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myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
3,927 backers pledged $473,333 to help bring this project to life.

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Mid May 2013 Update

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)

Thank you Kickstarters for your continued feedback and input regarding myIDkey feature requests and OS support. After our last update some of you asked for more information on Android support as well as support for additional communications protocols such as NFC for payments. We are looking closely at NFC support and the ability to support payment services like Google Wallet and potentially Bitcoin. These features are unlikely to be released in the September release based on the current project plan but we will advise on a delivery date once the product team has progressed further in the scoping activity. Regarding support for Android; as we have said, this is part of the September release. A few screen shots of the early Android app design can be seen below along with an overview of the software architecture around the myIDkey product.

(1) Software Architecture & update – The development team is making good progress. They are working diligently on the web infrastructure, web browser support and the iOS and Android mobile apps. Tools like Confluence and JIRA are proving really helpful in our detailed project management and scheduling. It seems like a daily mobile app update is released on our TestFlight system so good progress is being made here!

myIDkey Software Architecture

Software Architecture (lowres)

myIDkey Android Screenshots (early release)

Android Screens Overview

2) Hardware & Manufacturing update - We are making good progress with our local PCB provider and are eager to enter the testing phase so that we can stress the board and componentry to see the performance. Our schedule shows that over the next 4 weeks we’ll see a board bring-up to verify power supplies, basic I/O connectivity, memory testing, and pin configuration. We will then build our first prototype and begin testing. We plan to do 1000 unit manufacturing runs in our US based factory to deliver the first batch of units. We hope to share pictures of the boards and our factory in June. 

3) Other activity -  In addition to executing on road map plans, testing & UI reviews we have spent time going over our patent filings and submissions, evaluating product packaging options and planning for future events. We were asked to attend DisruptNY which was a fun event that offered an opportunity for us to meet other product companies that are using biometrics to enable a range of applications, the big area being payments. We will be speaking at the VC in the OC event next week if any of you are local to Orange County and can make the event ( ) – please reach out to us if you will be attending! 

Again, thank you for your continued support and input 

Best regards The myIDkey team 

May 1st Update

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)

Thank you for your feedback in Survey Monkey, very useful for us. Since so many of you helped us out we’ve picked TWO winners: We’ll be sending myIDkeys to Prateek Reddy and Jim C. McIntyre.

While we’re working hard every day, we know you’re not with us in the office and not seeing our progress. But to us, every two weeks the progress feels exponential.

1) Benjamin Chen has moved from our Executive Chairman to CEO.This means he’s watching all details day-to-day. He has incredible experience in delivering technology products including work with Mochila, Viggle, iXL and GE Capital. Thanks to his leadership we are very close to securing even additional funding for:

a) additional resource to more closely monitor the Kickstarter comments, emails and    updates and manage all details around shipping

b) expanding the team and scaling production

2) Hardware update: We have enhanced the design and layout of the myIDkey board working with our local pcb solution provider. We have found that using local partners gives us more expediency in testing and revising. Our schedule shows that over the next 4-5 weeks we’ll see a board bring-up to verify power supplies, basic I/O connectivity, memory testing, and pin configuration. Our 1st prototype will then be built to start testing.

Our hardware team is led by Jack and Andre who have experience working with Celestica, Dell, AMD and Kingston.

3) Software update: Our software team is led by our CTO Bill Lindsey. Bill has more than 20 years of software development experience, including more than 10 years designing web systems for companies such as Reed Elsevier and ITT. From 1996 to 1998, Mr. Lindsey was a systems architect for TRW, where he developed an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution for AT&T Broadband's customer care organization.

The team now includes both software and mobile app developers. They are working diligently on web infrastructure, all the plug-in browsers and the iOS and Android mobile apps. We’re using both Atlassian and LIRA for detailed project management and scheduling.

Thought we’d share photos of a couple of our screens for the mobile app. We’re very excited about progress here!

               myIDkey mobile app icon on iPhone

               myIDkey mobile app icon on iPad Mini

              Screen showing pairing

               Keycards, note the icons for credit card, websites, folders, photos

              Keycard for credit card

We’d like to thank both the hardware and software teams for all the long hours.

