may. No answer. I wrote them another two messages, but still no answer whatsoever. I don't think these guys read messages or mails, and it's annoying as hell.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michele ortiz 3 days ago

      At this point I feel like I have been scammed and want my money back.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jose Carlo A. Mercado 4 days ago

      I have read your reviews @Luanne and they said they'll update us about the colored pillows and shipping 3 days ago. So far, no updates until now.

      I've waited this long already for the colored pillows and hopefully want to see the end. Please update creator

    7. Missing avatar

      Luanne Teoh 4 days ago

      Go to their Facebook page and tell them how you feel about having backed them but with nothing to show for it. My pillows miraculously shipped within 48 hours of my review after months of silence. It's truly epic. Now we'll see if it actually arrives.

    8. Missing avatar

      Shawn 4 days ago

      Have yet to receive a pillow.i need an update ASAP or a refund.

    9. Missing avatar

      Pavol Párik 4 days ago

      It seems that the creator will not communicate with us at all...

      @backers - can you help me how to ask for a refund?

    10. Missing avatar

      Marc Stoll 4 days ago

      Hi, could you please provide me with an estimated shipping date? Thanks. So far my messages have been unanswered.

    11. Võ Như Mai
      4 days ago

      Where are you now?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jose Carlo A. Mercado 5 days ago

      It's mid June now. Update for the coloured pillows please creator.

    13. Missing avatar

      Zac Hansen 5 days ago

      My pillow is flat! How do I go about returning it to get another one?

    14. Missing avatar

      Zac Hansen 5 days ago

      My pillow is flat! How do I go about getting another one?

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark Flores 5 days ago

      I have never received my pillows! I order 3, responded to the survey and nothing. What a rip off!

    16. Missing avatar

      KK Chan 6 days ago

      I receive the pillow but it has a hole at part of the sewing. Also, there does not seem to be a Velcro hook to hold the loop together. There is a small square patch on one of the loop but no hook patch on the other loop.
      How can I sent the photo to you and get it exchange.

    17. Zane Matton 6 days ago

      This is very disappointing. The only reason I back this project is the expected arrival of the pillow before today. Now tomorrow I leave for my flight of a total of 25 hours of travel and I have to go the store and buy a different travel pillow. Basically put, the people behind My Lofty Pillow cost me more money.

    18. Missing avatar

      Nick Chew 6 days ago

      I did my survey on 19 May 18, until now I get nil email or shipment date. If u are not sending then I want my refund. I am tired of writing many reminder without a single reply. Shame on u

    19. Missing avatar

      Efram Peller 7 days ago

      Is there an update on when the orders with multiple colors will ship, we are fast approaching mid-June and it has been radio silenace???

    20. Missing avatar

      Phong on June 12

      I received an email telling me my pillow shipped on May 8, but all the tracking still shows over a month later is that a label has been created.

    21. H Ismail on June 12

      Received mine on Netherlands late May. Did the last minute change to have an all black to receive it in time for our vacation. I must say, I was surprised that I did receive it in a timely manner with no extra shipping fee. All 3 units delivered was functioning as mentioned. Maybe small iteration that could be done, but overall - pretty good stuff.

    22. Missing avatar

      Terry Che on June 11

      Nope, not received, nor had any communication back from the campaign owner.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mayce Al Kuraishi on June 11

      has ANYONE received a pillow yet? last update from the creators was about a month ago.....

    24. Missing avatar

      Daman Patel on June 11

      The lack of response from the creators is very alarming. I have changed my backing colour to black in the hopes of receiving it before a month long trip which began on May 21st. I came back early, only to find that the status of my order is exactly the same as it was on May 19th, and we're into the second week of June. Should I lose hope of receiving the product altogether? Not cool, Team My Lofty Pillow. You have to step your game up if you want to be a successful company. Failing in step 1 is NOT the way to go.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kim Meng Lee
      on June 10

      Me too. I have changed me backing colour to black and have a returned e-mail stating that I will be receiving "shipment notification and tracking within the next 3-5 days". That was 17th May 2018 and till today, I have not heard from them. I think all this "black colour only" are just a excuse for further delay or this project is just a scam. Can I have my money back?

    26. Valerie Sizemore
      on June 10

      It's been another week and I still haven't received an e-mail with tracking information, so it's been almost three weeks since I received the e-mail about switching to black (after trying multiple e-mails given in the updates and all bounced back). If not received by the end of this week, I will be filing a dispute with my credit company. This isn't professional, I understand problems arise, but us, the backers, shouldn't have had to change our order if we wanted them because of a mistake with your supplier. So, those of us (well, at least, me) that did opt to switch to the black from the color we chose originally, didn't receive it any sooner and could've/should've waited for our original color (unless needed). We are almost 2 weeks into June, and I know, I for one, opted to swap to black as you said the colored wouldn't ship til June.... so switching to black wasn't really logical if we are still waiting the same amount of time for it as we would've been for the colored one.

    27. Missing avatar

      Lisa Ti on June 10

      I got No E-Mail. Just waiting....

    28. Missing avatar

      Lee Chun Hong on June 10

      I no longer bear any hopes of getting the product before my trip which is due in 2 days time.
      overall, allow me to convey my greatest disappointment in your execution phase of product cuz the product will be sitting in the corner of the cupboard for the rest of this year.
      and.. under-promise but over deliver next time. you really ain't as good as what you make yourself to be.

