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myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
3,927 backers pledged $473,333 to help bring this project to life.

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Kickstarter Update 1/8/14

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)

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Kickstarter Update 12/31/2013

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)

Kickstarters, It has been a busy week working thru the holidays of hardware troubleshooting, schematic revision, and layout work. We have designed out the non-performing components and submitted a set of layouts today for another spin of the boards. Our PC board house is in Japan and we should get back boards expedited in 3 days, then I expect that we should be able to have them back from our US manufacturer surface mounted within 4 days. 

The team and I are excited that our iOS app is out and look forward to continuing to receive your feedback to make the app better. Please read that thread to participate. 

Many of you are very anxious about the release of the Android App. As I mentioned in my last Tuesday update, the app is in development and about 3 weeks behind. 

Below are some myIDkey Android app screen shots. Please note that these are not final as we are still tightening up the design. We will continue to post updates as they are available. 

I expect to have revised designs for new sleeves next week. The firm that we have been working with is closed through the holidays. 

Thank you for your continued support! We wish you the very best for this upcoming year! 


Benjamin Chen 

Chief Executive Officer

Kickstarter Update 12/30/13

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)

Benjamin Chen here, thank you for all the comments and suggestions on the

myIDkey iOS app. I’ve taken the weekend to read through all of the feedback

and wanted to respond to a few specifically, as well as note that we are adding

many of these feature requests to our product roadmap.

For those of you who are experiencing a crash upon opening the app for the

first time, we apologize for this poor experience. We have not been able to

recreate these crashes and will continue to investigate. If you are unable to open

the myIDkey app, please delete it from your phone or tablet and reinstall. If you 

are still having problems, please email: Please again 

note your iPhone model and iOS version and any supporting details that can 

help us get to the bottom of the problem (e.g., using LTE versus WiFi, number of 

other apps running, were you able to create a passphrase).

The passphrase that we have asked you to enter on first opening the app is a

temporary work-around until we have released the myIDkey device. We added this to 

allow the app to be a standalone password management app. Once you receive 

your myIDkey, you will not need to use your passphrase to open the app. Your 

fingerprint swipe on the reader will securely open your app. Please note that this 

passphrase will remain important in the event that you lose your myIDkey device 

and need to access a back-up of your encrypted data.

In regards to auto-log off (when you leave the app, click the home button or click

the screen lock button on your app), we have placed this at the top of our list

of new items to prioritize for our development team. Some of our iOS developers 

are taking a breather after the app launch, but they will be back to work beginning 

on January 2nd.

We have heard you on asking for landscape mode and have also prioritized this 

on our new feature list.

The app was built using iOS standards for capitalizing the first letter of a new line

(except for URL). We have noted that many of you find this cumbersome for the

user name and password fields. We are planning to disable auto-capitalization

for all fields in the next build.

We have just received initial data from Apple on downloads. Based on the

market list, we are seeing that the myIDkey app is available internationally.

Please find below a screen shot from our App store dashboard. We are still

working with Apple on approval of the app in France.

The app currently features more than 30 types of key cards accessible by clicking on

the up/down select button to the right of the word “website.” The beginning of the list

features many of the most commonly used websites including Facebook, Yahoo,

Twitter and Amazon.

The screen shots below show the drop down menu on the add a keycard screen

(from the website menu) of a number of these key card types, including Credit

Card, Email Account and Bank Card. The Bank Card screens feature fields like

Account Type, Routing Number, PIN and even SWIFT code.

Currently we support importing data from LastPass. We accept their version of .csv file

as an input standard. We will work on accepting other standard formats in the future. 

- Export your data into a .CSV file

- Email the file to an email address that you receive on your device

- Once you receive the email, click on the file and select Open in myIDkey

- Click OK to import your entries

You can Favorite a key card from the main Keycard screen by hovering over a

keycard from your list. The screen shot below shows the menu that appears that

allows you to View, Edit, Export, Delete or Favorite a keycard.

Finally, we are in the process of creating a user guide that will be posted on the

myIDkey website shortly. We will let you know when it is added.

Again, thank you for your invaluable feedback and continued support.


Benjamin Chen, CEO


myIDkey iOS App Feedback

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)


As I mentioned in the last update, our new myIDkey app for iOS has been approved and is now available from the App Store as a free download. It would be extremely helpful to us if you could install the app and give us your feedback. Please post your feedback to this update. In your posts, please include the following information: 

  • Apple Device Type (e.g., iPhone 4s, iPad 2) 
  • iOS version (you can find this in Settings > General > About > Version)


Benjamin Chen, CEO 


December 24 Update

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)

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