And we continue to appreciate your support and participation. Thanks!

the myIDkey team

free myIDkey

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)


Congrats to Cody Perkins who won the Facebook contest.

While our Facebook outreach was not popular with all of you, we did appreciate the feedback and we'll also sponsor contests just for Kickstarters to win a free myIDkey, starting today.

If you’d like to enter THIS contest just for Kickstarters to win a free myIDkey please complete this simple survey by clicking on the link below.You’ll be prompted on how to enter the drawing.

Answering the survey keeps the dialogue going about 1) how the product will be used and 2) feedback on future features.We’ll announce the winner in the next update.

We had a great meeting with several of our tech advisors last week.We discussed software delivery cycles, key partners update, product review and resource allocation. It was a very productive meeting and ongoing great progress was made.

We are finalizing the details for the Kickstarter’s loyalty program and will be announcing the program in our next update.

Thanks again for your continued support, and we hope all our Kickstarters in Boston are safe.

The myIDkey team

April No-Fool's Day

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)


We continue to make excellent progress on our continued #1 goal -- delivering the myIDkey that offers the best user experience.Toward that goal here is an updated design with sleeker, rounded corners on the key. During the campaign backers were concerned that the edges of myIDkey might catch on clothing, in other words the device was too square. Your feedback delivered.

And here’s our Progress Report:

1) We ran a Facebook contest for our followers and gave away a free myIDkey, congrats to the winner James England. TODAY, we’re offering another FREE myIDkey exclusively for our Kickstarter backers. If you click on this link and “like” us you’ll be entered into the drawing.

In order for the link to work well on mobile devices, please use the constant contact link:

PLEASE NOTE:If you already liked us on Facebook you have already been entered into the drawing.

2) Because our office space was too constricted for our growing team, we’re moving into a larger, more productive space – photos coming.

3) The technical advisors on our board will be in our offices on Friday.We’ll be reviewing our progress and will continue to benefit from their expertise. Our board design has been finalized and we’ll send updates soon on our manufacturing plans.

4) We’ve launched our new ecommerce-enabled website to continue accepting pre-orders. Part of the new site that we’re completing is a Rewards program for Kickstarters. As soon as the issues in managing a program like this are flushed out, we’ll be sending you the details.

5) Next week we’ll be sending an update with a survey that includes gathering the information needed for our Thank You Kickstarter’s names on our website.Of course you can easily opt-out of being listed.

So “like” us if you can and stay tuned for details on the Rewards program.

The Journey, the Support and where to Next

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)

Good evening Kickstarters, 

It’s hard to believe we are approaching the final hours of this campaign. The last 30 days went so quickly and are unforgettable for our team. Behind the scenes, the midnight oil has been burning. When you pull back the curtain, here is a peek at all we have accomplished together during the myIDkey campaign. 

The connection we have made with you, our backers, has been fantastic. You emailed us, texted us and commented on Kickstarter,  sharing many good ideas with us around areas such as the design of the device, additional accessories & features, support for third party services, integration with password managers, support for specific platforms and operating systems. So again, thank you for your backing and support! 

The hardware and software engineering team has been evaluating your valuable feedback closely, looking at what we are able to pack into the first release of the product & building out the plans for the subsequent feature releases. As you are aware, during this past month we built a strong technical advisory board to complement our tech team that has been active in reviewing technical specifications, mechanical designs and validating approaches on everything from security to power management. We value your ongoing input and will be sending you periodic usability surveys so we can keep you in the loop and continue to pull in your feedback on product features and usability. 

Thank you again for your pledges. We will be using the funds to expand the engineering team which will expedite product delivery, as well as to purchase components and pay for manufacturing your myIDkeys. 

Going forward we will keep you updated on the progress here via KS updates in addition to updates on our website (  and also via our facebook page #myIDkey  -  - Don't forget to "like us" on facebook to see these updates.  

As an additional thank you to the KS community we will be announcing an exciting rewards program in April – for which the KS community will be the first to take advantage of the program. We will also be running promotions on our Facebook page with myIDkey giveaways, etc. So stay tuned. 

Finally, you think we would be popping the champagne cork tonight --- but, actually we are going to get a full night’s sleep. Tomorrow, all our focus is pointed towards our ship date and getting the product in your hands! 

Back with you soon and good night! 

myIDkey team

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