    29. Brook Hsiao on June 9

      Just received my blue-changed-to-black pillow.

      Sent the change mail on May-10, a notification of shipping received on May-17 and tracking number received on May-19. I received the pillow in Taiwan on Jun-8.

      Overall the pillow works fine. Wish I could have it on the 14-hour flight I just finished.

    30. Jeff Rosales on June 9

      I changed my preferences to black about 3 weeks ago. I have not yet received notification that the pillows are coming. When can I expect them? I'm in Western Australia. We are leaving in less than 4 weeks.

    31. Missing avatar

      Luanne Teoh on June 9

      There's hundreds of comments here on the same thing. Card charged, no product. We get it, delays and production issues happen. You need to COMMUNICATE this basic information. I've sent emails, commented here and gotten nothing back. It's time for a chargeback and a report to to Kickstarter for fraud.

    32. Sai Keet Leong on June 8

      Are you able to post any updates at all?
      Even just a one liner saying that there are further delays is better than none.

      How long would it take for you to type out an update, no matter how small it is?
      At the very least keep us in the loop as to what is going on - we backed you after all.

    33. Missing avatar

      Junghyun Ma on June 8

      Where is my pillow? Still waiting!!!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Brian Perry on June 8

      Please respond to us..we are all excited to get the product but haven't received any communication!

    35. Roberto R. on June 7

      Hi! I got an automatic email! But haven't received my 2 pillows yet nor the tracking numbers. Please give us an update on the shipping status.

    36. Missing avatar

      Sarah on June 7

      Very frustrated at the lack of communication - sent the email to send all black and have yet to receive confirmation or any items.
      Also added the extra $11 for an additional pillow only to have the survey say I was only receiving 5 and not 6...had to buy the extra one to have enough. Haven't received anything but my card has been charged for everything. The auto-reply is frustrating and would like something to actually be done.

    37. Missing avatar

      Trenton Hamson on June 7

      I hate to say it, but everyone is right. We should have had an update. I got the same stupid automatic email reply that has proved to be worthless.

    38. Missing avatar

      on June 7

      Please give us an update, still waiting for the pillow and no feedback or status updates.

    39. Missing avatar

      Luanne Teoh on June 7

      My credit card was charged 2 months ago but I have no product. Do you realize that this falls under the category of a fraudulent charge? You can't charge a card and not ship a product. If you do that and you don't have the product, you are obligated to communicate that information.

    40. Scott M DuBree on June 6

      When are you going to ship the items?

    41. Andrew Spidell on June 6

      I am only writing to see if my post will be answered soon. I am also hoping that I will be able to use them before my upcoming July vacation so that I can comment on them. Please give an update to all your backers on the status instead of ignoring all of them.

    42. Missing avatar

      Nick Chew on June 6

      Hi where is my item?

    43. Missing avatar

      Lee Chun Hong on June 6

      lack of shipping updates*

    44. Missing avatar

      Lee Chun Hong on June 6

      my concern is geared towards the lack of shipping. understand it could be because the short staffed team that resulted in this, but still, there should be some updates on the matter isn't it.
      Replied to All Black email and got a automatic reply from them saying I will receive the tracking number in 3 - 5 days. 3 - 5 days turned into 1 month and still waiting without an end in mind. This, is really stretching my patience to its limits, especially the shipping was supposed to be completed by May 2018.

    45. JC on June 5

      I agree that an update on the coloured pillows would be nice, but I think two things mentioned in recent comments would be worth thinking about.
      I don't really think that we get to wait longer due to only their mistake, so to speak. It was a mistake in production, which is unfortunate but I don't think it's fair to lay all the blame at their feet. If you work in retail you probably know that sometimes the supplier messes things up even though your order was perfectly clear.

      Regarding the tax and duty fees it says in the FAQ that they can't absorb those fees and that the declaration on the package will be stated as your pledge amount minus shipping. This is information that is readily available and you can't blame them because you didn't read the FAQ. Paying a duty fee and import tax is something you will have to do 99% of the time when ordering from outside the EU.
      They can't change the rules and regulations in your country, so even if it's unfortunate it is in no way their fault, especially since they've provided that information right from the start.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jose Carlo A. Mercado on June 5

      Hope we get an update on the coloured pillows. We waited too long for your mistakes.

    47. Missing avatar

      Stanley Zavatsky on June 5

      Having the same issues. Can't reach the company. Tried to respond to the info email address but like everyone else it was bounced back. Extremely frustrated. I want a refund.

    48. Morten L on June 4

      @Creator / Aaron

      Where can I send email that you can respond to? I have tried the usual which you have responded to in the past, and I have tried to send here in FAQ on Kickstarter - but I don't get any response..

    49. Pamela P on June 4

      With the custom tax added to it, its about £13 per pillow or $17.42 each... No communication with backers at all, very disappointing experience

    50. Valerie Sizemore
      on June 3

      Take that back, I finally got it switched over to black 25 of May, said I'd get tracking within 3 days.. no tracking, no pillow... as I said below, if I would've known it'd take this long to get a pillow (in a color I didn't want), so I'd have it by this month, I would've just waited and got the pink color.. but at the moment, I don't have confidence that those that waited for the colored will get it in a reasonable timeline either.

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